This unique semi-precious gemstone is an excellent non-reflective addition to fashion novelties and accessories. Consider integrating the brilliant hue of turquoise, also known as Firoza stone. Wearing turquoise with caution is suggested for a trendy appearance. Thus, it is simple to include this piece of frozen stone into your clothing by following a few principles and turning King into an objective statement. It adds a pop of color and a sense of wealth, whether through gemstones, clothes, or other adornments.

Considering these fundamental elements in mind, such as color harmony, proportion, and occasion, this stone may be your go-to item for every ensemble. Here in this Blog, we talk about How To Care and Wear Turquoise Stone.

How to Care for Your Turquoise Gemstone?

Here we can have some important points on how to care for your Turquoise/ Firoza Gemstone, we mention point-to-point care tips for your beautiful Firoza Stone:-

Storage of Turquoise Gemstone:- To avoid scratches, store your turquoise gemstone separately from other gemstones and metals while not in use. Store in a lined box or bag in a cool, shaded place.

Cleaning of Firoza gemstone: It is a porous gemstone that reacts to strong chemicals and abrasive cleansers. To remove dirt and oils, wipe your gemstone with a gentle, wet cloth. To remove obstinate debris, use lukewarm water and a mild soap with a neutral pH. Wash with water, pat dry with a cloth and discard after use. Look for alternatives to ultrasonic cleaners, steamers, and commercial gemstone cleaners, which can cause the stones to lose their original color and break.

Repair and Resizing:- Turquoise is a somewhat fragile gemstone, therefore prevent hits and drops that might result in cracks and chips. For repairs, please utilize a jeweler who is familiar with Firoza stone. To avoid damage, resizing this Turkish stone ring requires the expertise of a competent jeweler. Its porous structure makes it difficult to resize without cracking. When purchasing, make sure you acquire the correct ring size.

Maintain Natural Oil Level:- Frequent washing, wearing, and handling may reduce this stone's natural oil content. Apply a few drops of linseed or jojoba oil regularly to hydrate the stone and restore its natural oil balance. Use a delicate cloth to gently dab the oil onto the gemstone. Make sure to remove any excess oil so it does not turn greasy.

If you clean, preserve, maintain, and do not damage your gemstone, it will not wear out prematurely over time. Regular cleaning and oiling may maintain its sheen and even deepen the color blue. Take care of your gorgeous stone!

How To Wear Turquoise (Firoza) Gemstone? 

The Turquoise (Firoza) gemstone is one of the world's most powerful and energetic semi-precious stones. This stone is full of life. This gemstone must be cleaned before it may be worn. Because so many people must have touched the stone, they may carry negative sentiments from the past. It's also possible that someone has already purchased it before you.

Soak your Turquoise gemstone in Panchamrit for a few minutes to clean it. Panchamrit is prepared consisting of five distinct ingredients: honey, curd, sugar, raw milk, and ghee. After that, clean your gemstone with Gangajal.

To activate the Turquoise gemstone and enhance its efficacy, follow the proper Vedic pooja ceremony. However, for a more complete approach, you should consult a reputable specialist. It ought to be the first step. You should visit your Pundit or astrologer to discover what weight of stone is good for you and how you should wear it.

On the fortunate day of wearing the Firoza stone, wake up early, take a bath, dress cleanly, and cleanse your gemstone. Finish your daily rituals and sit in your temple with your cleansed gemstone.

Pray to God Krishna and repeat the Turquoise gemstone mantra 108 times.

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Which Finger to Wear the Turquoise (Firoza) Stone In?

To reap the Benefits of the turquoise stone, wear it under astrology. The Original turquoise stone has a smooth and uniform hue that exudes calming energy. Firoza stone is regulated by Jupiter, commonly known as "guru or Brihaspati," and the Firoza Gemstone is worn on the index finger for professional reasons. For personal reasons, it should be worn on the ring finger, which is governed by the sun.

Best Day & Time to Wear a Turquoise (Firoza) Gemstone

The right day and time are now taken into account while wearing the turquoise or Firoza stone. Friday is considered the best day to wear this gemstone. However, the days of Thursday and Saturday are regarded as suitable. The best time to wear this gemstone is in the morning, between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., one important thing try to wear it on Thursday and Saturday of Krishna Paksha.

Which Metal to Wear the Turquoise (Firoza) In?

Firoza Stone is auspicious to set in metals like silver or gold. The metal used may impact the gemstone's energy, so choose one that matches your aspirations.

The Mantra of the Turquoise (Firoza) Gemstone

This gemstone is to be worn while reciting a mantra or prayer. The mantra is related to or devoted to Lord Krishna and should be said both before and after wearing it. This will aid in more successfully obtaining the rewards of good health, money, and positive energy. Thus, by chanting prayer, you can obtain the purest form of this gemstone.

Om Keshavaya Pannvendraya namah

ॐ केशवाया पांनवेंद्राय नमः 

Form To Wear Turquoise (Firoza) Stone

A Natural Firoza gemstone should be worn in such a way that it is always touching you. This ensures that the stone's energy continues to flow through you. As a result, you should wear a Turquoise gemstone in the form of a ring, bracelet, or pendant.

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How to Choose the Right Turquoise Stone For Yourself As Per Your Skin Tone?

While choosing Turquoise Gemstone, pay attention to how the color will suit your skin Tone. It comes in degrees from light blue to deep green blue and varies in hues. The right piece can make a beautiful fashion statement, but the wrong shade may ruin your complexion.

For those with fair skin with pink or ruddy undertones, we recommend using lighter shades in the blue range, like sky blue or pale aqua. These bright, clear hues will make a lively contrast against fair skin. Avoid teal colors, as they may be overwhelming for fair skin.

For medium skin with neutral or golden undertones, jewel tones in the middle of the spectrum, for example, classic blue or greenish peacock blue, are good options. These tones have sufficient depth to contrast against medium skin but still harmonize with its warmth.

On the olive or tan skin, the darker options of frozen or turquoise look the most natural, sometimes with a hint of teal, jade, or peacock. Darker colors enhance the olive skin instead of making it look washed out. On darker skin, lighter shades may appear fake.

A bright aqua or sky blue matches well with tanned skin in warmer months. When skin appears paler in colder seasons, a medium or teal completes lighter skin tones.

In addition to skin color, consider the areas of your body that should be accentuated. A statement necklace in a contrasting color emphasizes your face, and a bracelet in a harmonizing color creates a balanced appearance. Combining different shades of this stone can also make an outfit more exciting and create the illusion of depth.