A Brief Introduction to Blue Sapphire or Neelam

Blue Sapphire (also popularly known as Neelam gemstone) is considered the ninth Navratna gemstone. You might know Neelam is linked to the planet Saturn.

However, did you know that Blue Sapphire is the fastest-working and the most powerful of all gemstones? Note that Blue Sapphire is the birthstone for September. Moreover, the Neelam gemstone is believed to hold enormous power to either uplift or destroy the life of the wearer.

Note that it is a must to consult an expert before opting to wear a Blue Sapphire gemstone. In other words, in-depth analysis needs to be performed to ensure the suitability of a person for wearing a Neelam gemstone. For your information, a lot of factors are taken into account to test the compatibility in this regard.

Blue Sapphire: Who can wear it?

Do you wonder who should wear blue sapphire? You already know Blue Sapphire is believed to be the strongest of all gemstones.

Moreover, the gemstone can resolve loads of issues a person is going through in their life. Blue Sapphire is compatible with Aquarius and Capricorn zodiac signs, but a thorough consultation is imperative in every case.

Gemstones are advised after studying the horoscope of an individual on a deeper level. Nevertheless, two zodiac signs get along with the Neelam stone because Lord Saturn rules these two signs.

Furthermore, the placement of Saturn, Mars, sun, and moon determine the suitability of an individual for Blue Sapphire. Do you know only 40-50% of the individuals fulfill the conditions of wearing Blue Sapphire? Nonetheless, if a person caters to the requirements for the Neelam stone, then they can expect to get positive results in a short span.

Which is the Most Compatible Metal for wearing Blue Sapphire?

The most suitable metal for the blue sapphire gemstone is Silver or Platinum. You must talk to an expert before finalizing the metal. Note that the minimum weight of the Neelam stone is 2 carats.

Blue Sapphire: What are the Benefits?

What are the benefits of wearing blue sapphire? Since Neelam is an extremely powerful gemstone, it is obvious to have queries regarding its benefits. However, one should opt for only a natural Blue Sapphire gemstone to get optimum results. It is time to have a look at the benefits of wearing Neelam:

  • Blue Sapphire helps the wearer to attain a higher energy level to combat the difficulties in their life. Moreover, this powerful gemstone boosts the metabolic activities of the wearer. In short, the wearer can expect to pass the hurdles in their lives to move forward towards their goals.
  • Moreover, Blue Sapphire helps to escalate the attention and focus of the wearer. That is why Neelam is an ideal match for students as well as professionals, who match the compatibility criteria.
  • One of the blue sapphire stone benefits lies in its power to eliminate negative effects from the wearer’s life. Neelam can be a boon to people, who wish to get more stable and confident in life. Plus, Blue sapphire benefits help the wearer to make informed decisions in life. Neelam eradicates confusion to help an individual to get clarity in life.
  • Are there any other Neelam Stone Benefits? A high-quality Blue Sapphire gemstone comes with lots of health benefits to help the wearer stay fit and fine. For instance, Blue Sapphire helps to relieve neurological ailments of the wearer.
  • Blue Sapphire offers healing benefits for the wearer. For instance, it ensures peace of mind for suitable people. When it comes to improving the financial state, Neelam works great. In addition, Blue Sapphire helps to improve the luck of the wearer.
  • Blue Sapphire works fast, which means the wearer can see the positive changes in their life without waiting longer. Today, most people are interested in achieving faster results and quicker changes. Therefore, the Neelam gemstone can cater to their requirements in this regard. It is very clear that Blue Sapphire can transform the life of the wearer.
  • Many people shared that the Blue Sapphire gemstone has tremendously boosted their energy levels. What is the secret of such swift action of Neelam? Blue Sapphire is the most powerful gemstone in the family of nine other stones. So, it may be due to that only.
  • The Neelam gemstone helps to bring a name, fame, many sources of income, and reputation in society for the wearer. Blue Sapphire comes with lots of other benefits as well. However, it depends on the individual, who wears the gemstone.

How to wear Blue Sapphire?

Are you curious about what is the right ways to wear it (the Neelam gemstone)? Let us talk about it now.

Find out with the help of an expert astrologist that whether you fulfil all the requirements for wearing a Blue Sapphire gemstone. If yes, you should wear it on your right hand’s middle finger. Moreover, you should wear Neelam on Saturday before sunset. You can opt to wear your Blue Sapphire gemstone in the early morning of Saturday during Shukla Paksha.

The recommended weight of a Neelam gemstone is 4 to 5 carats. You have to purify the Blue Sapphire gemstone to activate or energize it to receive the maximum benefits. Immerse the gemstone in pure Ganga water or non-boiled/raw milk and wear it thereafter.

Are there any alternatives to Blue Sapphire?

When it comes to the alternatives to Blue Sapphire, Amethyst Stone, Blue Topaz, and Blue Spinel come to the picture. Since Blue Sapphire is an expensive gemstone, many people seek for substitutes. However, these alternatives cannot replicate all the effects of a Neelam gemstone. In other words, they are less effective than Blue Sapphire.

About the Quality of the Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Ceylonese Blue Sapphire (sourced from Sri Lanka) is believed to be the best Blue Sapphire gemstone available in the market. It should be worn in Platinum or Silver to receive the benefits.

You should always choose the best quality & original gemstone to acquire the best results for your life. An untreated and unheated Neelam gemstone with incredible clarity, pure color, and negligible internal inclusions make the best version.