Natural pitambari stone – A quick intro

The beautiful amalgamation that carries the astrological values of two influential gemstones, Pukhraj (yellow sapphire) and Neelam (blue sapphire) in Vedic astrology, is known by the name Pitambari Neelam. Astrologers suggest wearing this jewel when Saturn and Jupiter assemble in the origin chart as this enchanting gem helps attain sound health, wealth, fortune, and other significant achievements to the wearer. Pitambari gems can assist people in gaining benefits of dual planets Saturn and Jupiter. Pitambari is considered very sacred in Hindu astrology. It is firmly believed that the pitambari gem helps nullify the evil influence of Jupiter and Saturn and ensures absolute happiness and bliss. It's a favourable gem for the all those people who look forward to enhance the civil status, good health, and economic development.

Whatare the astrological benefits of wearing Pitambari?

  • • Attracts prosperity

Pitambari helps attain prosperity, prestige, & popularity. It assists the wearer to discover wealth and lends aid in establishing a positive atmosphere. It augments intuition, knowledge, and the strength of equitable judgment. The gem is believed to bring luck and success in ventures that involve significant amount of wealth.

  • • Safeguards you from diseases

If you undergo fitness issues, it is proposed to wear Pitambari. The gem carries esoteric and remedial properties that safeguard you from diabetes, body pain and blood pressure. It enables the wearer to recognize the temperament issues and make the true judgment based on that. It helps alleviate tension & anxiety. The gem is also known for assisting individuals with betterment and recovery in case of persistent illnesses including high blood pressure, muscle pain, joint pain, etc.

  • • Assists you to create adequate judgments

As Pitambari gemstone relates with Jupiter and Saturn, several astrologers feel that this gem offers logical, constant and guided strategy to the wearers. In addition, the benefits of wearing Pitambari stone include infusing reasoning ability into the wearer. It is also said that the gem helps the wearer gain reasonable judgement abilities from karmic Saturn and awareness from Jupiter. It also enhances the artistic thoughts and creative skills of the wearer. It boosts the individual to attain adequate influence in various life situations.

  • • Offers outstanding healing and other characteristics

Pitambari lessens negative powers from the wearer's core chakras and enables happiness and success. It is a rapidly acting gem that leads the way on how to triumph feelings and is also a useful gem for healing veins and nerve disorders. One can also rely upon this gem for better absorption of minerals. Those who wish to enhance self-confidence can also wear this dazzling gemstone.

Which rashi can wear pitambari?

This jewel is not proposed for all as it clenches the powerful energies of two realms Saturn and Jupiter. As per the Indian astrology, there are extremely unusual horoscopes that expect blending astrological energies of Saturn and Jupiter. The Pitambari gemstone is considered ideal for the Capricorn (Makarrashi) and Aquarius (Kumbarashi). The gemstone is mainly worn for rectifying the vulnerable planetary coalition of Jupiter and Saturn and rather, gain ultimate advantages from these planets. Since Pitambari is a powerful gemstone, astrologers recommend this gem only after administering an in-depth examination of the horoscope and planetary alignments.

How to wear pitambari?

Thursday or Saturday are the fortunate days for wearing the Pitambari. The time to wear this gemstone is sunrise in the Shukla Paksha. Before you wear Pitambari gemstone, it is significant to understand how to stimulate Pitambari to bring favourable vibes. The gem should be worn in form of a pendant or ring. It is also important to mention that the gem must be at least 1/12th of the body weight of the wearer. It should be worn after conducting the proper puja as that activates the gem. It can either be worn on the middle finger or ring finger of the right hand with gold and silver in it.

Before wearing the gem, a mantra should be chanted 108 times. One should chant either of the following two mantras according to the desire of strengthening the chosen planet.

Mantra to fortify Jupiter: "Ohm grim groom saguruvehnamah"

Mantra to fortify Saturn "Ohm praam prim prom saahshanescharayanama"

What factors influence the quality of pitambarineelam?

Pitambari is an extraordinary and valuable gem. Sometimes, the gem is treated and processed to enhance its beauty and value. However,the natural Pitambari Neelam attracts more value both in astrological world as well as in price! The natural Pitambari Neelam is much more valuable than treated specimens. Color, root and transparency are the main components influencing the integrity of a Pitambari gem.

  • Root - Pitambari Neelam is a rare variety generally found in sapphire deposits of Burma, Srilanka, USA, Brazil and other East Asian nations. Nonetheless, Sri Lankan Pitambriare considered best and demand expensive price due to their tremendous clarity and visible colour zoning.
  • Colour - It is another important variable in a pitambari gem. The composition, vigour, and percentage of yellow and blue specify the stone's prevailing integrity.
  • Transparency –The clear transparent specimen with natural biological internal appearances do not only enhance beauty of this gem but also raise its price and value!

Why you should buy only the original pitambari gemstones online?

Always make sure to buy original pitambari gemstones online from trusted destinations. Whenever you plan to buy gemstones online, it is strongly recommended that you choose online destinations that sell 100% original and government-certified gemstones. In today’s busy life, no one gets the time to visit multiple shops and examine each gemstone with complete accuracy. Hence, it is best to choose online sellers and gemstone stores that promise providing only the natural gemstones. Buying natural gemstones is essential when you wish to gain and enjoy all the associated benefits. Remember, the fake or artificial gems can never give you the real benefits or the expected healing effects which you expect from your gemstone. Thus, it is a wise decision to invest time in finding authentic gemstone sellers online instead of directly investing on gemstone shopping from any random source!

The authentic and trustworthy online gemstone stores will also provide detailed knowledge about your chosen gemstone including the Pitamabari gem so that you get to know and understand your gemstone in a better way!