Moonstone is a beautiful stone that helps to balance emotions and create harmony. It represents peace and higher awareness.

Moonstone has a white color with a blue shine. It is mainly found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, and Madagascar. This stone helps to calm and stabilize the mind. It also reduces mental tension.

Which planet rules Moonstone? Moonstone is the secondary stone of the Moon and it is worn to get positive effects related to the Moon God. The Moon influences the mind, so this stone helps to keep the mind peaceful and focused. You can wear moonstones to appease the Moon God.

The moonstone is given its name by the shimmering light of the moon. The beautiful appearance of this stone looks just like the moon’s - calm, cool, and peaceful. The gorgeous moonstone is popular for its sparkling light that is seen just below the surface of the stone, like a floating moon in the cloudless sky. This effect of light is known as Adularescence.

With this beauty and the alluring look, this stone also has Vedic astrology support of being a valuable gemstone. Astrological views on the moonstone suggest that this stone is the birthstone for June month. Anyone who wears this gem with proper procedure, will, and devotion will be blessed with its positive energy. All the cosmic vibrations that will affect the stone will flow through you to give your mind, body, and soul the healing it needs.

Explore the advantages in depth that you will get after activating the moonstone, what should be the procedure for energizing the stone, and who should be wearing it.

Natural Moonstone List

Types of Moonstone

There are so many types of Moonstone present in the market with different types and different colors and here are some of them.

Blue Moonstone

The blue moonstone has a clear and transparent appearance with a blue hue on its surface. The most valuable stones have the most intense blue color. The best and largest stones are usually from Myanmar (Burma), but they became harder to find and more expensive.

Blue moonstone can be cut into facets, but it requires a lot of caution, as the material can be fragile and crack under pressure.

Rainbow Moonstone

Moonstone has a white, transparent color that resembles “moonshine” which, when moved, glides or floats over the stone, which is why it is called “moonstone.” A rainbow moonstone is usually a creamy translucent white stone with occasional (especially blue) iridescent or colorful flashes that range from opaque to semitranslucent.

Rainbow Moonstone is best seen for its color play in natural light. Moonstone was used in the jewelry of ancient civilizations. The Romans believed that the moon was formed from solidified moon rays. The Romans and Greeks associated lunar gods with moonstones. Moonstone became popular with the rise of jewelry artists and goldsmiths during the Art Nouveau period in the early 20th century.

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Various places in the world, such as India, Australia, Malagasy, China, Sri Lanka, and Russia, have Rainbow Moonstone. Because feldspar mineral makes up 60% of the Earth’s crust, it is widely available in small pieces and larger pieces are much rarer.

Green Moonstone

The popularity of the Green Gemstone is not so much as rainbow or a blue moonstone in terms of color, But this Gemstone was so beautiful. This Gemstone is tending to appear slightly white or transparent in color with some pale greenish yellow.

If you look inside this stone you can see a full moon inside the stone, and see a glow inside this beautiful green hue moonstone. This optical Effect Is generally filtered with the dome, and the light can be seen from its top.

Pink Moonstone

Pink is a color that ranges from honey to beige to peach. The stone has a white glow and sometimes shows a cat’s eye or a star shape. This kind of rock is often used in bead columns that are painted.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Moonstone

The Moonstone is known as Gonti, Chandrakant, or Chandramani in Hindi. In Hinduism, the moon is considered a Dev, a lord. And In Vedic astrology, the moon is an astrological planet. Both of these titles for the moon make the importance of it much more extreme. Every astrological planet has a connection with an astrological planet and clearly, the moonstone is linked with the moon.

The vibrations of the cosmos and the position of the planets in the universe have their effect on our lives. Hence, the gemstones act like a receptor or tool that pulls these energies and provides positive radiation to the person who wears them.

These energy flows open up the chakras in your body. The Moonstone activates the heart chakra, third eye chakra, and the crown chakra and removes any blockages that these chakras might have.

Because of this activation of these energy centers in our body, many feelings and senses are activated, and this is why the wearer gets many benefits through wearing a moonstone.

Know the advantages that you will get after wearing the moonstone through the energization of the sacred chakras in the next section.

Benefits of Moonstone

Benefits of Moonstone

Different attributes of your physical being, mental and emotional conditions as well as spiritual beliefs will be covered through the transmits of energy. You should wear a fresh and natural moonstone which hasn't been worn before. Otherwise, the vibe of the last wearer may affect you badly. Also, you should not give your gemstone to anyone else. This can break the cycle of energy and bond that you were having through the stone with the universe.

This gem keeps the mind and the heart peaceful and eliminates negativity and stress. Tuned in with your power, belief, and devotion, the moonstone gemstone will have the ability due to its physical and metaphysical properties to provide you with the following benefits:

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  • This stone brings luck removes negative energy and creates happiness around you. If you travel frequently or enjoy traveling to different places, you should wear a Moonstone. This stone protects you from unforeseen danger. Moonstone activates the six senses of a human being, which helps him to become a visionary.
  • Moonstone also increases self-confidence and improves the decision-making ability of the wearer. Wearing a Moonstone also helps in career and business.
  • Wearing this gemstone enhances the love life of a person and solves all the problems in romantic relationships.
  • Moonstone also boosts your creativity. Moonstone also aids writers, artists, musicians, and others in creative fields to excel. Moonstone works to increase happiness and peace in the lives of women.
  • This gem is known as Chandra Mani and wearing it keeps one’s mind serene. Wearing this stone keeps one’s mind serene. Moonstone is a very positive gemstone that does not have any negative effect on the wearer. It means that wearing Moonstone will bring you good results. If you have a fear of something and want to overcome it, then you can wear the Moonstone because this stone balances your mind and brain, which removes all kinds of fear from the mind.
  • Moonstone protects from evil eye and prevents diseases and disorders. It means that if you are ill or want to be always healthy, then Moon Stone can assist you in this task. This stone is also worn to get sound and deep sleep. This way, the mind stays calm and sleep comes well. People suffering from insomnia can wear moonstones. Moonstone enhances memory and helps in performing better in the fields related to art.
  • The emotional balance is not easy to maintain. With the ups and downs of life, we all have our fair share of emotions and feelings that somehow somewhere slip from our hands. The Moonstone with its calmness of the moon, helps the person be more controllable. The dullness or stresses of your life find a way out and the calmness finds a way in.
  • As the light of the moon affects our mood, so thus the light of the moonstone. It will bring you hope, and motivation.
  • The benefits of wearing a moonstone include increasing your intuition powers. This will help you be more aware of your surroundings and make better decisions as your insights and perspective will also be seen by a new door.
  • Moonstone also enhances the love and romance in one’s life. It is a stone of passion and can add novelty and excitement to your relationship.

Natural Moonstone List

Healing Properties of Moonstone

The many properties of the moonstone include the healing of your physical body. Removing the toxic substances from your body, the stone will help in your overall well-being. Indeed, this stone will be very beneficial for you if you have degenerative issues related to the eyes, skin, liver, pancreas, stomach, and hair.

The moonstone is also known to increase fertility in both men and women. The health benefits of wearing moonstone also include healing female reproductive issues. It is also helpful for those who desire a son.

Furthermore, by regulating the menstrual cycle and keeping the reproducing system healthy, the moonstone helps in conceiving easily. Additionally, the stone is known to provide relief in Menstruation pain as well as in childbirth.

Moonstones also have the power to remove all the toxic substances from the body of the wearer. It will regulate the blood flow and keep your heart strong.

Mental issues are also cured with the assistance of this gemstone like depression, anxiety attacks, etc.

Health Benefits of Wearing Moonstone

Moonstone boosts the fertility of both genders and can heal female reproductive issues. It is also helpful for those who desire a son.

Moonstone also enhances the love and romance in one’s life. It is a stone of passion and can add novelty and excitement to your relationship.

Moonstone is Sub-stone of Pearl Stone

Moonstone is governed by the Moon and its astrological sign is Cancer. Hence, it is suitable for Cancerians. However, this stone does not harm anyone, so anyone can wear it.

Which Zodiac Sign Can Wear Moonstone?

Moonstone is governed by the Moon and its astrological sign is Cancer. Hence, it is suitable for Cancerians. However, this stone does not harm anyone, so anyone can wear it.

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Moonstone Should be Worn on Which Day?

Since it is a stone of the Moon and Monday is the day of the moon-good, this stone should be worn on Mondays. The Moon god is a devotee of Lord Shiva, so his substitute stone should also be worn on Monday.

How to Wear Moonstone Ring/Necklace/Locket

To harmonize with the lunar light, wear a moonstone. It should be worn on the little finger in silver, gold, or panchdhatu, on a Monday night of the waxing moon. The moonstone should weigh at least 5 carat.

Before wearing it, sit on a pure spot in your home’s worship area on Monday evening. Sprinkle holy water on the moonstone and recite “Om Chandraya Namah” 108 times. Then put on the moonstone ring or pendant.

Moonstone Price

One of the most important factors in a person’s life is the gemstone. It is very rare and valuable to us. That is why it has a high price in the market. The moonstone price is based on things like shine, shape, clearness, quality, and especially its glow.

The more the gemstone glows, the more it is worth. The price also depends on how clear and colorless the body is. The more colorless the body, the more expensive it is. The moonstone price can go from Rs 500 to Rs 4500 plus per carat. You can choose the kind of stone you want to buy according to your needs. The price can change depending on its size, form, and amount.