Coral is also called "Moonga" in Hindi. They are found at a depth of 500 feet in seawater and feature a high magnesium-calcium carbonate content. Coral stone is ideal for Scorpio and Aries zodiac signs. These gemstones are well-known for their impact on the planet Mars. The coral gemstone protects its owner from blood and heart disorders.

It is also believed to be the most effective treatment for jaundice and epilepsy. This gemstone is especially suggested for people whose Mars planet is in an auspicious house in their natal chart. In particular, Mangal dosh and malefic Mars cause a variety of serious problems in a person's life. Mars is a massive planet that is often regarded as the unrivaled leader of all planets.

Coral gemstones which are mostly known over the world are Italian Coral and Japanese Coral. People often gets confused in which one they should choose. Hence, in this article, we will discuss about these two types of coral gemstones. 

Italian Coral Gemstone

It is one of the most commonly traded varieties in India, notably among merchants in North India. It is produced from corallum rub rum, which can be found in the Mediterranean Sea at depths ranging from 10 to 300 meters below sea level.

When compared to Italian jewels, those from China and Japan are of poorer grade. Japanese gemstones are more expensive in the jewelry industry than Italian gemstones. The Italian Red Coral Gemstone is used to enhance one's regulating abilities and optimistic mood. It is acceptable to resolve land-related difficulties. 

The stone helps the user regulate their passionate sides and boosts their self-confidence and courage. The gemstone corresponds to the planet Mars, the God of Vitality who provides good fortune, distinction, and fame. Historically, this gemstone was thought to protect against evil spirits. The Italian Coral gemstone reenergizes the Muladhar Chakra, allowing the individual to approach life with a positive and grounded attitude.

Benefits of Italian Coral

  • Italian Coral stone helps the user regulate their passionate perspectives and boosts their self-confidence and mental fortitude.
  • Italian Coral Gemstone is used to improve one's good attitude and administrative abilities.
  • It is thought that Italian Red Coral Gemstone resolves land-related difficulties.

Astrological Believes of Italian Coral

The Italian coral gemstone signifies Mars, the God of Vitality, and provides good luck and renown to a person. Historically, this gemstone was thought to protect against evil spirits. The Italian Coral gemstone re-stimulates the Muladhara Chakra, allowing the individual to have a positive and pragmatic approach to everyday life.

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Japanese Coral Gemstone

The gemstone is popular in India and is said to promote economic well-being. Previously, it was customary to give the wedded couple a Japanese coral stone during their wedding. The groom's father used to present this stone to the newlywed couple as a gift. This event was held specifically in Assam, Bhutan, Manipur, Bengal, and Nepal.

The Japanese coral gemstone is immensely popular in India and holds a social standing. In ancient times, it was customary to present Japanese coral stones to the groom and the lady of the hour at the wedding. The room dad used to bless this stone for the woman of the hour, and her father blessed it for the preparer.

Japanese Coral stone enhances a man's confidence and administrative ability. It instills in its wearer a sense of excitement and vigor, motivating them to overcome any barriers that may arise. Japanese coral stone provides several medicinal benefits, including relief from fever, heaps, and stomach pains. This stone is especially recommended for people who are having difficulty communicating and interacting with society. The demand for Italian Red Coral Gemstones is highest in the jewelry industry, as the gemstones from Italy and Tunisia are of exceptional quality.

Benefits of Japanese Coral

  • This stone is energetically indicated for those who are having interpersonal and emotional problems with society.
  • This stone enhances an individual's administrative skills and drive.
  • Japanese Coral Stone has several health advantages, including relief from stomach problems, piles, and fever.
  • It instills in the wearer a sense of excitement and vigor, encouraging them to face any challenges that may arise.

Astrological Believes in Japanese Coral

Japanese coral is considered the gemstone of Lord Hanuman, the God of Solidarity. This stone is beneficial to people who were born under the signs of Aries or Scorpio. 

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Difference Between Japanese and Italian Coral

There are so many points by which you can find differences between these two origin coral so below we mention the top points by which you can easily find which coral gemstone is best:- 


Italian coral is recognized for its deep, rich red hue, whereas Japanese coral is often a lighter shade of red or pink. The color difference between the two varieties of coral stems from their differing chemical compositions. Italian coral has more iron oxide than Japanese coral, giving it its characteristic hue.


Japanese coral is far more rare than Italian coral. This is because Japanese coral is only found in a few sites in the Pacific Ocean, but Italian coral is prevalent across the Mediterranean Sea. Japanese coral is considerably more difficult to collect, making it even more precious.


Due to its scarcity, Japanese coral is significantly more costly than Italian coral. Coral prices vary based on the size, color, and quality of the gemstone, but in general, Japanese coral can cost up to 10 times as much as Italian coral.


Italian and Japanese corals are both used in jewelry, but they also have historic medicinal uses. Coral is said to have therapeutic powers and is commonly used to treat asthma, arthritis, and intestinal issues.