Did you know yellow sapphire is one of the most useful and auspicious gemstones in the family of nine gems or Navratnas? Yellow Sapphire is called by many names, such as Pukhraj, Pukhraj, and so on. The strong positive effects of Pukhraj have made it one of the most popular gemstones in the world. This auspicious gemstone is connected to the planet Jupiter.

You may know that one must consult an expert before wearing a gemstone after confirming suitability. The same goes for Yellow Sapphire as well. In other words, if Pukhraj is suitable for you, then you can expect to get maximum positive effects from it.

This awe-inspiring yellow gemstone helps the wearer to achieve success in career, business, and financial matters. Moreover, it helps to lead a blissful conjugal life. When it comes to bringing prosperity to life, Pukhraj comes as an ideal gemstone.

Why should you wear yellow sapphire stone?

Why should you wear Pukhraj? Do you have the same question in your mind? Then, it is time to discuss some striking benefits of this auspicious gemstone. The following points would help you to realize the importance of Pukhraj in the world of astrology.

Yellow Sapphire helps the wearer to stay away from negative energy. Thus, it brings positivity and optimism to their lives to achieve success and happiness throughout the journey.

According to the Hindu culture, Jupiter is known as the Guru or teacher. Hence, when it comes to the yellow sapphire gemstone, teachers, writers, advocates, or scholars can expect to be greatly benefitted in their respective careers.

Women can expect incredible benefits by wearing yellow sapphire gemstone (upon consultation with an expert). For instance, it helps to attract a prosperous and caring husband into a woman’s life. Moreover, this yellow gem enhances happiness and contentment in marital life.

Some people get nervous when it comes to deciding conflicting situations. However, Pukhraj can be a rescuer in this regard due to its positive effects. Not only does it help a person become a decision-maker but it also makes the person goal-oriented, disciplined, and successful.

Pukhraj and financial growth are directly linked to each other. In other words, Pukhraj is one of the most reliable gemstones out there to help to cater one’s materialistic and financial goals in life.

Do you want to soar high in your life by generating wealth, abundance, and wisdom? Then, it is time to talk to an expert about this gem’s suitability for you.

Yellow sapphire Gemstone

Who should wear the yellow sapphire (pukhraj) stone?

Since this beautiful gemstone is linked with the Jupiter planet, people having Jupiter in a good position in their birth charts can opt for this gemstone. However, it is mandatory to confirm the suitability of the gemstone in advance. According to Indian astrology, Pukhraj is suitable for Pisces and Sagittarius ascendants.

However, ascendants other than these two zodiac signs can also expect to achieve the positive effects of Pukhraj. For instance, Aries ascendants can expect good health, abundance, and growth by wearing Pukhraj. On the other hand, the gem can ensure protection for cancer ascendants.

Which Zodiac Sign Should or Shouldn't Wear Yellow Sapphire?

How to check if yellow sapphire suits you?

Your Pukhraj is working if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The natural Pukhraj does not harm the health of the wearer. Moreover, it does not impact the immune system.
  • The desired positive changes in life start to materialize shortly after wearing Pukhraj.
  • No adverse impacts are observed within 3 days.
  • Your personal, professional, and financial life has soared high.
  • You have become an excellent decision-maker, even in ambiguous situations.
  • Good news has started coming along the way.

Your yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone doesn’t suit you if you have started experiencing the following:

  • If you start noticing unexpected cracks on the surface of the Pukhraj gemstone, then it is time to get alert.
  • You are suffering from nightmares, suspicion, or nervousness.
  • You are seeing changes in your lifestyle or a new health issue has cropped up.
  • You are suffering from sudden psychological issues.
  • No benefits of the gemstone are coming along your way.
  • The quality of your personal, professional, and financial life has degraded.

How To Check If Pukhraj Suits You

Consult With Astrologer

Consulting an experienced astrologer is the most important and undeniable step to finding out if yellow sapphire is suitable for you. Only a brilliant astrologer can advise you on the right gemstone for you based on a detailed examination of your horoscope. Depending on where Jupiter is in your birth chart, they can also recommend the right size and type of gemstone for you. Since Jupiter is the planet that governs yellow sapphire, and its location in your horoscope affects how well the gemstone works for you, an astrologer will inform you of the best time, stone weight, and rituals to follow to wear yellow sapphire

Check The Quality Of The Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

To ensure that yellow sapphire stone is compatible with you, you need to pay attention to its quality. The gemstone should be natural, untreated, and have good clarity, color, and cut. A bright yellow color, transparency, and no inclusions or cracks are the signs of a good quality yellow sapphire. The gemstone should also have a balanced cut, with clear facets that reflect light evenly. If the yellow sapphire stone is glass-filled, plastic-made, or has an improper weight, it will not be compatible with you or bring you any advantages.

Check for Allergies

You need to check if you have allergies or not before you wear the yellow sapphire gemstone. If you already have allergies, you need to see if you get new kinds of allergies. If you do, then yellow sapphire does not suit you. If you don’t, then you can wear it for a longer time. Some people may be allergic to some metals or materials used in the jewelry setting, such as gold or silver. This can cause skin irritation, rashes, or other allergic reactions when they wear the gemstone. So, it is very important to talk to a dermatologist and get a skin allergy test done before you wear the gemstone.

Follow instructions for wearing the Yellow Sapphire

To get the most out of your investment, you need to follow proper wearing instructions once you have found out that yellow sapphire suits you well. The gemstone should be set in the right metal and a ring or pendant made of gold or silver and worn on the index finger or neck. You should wear it on Thursday, which is the day of Jupiter. You should also energize the gemstone before wearing it by chanting the Jupiter mantra or doing a puja. Yellow sapphire may not work for you or have any effect if you don’t follow the rituals correctly or put it on at the wrong time.

Regular Maintenance of Yellow Sapphire

If you want to keep the benefits of the yellow sapphire gemstone, you need to take good care of it. Make sure it stays whole and shiny by wiping it with a gentle cloth and a mild soap solution regularly to get rid of dirt and dust. You also need to recharge it from time to time by doing a puja or saying the Jupiter mantra to keep the stone powerful. Moreover, you should take off the gemstone when you do things like gardening, sports, or washing clothes and dishes that might harm the stone and make it less effective.

How to know yellow sapphire is working

Think about what you want to achieve and how your yellow sapphire can help you. If you have a specific goal, like getting a better job or advancing your career, review your progress after six months and see if you are closer to your desired outcome. If you want to improve your overall well-being, such as sleeping better, having more clarity, and feeling less anxious, evaluate yourself with four questions every morning and night for about three weeks if you are near to your goal or achieve your goal so you can say that your yellow sapphire was working and if you get negative effect so it was not working,

Side Effects Of Wearing Yellow Sapphire

The Yellow sapphire Gemstone is always wear original and natural, it not be treated, you must buy and wear an untreated gemstone otherwise it not give the proper outcome which was you needed and might cause some negative impact on your life. If someone wears the Pukhraj stone and in their, Birthcart Jupiter was not aligned with their houses so it may cause a negative impact and you face some side effects:

  • You are facing Marital disassociation and facing Chaos in your relationship and face some trust issues with your partner.
  • If yellow sapphire doesn’t suit you so it may cause Side Effects like you can face hindrances in your Social life and status in society.
  • It also affects your progeny, it might harm your offspring this was also a sign of the negative effects of pukhraj
  • If may cause your health condition worst than before or not you can also see no change in your Health conditions so this was also a sign that the Pukhraj Gemstone was not suited for you.

Hence, you must consult an eminent and experienced professional before wearing any gemstone, including Pukhraj. You do not want to experience the aforementioned adverse effects after wearing it, do you? Have you already verified your suitability with the Pukhraj gemstone? You should rely only on a reputed gemstone seller when it comes to buying natural yellow sapphire online or offline.