In the category of gemstones, the Emerald, which is also called "Panna," is a precious gemstone. It is found in a deep, rich green color. Emeralds gemstone belong to the beryl mineral family.

As per compare to diamond Panna is Rare Gemstone. It comes in different colors, from bluish-green to deep green. In ancient times, due to its vibrant, rich color, the Panna was used by the Roayl crown and rich people.

This gemstone is connected to astrology and has many astrological benefits. In Vedic astrology, it is associated with the planet Mercury and connected with Lord Vishnu. It is the birthstone of May and suggests the Virgo and Gemini Zodiacs. Apart from this, Taurus and Capricorn zodiac signs can wear this gemstone.

By using this blog, we will tell you about "Panna Stone Side Effects" and "Who Should Not Wear Emeralds". Let's learn about this.

Panna Stone Side Effects

If panna is worn without a consultant, then the wearer can face its negative side effects. Which are :

  • Reduce Mental Stress and Anxiety: If this gemstone wears without suggestion, then it impacts the mental strength of the wearer. The wearer feels stress and anxiety-related problems. Also faces migration, memory loss, schizophrenia, headaches, and other mental issues.
  • Health Issues: Health issues like skin allergies, damage to the nervous system, and mental disorders are negative side effects of the panna gemstone. This problem has become weak to the wearer.
  • Emotional Imbalance: Emotional imbalance is another side effect of the panna stone. In this situation, the wearer becomes serious about everything and takes on stress. And become instantly emotional for any matter. Due to this reason, it's suffering from depression. In this condition, it is done unrelievent work and harm to self.
  • Financial Losses: Due to the negative effect of the Panna stone wearers can face Financial losses on their business and other finance-related work like investment, Property, and others.
  • Communication Problems: Weare cannot not able to make good communication in relation and society. In this condition the wearer loses their own confidence.
  • Relationship Strain: The wearer does not maintain their relationship. In this condition, it can be Frasted and do arguments with families or relatives. In this condition, the wearer is distant from their personals and kept alone.

Who Should Not Wear Emeralds

Weak Mercury: Panna ratan is avoided for those people whose mercury is weak and negative on their birth chart. If they wear it without an astrologer consultant then, panna creates side effects on them. In this condition, the wearer can face many problems in their career and other fields.

Malefic Mercury: If Someone's birthchart mercury is a horoscope. In this condition, Mercury starts their malefic effect on the wearer. The wearer is leading issues like communication, nervousness, and many other problems.

Conflicting Zodiac Signs
In Vedic astrology, panna is not suitable for some Zodiac signs which are:

  • Aries (Mesh): For the Aries zodiac (Mesh Rashi) emerald stones is not good. Due to their aggressive nature, Panna cannot relate to them. Panna is associated with the planet Mercury and this planet is known for their calm and intellectual energy. Apart from this Aries is associated with the Planet Mars which is known for its aggressive and rude behavior. In this condition, mercury and Mars cannot harmonize with their behavior.
  • Scorpio (Vrishchik): In our Vedic astrology Scorpio is associated with the planet Mars. But Mars and Mercury are not related due to their opposite behavior. So if Scorpio wears the panna then it faces the negative effect of the planet Mercury.
  • Pisces (Meen): Pisces is associated with the planet Jupiter. In Vedic astrology planets Jupiter and Mercury are not connected with the same behavior that's main reason behind Panna is not associated with the Pisces zodiac sign.

Which Zodiac Signs Can Wear Emerald Stone?

Panna stone side effects for female

  • Emotional Sensitivity: In the side effects of the Panna in Females can face Emotional Sensitivity related problems. In this condition, she can experience more emotional sensitivity, overreacting, and many other problems.
  • Health and Beauty Concerns: Female faces health and beauty-related problems like skin reactions, Hair fall, Skin Dullness, Weakness, and many other health-related problems.
  • Relationship Dynamics: The negative impact of the Panna in females can cause misunderstanding and instability in the relationship. She becomes frasted and cannot make love and potential relations between family.

Panna stone side effects for male

  • Career and Professional Challenges: The negative impact of the Panna can become the reason for down fall in career and professional life to the male. In this condition, they can struggle for their work.
  • Aggression and Short Temper: In the side effects of panna, males experience aggressive and tempered behavior. Due to this condition, it cannot make a good relationship between society and relation.

People also ask:

Q. Does panna have any side effects?

Yes, if someone is wear the Panna without astrological suggestion then the wearer experiences negative effects of the Panna like frustration, health issues, finances, and many others.

Q. Who should avoid emeralds?

Panna is avoided for those people whose birthchart is Planet Mercury is effective by the other planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, or Ketu then in this condition, panna is not beneficial.

Q. Can we wear broken panna?

No, the wearer should avoid the broken panna. If Panna has any kind of crack then in this condition it loses all positive energy.

Q. Which zodiac sign should avoid panna?

Aries (Mesh), Scorpio (Vrishchik), and Pisces (Meen) should avoid to wear the panna gemstone.