White Sapphire – An Intro

Do you want to know about White Sapphire or Safed Pukhraj? In short, White Sapphire is one of the precious gemstones, which come in a colorless as well as transparent form. Safed Pukhraj originated from the Corundum mineral family. Sri Lanka is the main source of Safed Pukhraj. Though, this radiant gem is also found at few other places like Middle East, parts of Asia, Africa, etc. the fact worth noticing is that it is extremely rare!

This gemstone comes with a lot of benefits in terms of lifestyle, career, health, and relationship. Moreover, when it comes to an alternative gemstone of diamond, White Sapphire is considered by experts.

The Beautiful Appearance of White Sapphire

Note that White Sapphire comes with white or colorless appearance. This precious gem looks pale, but its beauty is awe-inspiring and attractive. The hypnotic gemstone is believed to empower the planet,Venus. It also helps the wearer to fight off the difficult situations of life.

White Sapphire comes as both natural (mined) as well as lab-grown. However, both the forms of Safed Pukhraj show the same set of physical as well as optical features. That is why you need to be cautious when it comes to differentiating between a natural and an artificial White Sapphire. It is a must to buy only from a reputed gemstone dealer to ensure peace of mind. Wearing certified and 100% natural white sapphire will help you get the benefits that expect from it!

White sapphire effects in how many days?

Have you already verified your suitability for wearing the White Sapphire gemstone? Now, it is time to buy the gemstone from a trustworthy gemstone store. Note that an authentic Safed Pukhraj gemstone can start showing results after 10-15 days once you wear it. However, it is a gradual process for a gemstone to bring positive changes to your life.

You can expect to see the full results of a White Sapphire gemstone in your life in a couple of months. Nonetheless, if Safed Pukhraj is a suitable gemstone for you, you can start getting positive results in the first couple of days. I hope you got the answer to white sapphire effects in how many days?

Natural White sapphire stone

How To Wear a White Sapphire

Do you wonder how to wear an Astrological White Sapphire? It is one of the most significant questions related to any gemstone, as the effects of a gemstone largely depend on the process of wearing it. In other words, if you want to get only positive effects of White Sapphire or maximize results, it is a must to follow the correct procedure in this regard.

The Safed Pukhraj gemstone is only compatible with white gold or silver. However, one can opt for a pendant or ring as they prefer. When it comes to the White Sapphire ring, you should wear it on your right hand’s middle finger or ring finger. Note that Friday evening is the ideal time for wearing the Safed Pukhraj gemstone. White Sapphire must be worn during the sunsetof Shukla paksha.

Apart from the correct day and time, you should also take care of the cleansing and energizing of the gemstone. The process of wearing the White Sapphire calls for raw cow milk,Ganga Jal,ghee, honey, and Tulsi leaves. Consult an expert to know about the detailed process in this regard before wearing a Safed Pukhraj ring or pendant. Now that you have a brief insight into how to wear white sapphire, it is time to discuss the multiple advantages that this gem has got in store for you!

Benefits of White Sapphire gemstone

What are the benefits of white sapphire? Safed Pukhraj is a magnificent precious gemstone, which comes with a great contribution to the world of jewelry. Safed Pukhraj is believed to hold the positive effects of planet Venus.

This gemstone helps to bring self-confidence, peace, wealth, improved health, and marital bliss to the wearer’s life. When it comes to health, Safed Pukhraj fights off different ailments to help the wearer lead a healthy and happy life.

The gemstone also helps to address financial, personal, and professional issues of the wearer by strengthening the planetVenus. It is time to check out the key benefits of the White Sapphire gemstone:

  • • Improves Financial & Social Status:

White Sapphire helps to attract abundance and luxury to the wearer’s life. Hence, if you aim for financial success, consult an expert about your suitability with the Safed Pukhraj gemstone. In other words, White Sapphire helps to take the financial and social status of the wearer to the next level. You can expect to attract incredible opportunities and sources of income in your life after wearing White Sapphire with success.

  • • Boosts Creativity & Imagination:

Do you wish to boost your imagination and creative powers? Then, White Sapphire can be a rescuer based on your suitability for this gemstone. An authentic Safed Pukhraj gemstone helps the wearers to get into the creative field by helping brainstorm innovative ideas.

  • • Provides Marital Bliss& Strengthen the Relationship:

White Sapphire is believed to address the conflicts and disturbances in one’s marital life. It helps to bring love and peace back to the marriage.

Who should wear white sapphire?

According to the Indian astrology, the natural White Sapphire stone is recommended for Taurus (Vrishabha) and Libra (Tula) zodiac signs. Nevertheless, Safed Pukhraj is also compatible with Capricorn, Gemini, Aquarius, and Virgo zodiac signs.

It is best to take advice of an expert astrologist before wearing any gem including the beautiful white sapphire! So, get an advice and shop and wear this gem that will delight you with various blessings!