Aquamarine Gemstone is also known as Beruj in Hindi or Vedic astrology As the proverb says ‘Beauty is self-evident’, beauty is a very personal and powerful concept. Beauty is what everyone is looking for, regardless of how they define it. Beauty relaxes the mind, eases the eyes, gives pleasure, and makes life worthwhile. Beauty motivates and this is what shows its significance. Nature has created everything beautiful in its way - verdant, green woods, bright blue heavens, grand mountains, mysterious seas, etc. Just as stunning and invaluable are what lies below and above these things - the fossil fuels, the lovely aquatic life, the flourishing flora, the hidden and floating minerals, etc.

Aquamarine Stone: Spiritual Significance

Natural Aquamarine is a lucky and healthy stone for those who are born in March, as it is their birthstone. In the past, sailors used this stone as protection from the dangers of the sea and a source of fortune during their travels. The real aquamarine stone was also believed to be the mermaids’ treasure. Its bright light blue color reflects the beauty and power of the sea’s calmness.

On a spiritual level, an original aquamarine stone helps to clear the mind of any harmful thoughts. It encourages the person to let go and to have love and compassion for others. It also purifies the heart and the spiritual health of the person who owns it. This ancient March birthstone enhances leadership skills, financial success, and marital harmony. It has many amazing healing properties. The stone acts as a guardian for its wearer and shields them from various problems in their personal, professional, and health aspects.

Who should wear Aquamarine Gem?

Aquamarine Gem is the substitute for the Precious Gemstone emerald, if you have a weak Mercury in your Kundli or Burt chart but Mercury is the lord of your auspicious house in your birth chart then you must wear this Aquamarine Stone. It is also worn by people who were

Born in March, it was also the birthstone for the March born. the people under the zodiac sign of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Aries can wear this Gem without any hesitation, and other ascendants like Taurus, Gemini, and Virgo also wear this Stone for taking advantage of it.

Who should not wear Aquamarine Stone?

Aquamarine Gems should not wear with those gemstones which were associated with the Sun, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Ketu, and Moon. this Aquamarine Gem is considered a safe stone for all but sometimes it is not recommended in some cases like

  1. People with evil intentions
  2. People prone to deception
  3. Pregnant women
  4. People with low energy levels
  5. People with sensitive skin

Astrological Benefits of Aquamarine

  1. Aquamarine is a powerful stone that can benefit Pisces people and anyone who wears it.
  2. This semi-precious gemstone affects the financial, relational, and behavioral aspects of its wearers positively.
  3. Aquamarine helps to harmonize, calm and align the mental, emotional, and physical states of its user.
  4. It eliminates the feelings of greed, insecurity, and anxiety in the wearer and makes him/her more humble, loving, and generous.
  5. Aquamarine is influenced by the Planet Neptune and can enhance the relationship between partners with loyalty, fidelity, and everlasting love.
  6. For those who struggle to communicate with others due to shyness, introversion, or low confidence, this semi-precious gemstone enables them to express themselves clearly and confidently. Aquamarine boosts self-esteem and improves eloquence.
  7. Aquamarine also assists in making quick and positive choices in situations that require them. It gives the wearer a clear vision and helps him/her to choose wisely. Therefore, it makes the wearer smart, decisive, and judicious.
  8. Aquamarine’s healing energies can heal the wounds and pain caused by past events. Furthermore, these energies of Aquamarine can remove unwanted emotional and karmic energies.

Benefits of wearing Aquamarine stone

There are various benefits of wearing this semi-precious stone and there are major health and mental benefits by wearing. So here are some of the main benefits which you get from Aquamarine Gems.

  • Mental Health
  • Physical health
  • Financial Health
  • Love Life

Mental Health

It’s great to know that a stone can help with mental health for someone who wants to get an aquamarine necklace or gift an aquamarine ring to someone. Aquamarine stones come in shades of blue. The name is derived from Latin words for water and sea. The stone is often linked to peaceful seas, serenity, and good luck—words we’d all like to relate to our lives. Aquamarine Gem also works well with other gemstones like kyanite and diamond for healing. Remember that although it has many benefits, it shouldn’t replace psychiatric care. When you wear aquamarine jewelry, you don’t have to fear toxins entering your body because it’s 100 percent safe.

Physical health

Aquamarine Stone is a gem that has been used for many years for its remarkable physical benefits. It can be used to enhance your overall health and also helps to cure a variety of specific illnesses that you may have acquired over time. Aquamarine Stone can ease any kind of pain that persists for a long time, or that is caused by cancer. That’s why holistic practitioners often suggest using this stone for healing purposes. As well as relief from migraines, you can use it if you’re healing from surgery. Many people think that it helps them to heal faster than they would have done without it in their life.

Financial Health

Aquamarine Stone is famous for its relaxing, comforting, and healing properties. They have been valued for ages for their astrological benefits as well as their healing powers. Aquamarine can be used to eliminate toxins from your body, ease digestion, and help with water balance. These stones have purifying energy that will help clear stagnant energy out of your way and allow you to thrive in every aspect of your life including financial health. Keep an aquamarine stone nearby to keep harmful energy away while bringing in positivity and prosperity.

Love Life

Aquamarine is a semi-precious stone that has a lovely blue-green color. When worn as jewelry, it can be said to have many benefits for people who want to attract love into their life. It is also thought that aquamarine can help a person enhance an existing relationship with a partner or help bring more comprehension and peace between two people who are together but not getting along very well. Many people think that a new relationship will bring them good luck and happiness. That’s why aquamarine, the gem of new beginnings, is a perfect choice to wear as it helps you attract positive energy and fortune.