According to Vedic Astrology, the position of planets during our birth affects our whole life. Sometimes these houses fill happiness in our life and sometimes their position creates difficulties for Us. Gemstones are mentioned in astrological science for the power we need to fight and face these difficulties. Gemstones which are found in the lap of nature, are mined from the very origins and are filled with cosmic energy and vibrations which will benefit the wearer in many ways.

Navaratnas are considered to be the most Powerful. energetic. and beneficial gemstones. The nine gems in these Navratnas are – Red Coral, Ruby, Emerald, Pearl, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Hessonite, Cat’s Eye, And Diamond. Each gem has its own specialty and particular properties that provides many advantages to its wearers.

These gems are worn according to your birth chart or horoscope because these gems can also have negative effects. The power of each stone will affect you accordingly. That's why it is necessary that before wearing these gems, you should check with a Pandit and wear the gems according to the condition of the planets.

You can also wear more than one gemstone at the same time, but the position of astrological planets in houses of your Kundli of different gemstones are different and if these house owners are reaping each other's benefits, then you may suffer losses instead of gains.

That's why today we will talk about those gemstones which you can wear together and which ones you cant.

Which Gemstones Can Be Worn Together?

You can wear the following gems together and get their benefits as these are the most powerful gemstone combinations:

Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire

Both red coral and yellow sapphire are very attractive and influential gems. Red Coral gemstones are gems found in the depths of water and are made of sea creatures called coral polyps. Found in water, this gemstone is known for its water-like properties - calming and astringent.

On the other hand, Pukhraj stone aka the original Yellow Sapphire gemstone is mined from the lap of the earth and is known for its sun-like yellow color, harmony, and courageous properties.

The benefits of both these gems make them very powerful gems and hence the question remains “Can we wear topaz and coral together?”

The answer is yes, you can wear these two gems together.

Benefits Of Wearing Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire Together

  • There will be relief from any problem caused by the planets Mars and Jupiter.
  • Confidence will increase.
  • Promotes learning, intelligence, and wisdom as well as memory and concentration will improve.
  • The economic situation will improve.
  • They Will increase your physical stamina while conserving energy levels. Additionally, its physical benefits also include controlling blood pressure and maintaining a healthy circulation system.
  • Enhancement of the feeling of relaxation and inner peace by reducing stress and anxiety. Also, emotionally, this combination of gems brings stability.
  • Aids in recovering from ailments like headache, cough, and fever.

Ruby and Emerald

Ruby gemstone is highly appreciated for its Pigion blood-red color and transparency. The beauty of this gemstone is a big reason why people all over the world are willing to wear this stone. However, its beauty is just one aspect of the properties of this gemstone. Due to its association with the planet Sun, this stone is called the King of gemstones by astrologers. It is believed that the power of this stone gives courage to a person, enhances the ability to lead, and brings success, wealth, and abundance to the life of the wearer.

Emerald gemstone fascinates the mind and catches the eye with its deep green color. Since ancient times this stone is known for its power to bring wealth and fame. Along with this, the ability of this stone to keep a person physically healthy also makes this stone a valuable stone.

The colors of these two gemstones look very good with each other, due to the grace & elegance of both of them, they are often worn together as jewelry. Even in astrology, there is a possibility of getting benefits if both these gems are worn together.

Know the benefits of wearing these ruby and emerald gemstones together below.

Benefits Of Wearing Ruby And Emerald Together

  • Enhances your mental growth.
  • Abundance, fortune, and luxury will come into your life.
  • Emotionally the mind will get peace and you will feel inner happiness.
  • Ruby increases blood flow, which increases energy levels and vitality. While on the other hand, Emerald stimulates the immune system and detoxifies the body, thereby improving overall health. Ruby and Emeralds together promote a sense of harmony and balance in the body.
  • The harmony of these two Gemstones will increase the love between your closest relationships by increasing harmony and mutual understanding.
  • The benefits of ruby and emerald also include promoting mental clarity and focus.
  • Also, you will get relief from heart problems, blood disorders, respiratory problems, eye problems, joint pain, stomach and digestive problems, and menstrual problems.

Blue Sapphire and Hessonite

Saturn is the ruling planet of the Blue Sapphire. This gem enhances the self-confidence and concentration of the wearer. With the positive effect of this stone, you will experience coolness and patience in your life.

The ruling planet of Hessonite is Rahu which can be worn with blue sapphire and wearing these two together will give many benefits to the wearer.

However, Blue Sapphire and Gomed can not always be beneficial together which is why before wearing them together, you must consult a pundit.

Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire and Hessonite Together

  • Brings sudden luck, wealth, and opportunities to the wearer.
  • There is benefit in terms of health, children, mental peace, prestige, etc.
  • Provides a feeling of calmness and coolness.
  • Augments Willpower in the wearer.
  • Helps the wearer overcome their fears, anxieties, and self-doubts by giving them strength, confidence, and fearlessness.
  • Helps in strengthening the immune system.
  • Beneficial for mental health.

Emerald and Diamond

Emerald gemstone is considered to be the most powerful gemstone for those born in May. The specialty of this gemstone, according to astrology, lies in the physical, mental, and emotional benefits it brings to the wearer due to its energy. If you are looking for a power that can change your life and help you become more confident and mature, then Emerald Stone is perfect for you.

Diamond is considered to be the most powerful of all Navratnas because this gem cannot be broken by any other gem. Diamond has a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale, which is the highest. Also diamond has many benefits. It is believed that diamond brings wealth and success in your life and makes you and your skin healthy and happy.

Benefits Of Wearing Emerald And Diamond Together

  • There will be improvement in intelligence and logical skills.
  • Economic prosperity will increase.
  • Will enhance the creativity of communication skills. There will be improvement in speech and expression as well as there will be clarity in thoughts.
  • There will be a boost in confidence and self-esteem.
  • Relationships, both personal and professional, will improve as harmony, understanding, loyalty, and commitment will increase in the wearer.
  • The physical benefits will be better digestion, healthier organs, increased energy levels, and a better immune system.

Which gemstones should not be worn together?

Wearing gems together can cause as many disadvantages as benefits. According to astrologers, wearing more than two gems together can bring more negative effects, so try to wear only two gems together at the same time. It is also necessary to ensure which two gems you are wearing together.

We have mentioned below the pairs of gemstones that you should never wear together:

  • Do not wear Ruby (Manik Ratna) with Diamond and Blue Sapphire Gemstones. The ruling planet of Ruby is the Sun, Venus of Diamond, and Saturn of Blue Sapphire (Neelam), the association of these planets can be negative. Also, Hessonite and cat’s eye should not be worn along with ruby because their houses are Rahu and Ketu, which are considered negative and shadow planets in astrology.
  • Do not wear Emerald Gemstone with Yellow Sapphire Gemstone, as well as avoid wearing it with Red Coral and Pearl. Emerald stone is the stone of Mercury. Jupiter is the lord of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj), Mars of coral, and Moon of pearl.
  • Avoid wearing Pearls with Hessonite (Gomed). Along with this, it is also advised to check the horoscope before wearing it with Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, and Cat’s Eye.
  • Red coral, the gemstone of Mars, should not be worn with Emerald, Hessonite, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, and Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia).
  • If you are wearing Yellow Sapphire gemstone, then Diamond, Emerald (Panna), Blue Sapphire, and Hessonite should not be worn.
  • Avoid wearing Blue Sapphire with Ruby, Red Coral, Pearl, and Yellow Sapphire.
  • There is a possibility of loss by wearing Ruby, Red Coral (Moonga), Pearl, and Yellow Sapphire along with Hessonite.
  • Wearing Cat’s Eye gemstones with Ruby, Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire, and Pearl can have negative effects on your life.
  • Ruby, Pearl (Moti), Coral, and Yellow Sapphire should not be worn along with Diamond.

According to Vedic Astrology, the position of the planets in your horoscope decides which two gems will benefit you. Your planetary positions may allow you to wear such gemstones which are generally advised to be avoided together. However, this does not happen much and these mentioned gems should not be worn together.