The cat eyes gemstone also known as the Lehsunia stone is one of the most unique and distinct gemstones due to its color in comparison to the other gemstone, it was also reorganized for its associate planet, as the cat eye is connected with the power of Ketu’s. So due to this dominant planet, this stone is more popular to take benefits from the Ketu, but as per modern science, it was not a physical part of the solar system.

Even though it is not physically present in the solar panel, this planet is considered to be one of the most powerful planets because of its amazing metaphysical properties that humans admire. This stone is known as the fastest-acting planet. That is why people want to wear cat eye stones.

Who Should Wear The Cat Eye Stone?

If Ketu is weak in your horoscope, wearing the cat's eye gemstone can help to make it strong and provide freedom from unwanted fear. This gemstone is beneficial for individuals whose horoscope shows Ketu in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th houses. Additionally, if Ketu is in conjunction with the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, or Venus in the birth chart, wearing the stone can be advantageous.

What You Need to Know Before Wearing Astrological Gemstones?

During Ketu's Antardasha and Mahadasha, wearing the gemstone can also be beneficial. If a child is being seen frequently, wearing a silver locket with garlic can provide benefits. Businessmen who are continuously experiencing losses can consult astrologers and wear the cat's eye stone to help complete pending work. Moreover, individuals under mental stress can wear Gemstones to achieve peace of mind. Overall, wearing the cat's eye gemstone can help alleviate the negative effects of Ketu and promote well-being.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Lehsuniya Stone

Available in many alluring shades like bright yellow, brown, red, pink, purple, orange, and more the beautiful natural cat’s eye stone is also known as “lehsunia” or “lehsuniya” stone in Vedic astrology. Showing the wonderful chatoyancy (the beautiful phenomena wherein the light reflects in perpendicular/parallel rays from the surface) and brightness that are similar to those found in the cat’s eye, the gemstone has rightly been called so!

Significant Benefits of Cat’s Eye Stone

As this mesmeric gem is ruled upon by the planet Ketu, it takes all its significant powers and capabilities from the strong Ketu planet. Some of the most important advantages that a wearer of Cat’s eye can enjoy include the following:

  • Cat’s eye helps one get help from Ketu planet

The strong belief says that Cat’s eye or lehsunia is an amazing gem to reduce or remove the bad effects of Ketu planet. Instead, wearing this gem helps one attain the positive advantages of Ketu.

  • It offers protection

Be it the negative or ill feelings of other people towards you or the bad spirits attacking your aura, wearing the Cat’s eye will help you stay protected.

  • It makes you more disciplined

A person who is a master of controlling his nerves and desires can win the world! When you wear this beautiful gem, you get the power of control and command over yourself.

  • Get rid of anxiety problems with the help of this gem

While you wear this gemstone, you will get the important advantage of getting rid of your anxiety issue. The problem of anxiety has become quite common these days. Wearing ‘Lehsunia’ gem will help you find peace and solace leading to reduced or no anxiety!

  • It provides help in gaining back opulence & prosperity

It is widely believed that the gem helps one gain back lost affluence. People also wear this stone with the strong belief that it even provides aid in attracting wealth in their lives. When one wears this beautiful gemstone, the possibility of winning wealth and luck games increases!

  • Wear the gem to strengthen your path to Nirvana

The worldly things always attract us! However, those who want freedom from worldly desires and objects and want to walk firmly on the path of Nirvana should wear Cat’s Eye.

  • The gem offers immense help in many physical ailments

Many of you might not be knowing that Cat’s eye gemstone acts as a wonderful healer. It provides help in many physical diseases like low blood pressure, urinary issues, asthma, leukaemia, poor eyesight, mental disorders and yet more!

The most interesting and impressive characteristic of this gem is that it is known for its amazing effect of acting in a quick manner. In other words, you can say that when you wear the Cat’s Eye, you start getting the benefits quite soon!

How To Wear Cat Eyes?

When you wear a gemstone for the first time, you should follow some rituals and take good care of it. According to Vedic Astrology, there are some specific steps to follow during this time. We have listed them below for your convenience.

You can make a ring or a pendant with the Cat’s eye gemstone using silver or “Panchdhatu”. Wear this ring on your right hand’s middle finger on a Tuesday Morning before sunrise when the moon is waning (Krishna Paksha).

There is a process to wearing your Cat eye stone, you should take a metal bowl And put your stone in it after that add some holy ingredients add Ganga Jal to the bowl, then add some Tulsi leaves after adding tulsi add some desi cow’s raw milk and add some honey in the bowl and add Desi Ghee, after adding all the ingredients you should chant
Mantra for 108 times to energize your Cat eye stone.

“ Om Pram Preem Proom Sah Ketavay Namah”

When you chant the mantra for the last time you pull out your stone and wash it with clean and pure water and wear it on the middle finger of the right hand.

What to Consider When You are Planning to Buy Gemstones Online

Whenever you look forward to buying gemstones online, always choose to buy natural and certified gemstones online. You can buy 100% natural and certified gemstones online including the Cat’s Eye and more varieties. Look for sites that offer government-certified natural gemstones.  Buy the original Cat’s Eye today and get ready for all related advantages!