Tiger Eye Bracelet

The gemstone known as tiger eye stone has bands or stripes that are yellow-gold in hue. Because of the stone's similarity to a tiger's eye, it was given the moniker Tiger Eye. It is a strong stone that encourages fearlessness and lowers anxiety in the user. Various styles of natural red and brown tiger eye gemstone beads are used to create this collection of bracelets. In addition to being very protective, the tiger eye gemstone offers honesty, the ability to see things, money, good fortune, and more.

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Additionally, it brings stability by balancing the Muladhara (Root) Chakra. Tiger Eye Bracelet promotes bravery, reduces needless wandering, makes one spiritual, attracts attention, enhances abilities, synchronizes the body, mind, and soul, and brings contentment. It also regulates Ketu.

Benefits of Tiger Eye Bracelet

  • It is said that wearing a tiger eye bracelet may boost immunity, assisting the body in fending against diseases and infections.
  • As tiger eye bracelets are known to have anti-inflammatory qualities, they may be a helpful tool for lowering bodily discomfort and inflammation.
  • The Tiger Eye Bracelet enhances oxygenation and blood circulation, supporting cardiovascular health in general.
  • The tiger eye bracelets help regulate hormones; they may be helpful for women going through menopause or having menstruation problems.
  • The benefits of a tiger eye bracelet include better digestion and relief from digestive problems, including indigestion and constipation.
  • The tiger eye bracelet is a helpful tool for keeping a young, lively look since it is believed to support good skin and hair.
  • A tiger eye bracelet is said to aid with the body's natural detoxification processes, which assist the body get rid of waste products and poisons.

Price Of Tiger Eye Bracelet

The price of Tiger Eye Bracelet in India starts from 1500 INR and goes up to 5000 INR, depends on the color, size, and quality of tiger eye stone beads.