When it comes to the list of enticing gemstones, Opal stone deserves a mention. However, opal has got recognition because of its mesmerizing grandeur and beautiful effect. For which month does Opal contribute as the Birthstone? The answer is October. The combination of Opal and diamond is extremely powerful for the Venus Planet or Shukra Graha.

An Opal stone features magical power to provide healing effects. Even this gemstone has the power to cure health issues. Besides, Opal can boost the spiritual powers of a wearer.

Top Benefits of Opal Gemstone

  • Opal is a transcendental gemstone. Therefore, it can alter its color as per the health status of the user. In case the wearer feels unwell, the Opal gemstone converts into a light gray shade. Nonetheless, if Opal turns into a sick yellow color, it represents a serious health problem or any other serious issue for the user.
  • The Opal gemstone offers Neuro-stability effects to the user. It helps to keep a balance between the brain’s right as well as left hemispheres.
  • Opal users can expect to get relief from various health issues associated with the eye, pancreas, spleen, reproductive organs, throat, and bone marrow. A pink Opal gemstone can greatly relieve headaches.
  • Opal offers tranquility, peace, and satisfaction to the user. It can ease the pain related to one’s past. Peruvian Opal can relieve tension and offer relaxation.
  • Moreover, Opal gemstone can improve the user’s decision-making power. It encourages an uninterrupted flow of thoughts in the wearer’s mind.
  • Opal helps to boost the glamour and increases interest in love. In short, this gemstone converts the wearer into a caring, doting, and loving individual.
  • When it comes to increasing mutual understanding between a couple, Opal can greatly help. It also enhances love between love birds.
  • Opal is believed to unlock the user’s spiritual third eye. Opal users got experience in improving their telepathic capabilities. The gemstone can also boost intuition power, as it features mystic powers.
    Another great benefit of the Opal gemstone is to improve power and passion in the wearer’s love life. It goes well for marital relations. Opal offers stability in a marital relationship. Besides, it also boosts the social relations of the wearer.
  • The Opal gemstone helps to boost the Endocrine System. It also keeps up the stability of hormonal secretions.
  • Furthermore, Opal can enhance the efficacy of the Urinary system. It especially goes well for kidneys. This gemstone also benefits individuals, who deal in artifacts, jewelry, fashion, clothes, and other expensive items.
  • Opal helps to keep up the hormonal secretions. Besides, it provides a great personality to the wearer.
  • If a person goes through a consistent issue related to bad dreams and dozing, Opal can help. As a result, the wearer can expect to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Sometimes, people face marital issues and become unhappy with the significant other. Opal can help to keep such issues at bay.
  • The Opal gemstone brings happiness, satisfaction, good luck, and love to the wearer’s life.

How to Wear Opal Gemstone?

A person can wear an Opal gemstone as a pendant or finger ring. The metal options in this regard can be gold or white gold, platinum, silver, or Panchdhatu. However, the stone must be worn, according to expert advice.

What should be the minimum weight of the Opal stone when it comes to wearing? It should be the result of the division of the body weight of the wearer by 10. For instance, if the user’s body weight is 60 kg, he/she should wear a minimum of a 6 carat Opal stone. Nonetheless, the bigger the stone size, the quicker and better it will perform.

The user must wear an Opal gemstone on Friday morning of the waxing moon or Shukla Paksha. It must be worn in the ring or middle finger of the right hand.

There are certain rules to wear Opal gemstone. Before wearing it, the person must immerse the gemstone in a bowl consisting of one spoon of Curd, Gangajal, Honey, Ghee, and Tulsi leaves for ten minutes. The procedure will purify and activate the Opal gemstone. That means all the impurities would be eliminated.
Then, the person must complete his/her regular prayers. Next, the ring can be taken out from the above mixture. The next process is to wash the ring with pure Gangajal.

It is time to reciting a Mantra 108 times. “Om Shun Shukraye Namah” is that Mantra.

Wrapping Up

Opal represents a gemstone of elegance, beauty, greatness, and charm. It helps the wearer to achieve a luxurious lifestyle. Moreover, it represents the power of satiety to the user. That means it helps to upgrade the financial state of the wearer. People belonged to the businesses of imports & exports, and travel & tourism, can get great benefits from Opal. However, an expert must be consulted before wearing a gemstone.