Malachite gemstone is quite popular worldwide because it is believed to change the life of the person who uses it. Popularly, the Malachite gemstone is known as the Stone of Transformation. The stone’s energy creates a space around you that protects you and gives you strength. It encourages you to get out of your comfort zone so that you can do better for your life.

The stone comes in a dark green solid color with black lines on the surface. The shade of black in the form of lines on the dark green color gives it a unique appearance and looks attractive. Hence, the fancy malachite stone is often used by people in the form of jewelry to look elegant as well as gain its many benefits.

The Malachite is also known by other names such as “Kidney Stone” or “Dana Phirang”. In this blog post, we will discuss the different benefits that this stone provides to the one who wears it or uses it along with its healing properties.


Benefits of Malachite Stone

The Malachite stone have been a stone of transformation and protection since ancient times. People among many civilizations used to wear a natural malachite gemstone as an amulet. The belief is that the malachite stone protects the person from negative energies whether it be evil spirits or bad omens. It shields you from harm and is known to save you from the threat of death which is why Egyptians used to call it the “God Stone”.

There are many other benefits of wearing a Malachite stone, such as:

Clearing your mind, body, and soul of all negative energies is the foremost benefit of the original malachite gemstone. The stone brings you positive vibes and a soothing aura. It will remove all the toxicity from your life whether it be negatively influencing energies, or emotions like anxiety, stress, and panic. This will help you be more strong against your emotions as well as from getting emotional blackmail. Your emotional health will not set you back.

The Malachite gem will give you inner strength too. It will boost your confidence. This will help you stand up for yourself and make decisions based on what is better for you. As a result, you will take matters into your own hands and your gut feelings or instincts will guide you to go in the right direction.

The Malachite will also give you wisdom and boost your intuition powers. It will also assist you with accepting and embracing change, giving you a new perception. You will find yourself receiving new optimistic energies in your circle of life with ease and grace.

Also, the soothing energy of the stone will keep you calm, composed, and centered.

Mentally, the stone will give you clarity, it will remove all the unnecessary thoughts or fogginess from your thoughts, allowing you to think more clearly.

Additionally, the Malachite gemstone is also believed to be a stone with a link with your death, afterlife, and resurrection. People believe that this stone will protect not only your this life but also your afterlife and help you after death too to be at peace.

The Merchant Stone is another name for the Malachite since this stone attracts prosperity and richness to the user. Hence, this stone is known to be useful for merchants, traders, and businessmen.

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Healing Properties of Malachite Gemstone

Malachite gemstone is known as the Kidney stone for a reason. This gemstone has healing properties, it brings energies to the wearer which when flowing through your body will heal you. And one of its healing properties is removing Kidney stones or healing any problems related to the Kidney.

The stone will also cure any diseases related to the liver. It will boost your immune system to protect you from harmful bacteria and remove toxins from your body. Improving your circulation system is also a health benefit of the Malachite gemstone.

Reducing swelling joints, the malachite will also strengthen your bones and will heal any ruptured or fractured ones. The powers of the malachite also include treating headaches and migraines.

Indeed, the stone is also helpful for women in many ways. It helps regulate their hormones and menstrual cycle, giving them relief during their periods. Also, it heals the female reproductive organs and so is helpful for recovering infertility. The stone will help you conceive, and along with it, it will also provide relief in labor pain and help in smooth delivery.


Associated Chakras with Malachite Stone

The gemstone’s vibration when flows through your body, aligns the energy chakras of your body. The Malachite stone will activate the heart chakra and the throat chakra in your body.

The heart chakra is the chakra of love and compassion. Once it is activated, it will increase your feelings of love, empathy, and forgiveness; making you more open to your feelings. Also known as Anahata chakra, it helps in emotional balance, self-care, and deepening your self-awareness. This will also be helpful in establishing deeper bonds and relationships.

The throat chakra is responsible for increasing your communication skills. It will give you the ability to speak the truth and express yourself.

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Astrological Significance of Malachite

In astrology, gemstones are given a specific importance. They are related to the cosmos and the astrological planets as well as your birth chart. Your birth chart or Kundli signifies your life. A gemstone is seen as a tool in astrology to change your life as per your Kundli and remove any negativity from your Kundli caused by the negative positioning of an astrological planet.

As per the expert astrologers, the Malachite gemstone is in association with two planets. The ruling planets of a natural malachite stone are Jupiter and Venus. Both of these planets will bless you when you will use this stone. You should especially wear a malachite when these two planets are in a negative position in your Kundli to remove their adverse effects.

Jupiter, famously known as the Guru Grah, is the planet of wisdom, memory, and intellect. It increases your knowledge and makes you wise. While Venus known for its feminine powers, charm, and beauty, brings you beauty, emotional balance, and love.


Where to Buy an Original Malachite Stone?

Wearing an original Malachite gemstone is essential to gain all of its benefits. The stone will emit the energies which are beneficial for you when it absorbs all the right energies and for that, it is crucial that the stone is authentic and natural. There are many synthetic or treated stones are available in the market these days. Hence you should buy a malachite stone from a reliable and trustable source, like Rashi Ratan Bhagya.

They have been a whole-seller of loose gemstones since 1985; all the stones are available in different sizes, cuts, and weights. Furthermore, all gemstones are authentic and lab-certified.