White topaz stone is a gem of purity, self-awareness, and transformation. This dazzling and heavenly gemstone looks exactly like a diamond. It is a semi-precious gemstone but since white topaz hardness is 8 on Moh’s scale, it is often used as a substitute for diamond. Also, this makes the White Topaz durability good as compared to other gemstones. Hence, people all over the world use this gem widely. People who cannot afford a diamond gemstone certainly use white topaz at its place for both its beauty and to gain its astrological benefits. 

White topaz compared to diamond has less shine but the benefits it provides to a person astrologically are not very less. A genuine white topaz gemstone holds various energies including metaphysical and healing properties. Gemstones since the beginning have been a part of our lives. Ancient people used to believe in the distinct powers of gemstones since the gems are found in the core of the earth and everything is connected. 

The energies of the white stone are said to be very transformable. This stone provides relaxation to the wearer. It is most known to alleviate depression and stress. The energy center associated with the gem is the Crown Chakra, that is Sahasrara chakra is the White Topaz chakra. This energy center is located at the top of our head and is the highest chakra of our body. When you wear a white topaz stone it will activate this energy center, which will assist you in connecting yourself to the powers of the divine, it will also increase your self-realization, opening your conscious and subconscious minds. 

White Topaz Benefits in Astrology

White Topaz is for which planet? Most people have this question since every stone is connected to an astrological planet and has its blessings. White topaz is for Venus. Expert astrologers say that this stone, similar to a diamond, is a stone with the powers and blessings of Venus planet. Venus which is famously known as Shukra Grah in Hindi, is a planet of feminine energies, love, pleasure, and beauty. 

The White topaz astrological benefits are that when you wear this stone with proper Vedic pooja procedure, it will give you the positive properties of Venus and eliminate the negativity. 

Anyone who has Venus in a negative position in their birth chart or Kundli should wear this gemstone. White topaz benefits in astrology assist in removing the adverse Venus effects.

This positive healing gemstone will attract love, charm, and clarity in your life. There are many other benefits of white topaz gemstones mentioned in the next section. 

White Topaz Gemstone Metaphysical Properties

The benefits of topaz white or any other color, have their profits. Generally, the white topaz is used the most in the making of jewelry as well as to gain the many positive energies it brings to the person who wears it. 

White topaz healing crystal benefits make it an exceptional and valuable stone. This optimistic stone, majestically called Clear Topaz for its majestic looks is known as the stone of Awareness. The gem aware you of everything, yourself, your subconscious as well as your surroundings. This, enhancing self-realization in the wearer and aiding in making their move with this strength of knowing yourself, is one of the many White topaz benefits. 

Know all the other Benefits of white topaz gemstone here:- 

Accepting the Truth - The positive vibrations of the stone make you accept yourself and the truths of life. This makes you express yourself more freely and get more focused on your individual personality rather than thinking about what others think. 

Clarity in Thoughts - Your mind will get clearer and your confusion or any negative thoughts will be eliminated. It will empower your mind to be focused more on the important things. 

Manifesting Aim - White topaz gemstone benefits include helping you manifest the things you want in your life. Manifestation needs a lot of positive energy, courage, and determination as well as hard work. The stone will give you the encouragement you need to take the steps forward to achieve your goals. 

Increases Intuition - This pure stone is also known to increase the intuition and insights of the person. It increases your sixth sense powers which will help you know what is right or wrong for you. Your gut feelings will guide you rightfully. 

Connects with the Divine - The stone energies will help your energies align with the energies of the universe and the divine. It will open your mind to newer possibilities and perspectives, and give you hope and inspiration to find the purpose of your life and get on the right path. 

Creativeness - The enthusiasm of the person will increase in the field of creativity. An original white topaz will expand your imagination and thinking powers. 

White Topaz Gemstone Healing Properties

The stone White Topaz is good for your well-being as well. The vibrations of the universe that the stone will attract and let flow through you will affect the organs of your body which have the same frequency match. As per the beliefs, the white topaz metaphysical benefits include healing a person physically and emotionally as well. Know all these health benefits of the white topaz stone here:-

  • Providing relief in Migraines or frequent headaches. 
  • Assist with hair problems and help them grow. 
  • A white topaz gemstone is also beneficial for your nails. 
  • Your skin’ health will get better because of the topaz, it will brighten and glow. 
  • A natural white topaz gemstone will aid any ailments related to the stomach. Hence, it will help with better digestion, and cure constipation. 
  • Any throat problems will also be treated by the energies of the gem. 
  • The immune system of the wearer will also strengthened. 
  • The blood circulation in the body of the individual will be maintained. It will detoxify your body from harmful substances as well. 
  • It is also stated that the gem will also reduce inflammation and cure arthritis. 
  • The white topaz health benefits also included curing any problems related to the bones and heart. 
  • Indeed, any lung-related issues will also be cured like asthma.

The white topaz healing properties also include emotional healing. If you suffer from any emotional turmoil or dilemma or overthink and have negative thoughts, the stone’s soothing aura will make you composed. Your depression or anxieties will reduce, and you will have better control over your expressing feelings. This stone is a reliever for troubled minds. 

White topaz healing powers will also be therapeutic for your soul. It will purify your soul and will let your spirit hitch to the heavenly presence in the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions About White Topaz Gemstone

Here are some common questions and information about the White topaz crystal and gemstone that you would like to know about. 

Ques. Is white topaz expensive?

Ans. A real white topaz gemstone is expensive. Genuine stones are not found easily so the original gems always cost more. The White Topaz gemstone price in India per Ratti ranges between INR 1,600 to INR 60,400. 

Ques. Does white topaz look like a diamond?

Ans. Yes, white topaz gemstones look just like diamonds. The appearance of white topaz is similar but diamonds are more clearer. 

Ques. Is white topaz valuable?

Ans. Yes, white topaz is a valuable gemstone if it is real and has good quality. Some stones do not have good quality, they have inclusions or cracks, have very low clarity, and these white topaz stones do not cost much. The value of a white topaz stone highly depends on the quality, cut, color, and weight. All these factors decide the white topaz price. 

Ques. Where does white topaz come from?

Ans. White Topaz originates from various parts of the world. The most white topaz stones are found in Sri Lanka and Brazil. Other than them, these gemstones are found in Russia, Pakistan, Utah, Nigeria, Mexico, Myanmar, the United States, Namibia, and Madagascar. 

Ques. Why wear a White topaz gemstone?

Ans. The White topaz advantages make it a very beneficial gemstone which is why people often wear this stone. The stone gives the wearer peace, it connects to the divine powers and helps overcome depression. If you want to gain the metaphysical benefits of white topaz, you should wear it. 

Ques. Who should not wear white topaz stone? 

Ans. Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac sign people should not wear a white topaz gemstone. As per the expert astrologers, the white topaz properties make it a dynamic stone that can bring negative and positive vibes to the wearer, which is why anyone who wants to wear this stone should first consult a Pandit. 

Ques. Who should wear a white topaz Gemstone?

Ans. People born under the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra can wear an original white topaz stone, however, we would advise you to consult with an astrologer or Pandit first. 

Ques. How hard is a white topaz stone?

Ans. The White topaz hardness scale is 8 on Moh’s.

Ques. Which day to wear the white topaz gem?

Ans. Friday is the best day to wear a White topaz stone as per the expert astrologers. 

Ques. Where to buy white topaz gemstone jewelry?

Ans. You can buy a White topaz stone online from Rashi Ratan Bhagya. They have been a reliable source of loose gemstones and jewelry since 1985. With them, you can purchase a real and certified white topaz pendant, bracelet, or ring. You can also get your white topaz jewelry customized as per your preference. 

Ques. What is white topaz good for?

Ans. White topaz is good for your emotional and physical well-being. The energies of the gem keep the person calm, heal him or her, and protect from negative energies. All these advantages of white topaz make it a powerful stone that you should wear if you also want to bring luck, love, and fortune into your life. 

Ques. How to clean a white topaz ring?

Ans. You can clean white topaz jewelry with mildly soapy warm water and a soft brush. Or you can use laboratory methods like ultrasound. 

Ques. How much is white topaz worth?

Ans. The White topaz cost per carat is around Rs. 1,691.00 - Rs. 60,330.00. 

Ques. Can you wear a white topaz every day?

Ans. Yes. White topaz is a pretty durable gemstone and you can wear it every day. Additionally, you should care for it regularly like cleansing it and keeping harmful substances like detergents away from it. 

Ques. White topaz gemstone birthstone for which month?

Ans. White Topaz is April's birthstone.