Opal gemstones are strikingly beautiful stones found in the lap of nature. The enchanting colors of this gem make it a popular and valuable stone. Many jewelry pieces and decorative items are made from this stone to store and enhance its beauty.

The Opal stone is found in various colors like Blue, White, Yellow, Gray, etc. Each color is unique and gorgeous. Many stones also have rainbow-like hue on its surface which makes them more elegant. It catches the eye in one go. With the mesmerizing look, the astrological significance of the opal also adds to its worth.

In Vedic astrology as well as Western astrology, the Opal gemstone is seen as a dynamic stone that can influence the life of its wearer. The advanced energy and vibrations this stone emits will increase the optimistic aura around the person who wears it.

In this article, we have mentioned all the other benefits of the opal gemstone along with all its details including types, price, and who should wear it.

What Are The Benefits of Opal Stone?

The graceful Opal stone is a perfect stone to add to your collection. This astrologically high-powered gem will let you achieve a lot of things in your life. Here are the best benefits of wearing an Opal gemstone:

Benefits of Opal Stone

  • An original opal, with its beautiful look, brings beauty to the wearer. The charming Venus also ushers youth and appealing nature in the person who wears it.
  • The creative powers are also enhanced by the powers of this stone, which is why this stone is highly beneficial for artists, fashionistas, YouTubers, musicians, writers, etc.
  • Due to the association of Venus with this stone, the belief is that the opal brings love to individuals. People who are single will attract their potential partner, while the people who are married will feel their bond strengthening. The Opal Gem will increase harmony, love, and mutual understanding between husband and wife providing them marital bliss.
  • Opal is a stone of luxury. Abundance and prosperity are two attributes that this stone will bring to your life. The materialistic aspects of life, success, and growth will come to you.
  • But not easily. The opportunities may come to you but you have to make good use of them. This stone will provide you with the strength and courage to face challenges and accept these opportunities.
  • Plus, the energy of the opal will give you self-confidence. By increasing your communication skills, and self-expressible skills, along with your personality and body language, this stone will help you with your career growth.
  • Promoting empathy is another opal gemstone benefit. This stone opens up your mind and heart.
  • The intuition powers and senses of the wearer also augment. This helps the wearer be more alert and aware. It provides new perspectives and opens new channels. This will help the wearer make better decisions as well.
  • The opal stone benefits also include balancing the emotional turbulences of the wearer. It gives the mind the power to stay calm and find solutions to problems rather than just panicking about them.
  • Last but not least, the opal also guides the user toward spiritual enlightenment, their journey toward their purpose. It can be anything but the realization will come.

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Astrological Benefits of Wearing Opal

In Vedic astrology, the Opal gemstone is highly appreciated for the powers it contains and, by extension, provides to the person who wears it through proper Vedic ritual.

As per expert astrologers, the ruling planet of the Opal gemstone is Venus. Venus has been seen as a feminine power. It is a planet of love, wisdom, and beauty.

The opal, with its beauty, signifies the connection with Venus very well. That is why people with the malefic effects of this astrological planet in their birth chart are recommended to wear it.

The physical and metaphysical properties of an original Australian opal gemstone will help remove the negativity from the person’s life. The radiation of the stone will bring many benefits to the wearer. In the next section, we will discuss all the advantages you will get by wearing an opal stone.

Types of Opal Gemstones

There are many types of Opal gemstones found all over the world. Each variety of Opal is distinctive and beautiful. With playful, vibrant colors, shades of brightness, and saturation, every crystal looks magnificent.

Here are the types of Opal gemstones that you can choose from to match your vibe:

  • Hyalite - Also known as Muller's glass is a transparent opal that looks like Glass.
  • Boulder - Boulder opal is an opal that has a host rock. That means the stone is attached to a rock and the two can't be separated from one another; they are cut in such a way that the host rock is the background with a layer of opal.
  • Honduran - Honduran opal is a mix of opal and Sandstone, which is known to be formed by volcanic eruptions. It is found in white milky color with a base of black.
  • Andamooka - Andamooka Opal is a famous opal in history that was presented to Queen Elizabeth II. It was found in Andamooka, South Australia.
  • Crystal and water opal - A crystal and water opal is a type that is either transparent or semi-transparent and has a clear background like water. And a color shade in the stone on the surface makes it highly desirable. It allows light to pass.
  • Matrix - Matrix opal is literally a matrix that is found in the holes of the host rock.
  • Fire Opals - Fire opals are named so because of their transparent to translucent nature and the color orange which looks like fire with a shade of red and yellow.
  • Solid Opal - A solid opal is one which has no host rock and hasn't been man-made except for cutting and polished.
  • Double and Triplet Opals - These opals are overlaid with other materials. The layers can be doubled or tripled.
  • Colorless Opal - Colorless opals are the one that looks like jelly or crystal and do not have a background color. They only have a play of colors in their form.
  • Opalized Wood Opal - As the name suggests, opalized wood is an opal with petrified wood.
  • Koroit Opal - With an ironstone that comes in a gorgeous pattern, Koroit opal comes in various hues.

Every type of Opal stone is quirky and beautiful and has its own charm.

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Healing Properties of Opal

The Opal with all its properties also includes physically healing the person who activates its energy. The health benefits of opal stone also make it a demanding stone in the world.

Astrologers suggest that the Opal stone should be worn in such a way that a part of it touches your skin. This is because this way the energy flowing through the body will physically strengthen the person along with the mind and soul.

  • The stone will increase the toughness of the immune system. Any problems related to the organs such as the liver or kidney will be solved or healed.
  • Indeed, the stone will aid eye-related infections or diseases. It can also help in increasing the eye-sight.
  • The reproductive system of the user will also be maintained, meaning if you are having any sex-related problems, the opal stone will help in curing them. It will help in easy conception.
  • Skin disorders or infections of any type will be healed such as eczema, acne, etc.
  • The Opal will also help in regulating the hormones of the wearer. It will decrease anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and feelings of being lost.

Opal Stone benefits for Stable Love and Marriage life

Wearing a white opal gives you benefits like providing stability to a struggling marriage. It makes your bond stronger and improves the love and passion in your relationship." This leads to a life of pleasure and fulfillment.

White Opal Stone benefits for personal health

It helps the endocrine system and regulates hormone secretions. Assume you have urinary system troubles that improve its function. The gemstone treats eye disorders and maintains the individual healthy. It represents good fortune; wearing the same item brings prosperity and cleanses the body and psyche.

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Opal Stone Benefits for Zodiac Libra

As we all know, the opal stone is the birthstone of October Born. Opal gemstone is ruled by the planet Venus which symbolizes luxury and connections. This beautiful opal gemstone activates the Sahasrara chakra.

Opal is the birthstone of the Libra zodiac people. People who are not born in this month also wear the opal stone for its benefits and charm. Opal Gemstone helps you get a good reputation in society with Money and a Luxury lifestyle. This Beautiful Opal Gemstone benefits Businesses like the travel and tourism sectors.

Opal stone benefits for zodiac Libra in emotional healing. Opal overcomes emotional failures and pain caused by previous relationships. It also aids in soothing the mind and reconciling with the past. It helps to treat intestinal and stomach ailments, as well as pancreatic and hormonal abnormalities.

Opal stone helps Libra, especially their dedication to equality and collaboration. Fire opal's orange-to-red body hue is most beneficial to Libras.

If your birthday comes between September 23rd and October 22nd, the sign corresponds to the autumn equinox. The need for harmony drives collaboration. Libras make wonderful colleagues due to their innate harmony.

Fire opals are stones that represent deep love and can give Libras energy. They help create harmony and improve relationships and teamwork." The color orange is common in fire opals and represents brilliant energy, life, and endurance. They specifically promote emotional stability, dependability, and loyalty.

It is supposed to increase a person's creativity and creative abilities. It is also said to offer the wearer good luck, tranquility, and money. It helps to build self-confidence and realize one's full potential.

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Opal Price & Quality

Opal Gemstones are very mystical, and their demand in the market is always high. Henceforth, the price of Opal stone in India is quite high. The cost varies between INR 1000 per carat to INR 1,45,000 per carat.

The difference in the price range per carat is caused by the quality and origin of the gemstone. The quality includes many factors that you should consider while purchasing your opal stone. The main aspects include the 4Cs - Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity.

Origin - Opal stones are mostly found in Australia. They are of the best quality and so they export the highest number of best-quality opal gemstones. Indeed, it is Australia’s National gemstone.

Other than that, Opal stones are found in mines in Ethiopia (East Africa), Nevada, Mexico, etc.

Small amounts of opal are also found in significant deposits in Turkey, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Nicaragua, Hungary, Canada, Indonesia, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, and some part of the United States.

Cut - The Opal gemstones are polished and treated. They are cut into fashionable designs to mount them in jewelry pieces. Some cuts are harder to make which is why the cut of the stone also makes a difference in the price of the stone.

Indeed, the sharpness of the cut is also taken into account. The types of cuts in which opal gemstones are mostly cut are Cushion, Oval, Round, Rectangular, Pear, Triangular, Princess, Asscher, Baguette, and Emerald Cut, etc.

Color - The opal gemstone has a unique attribute that there are two colors you see in this stone. One is the background color and the second is the play of color it has on its surface. The colors on the surface are often rainbow colors. The background colors in which the opal gemstone is found are blue, white, yellow, grey, green, black, and red.

Indeed, the stones can be transparent, semi-transparent, translucent, semi-translucent, or opaque.

Carat - The weight of the gemstone is measured in Ratti. The weight says more about the rarity of the crystal from which the stone has been cut. You can choose the weight according to the form you want to wear the stone in - bracelet, ring, pendant, etc.

Clarity - The Opal stone should be free of cracks and indentations. The more fineness the stone will have, the more it will cost. Almost every gemstone may have little inclusion in it but you should be careful before buying the stone and see the quantity of inclusions in the opal.

FAQs About Opal Gemstone

Ques. Which Zodiac Can Wear Opal?

Ans. Opal stone can be worn by zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. If you want to wear this beautiful gemstone, you should consult with an astrologer to ensure its compatibility with your birth chart.

Ques. Opal Stone Should be Worn on Which Day?

Ans. Friday of Shukla Paksha is the best day to wear an Opal Gemstone

Ques. How to Wear the Opal Gemstone?

Ans. To wear the Opal gemstone, you should purify the stone and chant the Mantra specifically to energize this gem.

Ques. What is the substitute for Opal Gemstone?

Ans. The white zircon gemstone is the alternative for an opal as per the appearance. But if you are seeking the astrological benefits of Opal, you should consider buying White Sapphire.

Ques. Which rashi should not wear opal?

Ans. If Jupiter, the Moon, or the Sun are well-placed in your horoscope, it's best to avoid wearing an opal gemstone. This is because Venus, which governs opals, does not have a favorable connection with these planets.

Venus, which controls the Opal Ratna, does not have a positive relationship with these planets. If you are a Sagittarius, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, or Cancer, it's best to avoid wearing opal gemstones. Opals may not be compatible with Venus and could bring negative outcomes.