Agate Gemstone is a semi-precious gemstone that is mostly found in a number of colors. With a vitreous luster, this stone is an eye-catcher. The use of this stone has been seen in the history of mankind. Many carvings have been found in many parts of the world with Agate stone as a part. Even some tools have been seen like a drinking horn made of Agate.

Over the world, gemstones have been in use to date from ancient times. Agate is one of the most Gracious and sophisticated gemstones. This gemstone has properties, both physical and meta-physical which have an impact on the user of this stone.

Because of the many qualities of the Agate, it is in use in various forms among many cultures. And people believe in its powers and radiations of positivity.

Agate Stone Meaning

Agate stone is a stone of security and balance. Also known as Hakik, this stone belongs to the Chalcedony group of class as well as to Quartz. These stones are mostly made of Silicon Dioxide. The color range of Agate is because of the presence of other minerals in the form of impurities.

On the Moh’s Scale, the hardness of the Agate stone comes to 7, which is pretty good.

An original Agate gemstone is a healing stone, a crystal found in many varieties of colors. Stone with such a history, elegant look, and the power to change your life because of its link with the universe and astrology, has its meaning in its properties and the belief in it.

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Astrological Significance of the Agate Stone

Agate stone is in connection with the astrological planet Moon. In astrology, these ruling planets are the ones that influence the powers of the gemstone. Some types of Agate stones of different colors have different properties which is why they have different ruling planets. For example, the ruling planet for the Black Agate which is known by the name Sulemani Hakik has its association with the Planet Saturn.

These astrological connections are very powerful. The ruling planet can have negative effects as well as positive effects in a person’s life as per the position of the planet in the birth chart of a person. Wearing the Agate stone will remove the negative effects of its ruling planet and will only bring positive traits to you.

Know about the many advantages that the Agate stone will fill your life with, in the next section.

Benefits of the Agate Gemstone

The Agate stone with its mystical properties lets the energy flow through the body of the wearer. This energy flow throughout the person will balance all the vibrations and aura around you to stabilize you. The certain characteristics of the gemstone will give you the following benefits:

  • Your self-confidence will increase by the energy of the Agate gemstone.
  • The gemstone will enhance your courage and will give you the strength you need to keep your self-doubts aside and take the necessary steps towards reaching your goals and aim.
  • The stone with its soothing energies makes a calming presence around itself. This promotes contentment in you and gives you soothing positive energies to feel calm and composed.
  • The Agate Gemstone benefits include keeping you protected from negative energies. This protective gemstone will shield you and its aura will keep the harmful influences at bay.
  • Agate also has an impact on your Emotional health. It will help you fight your inner conflicts which are causing you trouble and a restless mind. It will give you a positive attitude towards life.
  • The feelings and emotions of anxiety, irritation, anger, and depression will be reduced. The calming aura of the stone will affect you. It will make you more serene.
  • Your mental state of mind will also be affected by an original Agate gemstone. Unnecessary thoughts, confusion, and fogginess will removed from your mind. You will get a clearer head which will let you focus on positive, meaningful, and important things in life.
  • This stone is also beneficial for your relationships. The belief has it that the Agate gemstone will assist you in resolving any conflicts you have in your closest relationships. And will help you maintain healthy relationships. This includes your marriage issues as well.
  • Providing you with stabilization means the stone will help you maintain your life in a stable state. If you cannot sleep well, the Agate gemstone will help you with better sleep.
  • Natural Agate gemstone gives you self-assurance. It helps you with your personality development and helps you perform better at your work.
  • Bringing you wealth and abundance is another Agate stone benefit.
  • This gemstone is also well known for enhancing your intellect and cognitive abilities.

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Healing Properties of the Agate Stone

The energies of a gemstone as powerful as Agate will heal your physical body. Know the numerous health benefits of the Agate gemstone in the paragraph below.

The stone will cure skin diseases and illnesses in the wearer as well as will give your skin a glow and will make it soft and better.

The Agate will also strengthen your immune system which shields the wearer from infections and toxic substances which cause severe diseases. Indeed, this gemstone with its power will boost your metabolism.

Indeed, this Agate is also helpful in providing relief from stomach-related problems like pain, hyperacidity, infections, etc. And hence, this stone is known to help in better digestion.

Strengthening the blood vessels, a natural Hakik gemstone also regulates blood circulation. Plus will give relief to joint, muscle, or lymphatic pains.

Assisting in pregnancy, the agate gemstone is believed to help in conception, shielding the baby from harm and avoiding miscarriages.

Spiritual Benefits of Agate Stone

The Agate stone is most known for its ability to make a deep connection with the soul of the wearer. The stone has such a strong impact on the wearer that it creates balance with the spirit. It taps into the sub-consciousness of the individual which will open your mind to newer perspectives as well as help you with self-evaluation. This analysis of yourself will help you look inward and get you on the journey to know yourself for the better. Also, the positive attitude that the Agate stone will give you will help you embrace yourself and be your best self.

Also, the spirit of the individual will increase your intuition powers. Your intuitions will help you evaluate your surroundings and you will automatically get the vibrations of good and bad. You just need to listen to your gut feelings.

Additionally, the Agate stone will give you a clearer heart. It will make you more clearer about yourself.

Resultantly, the agate stone will assist you in shifting through problems with a clearer mind, heart, soul, and good sense of knowledge.

Uses of the Agate Gemstone

The Agate gemstone can be used in any form. Most people wear this gemstone in the form of jewelry. Pendants, brooches, pins, bracelets, rings, all type of jewelry is made of the different colors of Agate gemstone.

The Red Agate gemstone with a white-black hue is used as bracelets. While the Blue agate gemstones are mostly worn in the form of necklaces.

Different hues of agate stones, all can be kept together in a crystal plate. And you can keep it in your office or home as a decorative piece. The stones will not only be a decoration but their energies will also keep the environment of your office or home positive. The aura will flow through the place and provide its positiveness to everyone.

Price of the Agate Stone

The price of gemstones depends on a lot of factors. The first and foremost thing that will change the price is the demand and supply chain of course. Since this stone has its importance in astrological significance, the stone is almost always in demand.

The stone is cut into shapes and treated to make it into a jewelry piece which people most often like to wear Agate. This affects the Agate Gemstone price to an extent. The hue, quality, and origin of the stone as well as the weight will also make a change in the cost of the stone.

In today’s market, the Agate gemstone price per carat ranges between Rs. 709.00 to Rs. 1,660.00.


Ques. Which Zodiac can wear Agate?

Ans. As per the astrologers, people born under the zodiac signs of Virgo and Gemini can wear the Agate gemstone.

Ques. What is the Spiritual purpose of Agate?

Ans. The Agate is a stone for your soul. This stone with its inherent vibrations has a positive impact on your spirit, bringing balance and harmony. People use Agate as a talisman because this stone protects the wearer from negative energies.

Ques. Which Chakra is Agate Good For?

Ans. The Agate gemstone activates the Third Eye chakra and the Crown chakra.

Ques. Can I wear Agate every day?

Ans. Yes. If you have worn the Agate stone through the proper Vedic process and have worn it to gain its energies you can wear it daily.

Ques. What is the use of Agate Stone?

Ans. The agate gemstone is mostly used for healing. This stone has healing energies and a soothing aura which helps in controlling anger & frustration. It calms the person and increases creative thinking as well.