Gemstones are needed to make jewelry. These serve as remedy for malefic effects of planetary positions in the horoscope. The gemstone buyers are individual as well as jewelry making companies. Market of gemstone is a specialized one and is governed largely by the wholesalers of gemstone in India. When you want to associate with a reliable wholesale gemstone supplier, you need to ascertain its excellence on various fronts. Let’s take a look at all the steps that you can take to select a perfect wholesaler of gemstone in Indian markets.

  • Review the stock: You must do the research to select the gemstone supplier that can meet your expectations. A reputable gemstone dealer is capable of meeting the demands of all types and scales. The gemstone wholesaler of good reputation can provide you lots of samples in no time. You can review all the samples provided to understand the wholesaler’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Study the customer feedbacks: The existing customers have the most reliable feedback of the wholesaler’s way of working. Their reviews comprise all the aspects of the gemstone manufacturing and supplying. The wholesaler dealers like Rashi Ratan Bhagya have the rich clientele who place regular orders and have lots of praises to heap on it.

    Make a list of potential suppliers who have the stock that you have been looking for. Take the tour of e-commerce websites where the sellers are active and are regularly updating the stock. The clients may have left the reviews at the product pages which you can check for making up your mind.

  • Study the product pages at B2B sites: At B2B sites like that of Rashi Ratan Bhagya, the product pages are well-designed. All the relevant information such as cut, clarity, price range, minimum order size, contact details, reviews, etc. is provided at the product pages. You can read about the product details and the orders completed by the supplier.

    Ecommerce ventures also assign ‘trusted and verified’ tag to the wholesaler of the gemstone if the relationship has been since long. This tag acts as a great filter and may provide you the assurance you need while picking the most trusted wholesaler of gemstones from the given list of suppliers.

  • Tour to the manufacturing unit: The reputed wholesalers of gemstones have a well-established, dedicated manufacturing unit. At this unit, the whole lot of crude stone is converted into buyable gemstones with the help of cutting processes. You can place a test order to check how the cutting process is carried out. This information is useful while buying the gemstones in bulk. The tour to the manufacturing unit can help build confidence and you will be assured that your order will be processed as per your expectations.

  • Understand the delivery process: While searching for the best gemstone supplier and wholesaler, you can pay attention to the delivery process. The packaging, courier agent used, and the modes of transport chosen are some of the prime points of checking that one can explore before placing the order with the supplier. These points ensure that the order will remain safe in transit and will reach the customers without any damages. Apart from asking for delivery at the chosen address, the wholesalers may also fulfil the demand of procuring the order in-person. They may be asked to visit the facility on the given date and get the order picked under strict surveillance. It helps have the best lot in hand without worrying about in-transit mishaps.

  • Customized cuts provided:If you need any customization in the color grading, cut style or shape of the gemstone, the facility for the same should be available with the wholesale dealer. The representative of the company can sit with the client to understand the customized requirements and pass on the message to artisans working on the cuts. Thus, the desire to have a unique gemstone cut to offer, and in large numbers, can be fulfilled if the wholesaler entertains the customized cut requests.

  • Direct buying facility: The more the number of agents in between, the higher the cost of the gemstones shoot up. So, the wholesalers who deal in direct selling are quite useful. The ‘no middleman’ approach can save on the cost and offer the buyers a better margin when they reach the B2C market. With direct buying, the wholesaler may have the minimum order quantity policy.This policy must be studied thoroughly before picking the wholesaler.

  • Quality of gemstones certified: It is, perhaps, the first among several things that should be noticed in the gemstone supplier’s stock. Certification approves the fact that the gemstone dealer is reliable and knows how to shape and style the gemstone. The GIA certified gemstones are found with minimal to nil inclusions, and have the best color and cut that vouch for its unmatched quality.

    Gemstones are used for making jewelry for both the regular use and special occasions. Hence, these should be studded on the base metal in settings that hold the stone securely. The end user can pick from the setting types after understanding how a particular setting fares in regular use or while using for special occasions.

  • Costing: The gemstone dealer is worth picking from the lot when it provides the best rate. One can arrive upon the best-suited gemstone dealer on comparing the prices offered by different wholesalers. You may come across hard sellers who boast of the best characteristics and make it a reason for high price. Hence, by applying the filters like cuts and clarity while researching, you can arrive upon the wholesaler that offers the desired quality at preferred cost.

  • Custom order size: While respecting the minimum order quantity criteria, the wholesaler of gemstones in India are able to fit in the custom order requirements. They can provide different cuts and clarity options to the buyers and entertain the orders of various sizes.

Types of gemstones ordered the most

Popularity wise, there are five gemstones in precious and semi-precious category that are ordered the most. These gemstones are known for bringing positive changes in life and serve as a source of well-being to the wearer. Let’s take a look.

  1. Diamonds: These are the most marketed gemstones and are used to mark special occasions of great importance like weddings and anniversaries.

  2. Ruby: Ruby is one of the navratans or nine gems. It is available in red, dark pink and other varieties. The better the color and clarity, the higher the price tag is. Buyers can ask for custom cuts to raise the value of this gemstone.

  3. Blue Sapphire: The blue sapphire gemstone is quite a treat to the eyes. It has made to the royal collections across the world and is known to bring sudden, positive changes in the wearer’s life.

  4. Emerald: Emerald is a green-colored gem. Its impact on the wearer’s mental health is quite remarkable. This gemstone induces the interest in studies and boosts academic performance. Mostly, students who want to excel in academics are asked to wear emerald for better results.

  5. Hessonite: It is the stone of garnet family. It is blood red in appearance and may have other color choices ranging from deep brown, yellowish to red. This gemstone is also a booster of the luck at work and is worn for career growth.

To sum up

While searching for the best gemstone dealer in India, you can consider Rashi Ratan Bhagya as the perfect option available. We can handle all orders with ease and know how to deliver the order with unmatched perfection and also within the deadline. All the features mentioned above are included in our workflow; that is why, the list of happy customers speak for our genuineness and position in the market.