The cat eyes gemstone also known as the “Lehsunia” or “Lehsuniya” stone is one of the most unique and distinct gemstone due to its color in comparison to the other gemstones. Available in many alluring shades like bright yellow, brown, red, pink, purple, orange, and more the beautiful natural cat’s eye stone is also known as Vaidurya stone in Vedic astrology. Showing the wonderful chatoyancy (the beautiful phenomena wherein the light reflects in perpendicular/parallel rays from the surface) and brightness that are similar to those found in the cat’s eye, the gemstone has rightly been called so!

It is also recognized for its associated planet, as the cat eye is connected with the power of Ketu’s. So due to this dominant planet, the stone is more popular to take benefits from the Ketu, but as per modern science, Ketu is not a physical part of the solar system.

Even though it is not physically present in the solar panel, this planet is considered to be one of the most powerful planets because of its amazing metaphysical properties that humans admire. That is why people want to wear cat eye stones.

Astrological Significance of Cat’s Eye Gemstone 

As per the expert astrologers, the cat’s eye gemstone counteracts the malevolent effects of Rahu and Ketu in one's life. If Ketu's Antardasha or Mahadasha persists, this stone can protect you from its negative consequences. This stone is indicated for those who have Ketu in their first, third, fourth, fifth, ninth, and tenth houses.

Though, many people have the question - How Does A Cat's Eye Gemstone Counter The Negative Effects Of Ketu And Rahu?

Well, Ketu and Rahu, often known as the planets of darkness in Vedic astrology, are among the most feared planetary positions, lying between a 180-degree angle. While Rahu is like a man without a body, Ketu is like a man without a head. Furthermore, when these planets stay badly placed in the birth chart, they generate enormous problems and terrible fortune. 

Furthermore, while Ketu is recognized as a benevolent planet, due to Rahu's influence, Ketu usually has negative consequences on a person. To counteract the negative effects of Rahu and Ketu, Vedic astrologers recommend wearing a Cat's eye gemstone, which shields the native from the negative impacts of Ketu. 

Also, when Rahu affects a person, he may get confused in his life and begin to feel aimless or as if he lacks objectives and desires. Furthermore, a person will find it difficult to make strong judgments and will begin to feel alone and socially distant. When Ketu, on the other hand, impacts a person, the individual will frequently become unwell and suffer from various maladies. 

To counteract the negative effects of these planets, an astrologer recommends wearing a Cat's eye gemstone. This gemstone is in link with the Ketu and so wearing this stone will bring the blessings of Ketu to the person, eliminating all negativity. 

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Benefits of Cats Eye Gemstone

There are several advantages to wearing a Cat's Eye Gemstone, however the following are some of the more important advantages:

Health and happiness: The cat's eye gemstone is thought to have a positive effect on physical health, particularly when it comes to nervous system issues. It is also said to help in healing and recuperation.

Financial wealth: Some people think that wearing a Lehsunia stone would bring them financial wealth and success in business.

Protection and Growth: The cat's eye gemstone is thought to guard against malicious influences while also promoting spiritual growth. It is said to be especially advantageous for people with Ketu in their astrological charts.

Intuition & Insight: It is said that wearing a cat's eye gemstone will strengthen one's intuition and deliver deep insights. It is related to the capacity to recognize opportunities and avoid potential hazards.

Top 7 Significant Benefits of Cat’s Eye Stone

As this mesmeric gem is ruled upon by the planet Ketu, it takes all its significant powers and capabilities from the strong Ketu planet. Some of the most important advantages that a wearer of the Cat’s Eye can enjoy include the following:

  • The Cat’s eye helps one get help from Ketu planet

The strong belief says that the Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia is an amazing gem to reduce or remove the bad effects of Ketu planet. Instead, wearing this gem helps one attain the positive advantages of Ketu.

  • It offers protection

Be it the negative or ill feelings of other people towards you or the bad spirits attacking your aura, wearing the Cat’s eye will help you stay protected. The stone’s energies will create a positive shield around you that will not let any negativity enter it and harm you mentally, physically, or spiritually. 

  • It makes you more disciplined

A person who is a master of controlling his nerves and desires can win the world! When you wear this beautiful gem, you get the power of control and command over yourself. The stone will encourage you to be more self-disciplined and be more enthusiastic about yourself and your actions. 

  • Get rid of anxiety problems with the help of this gem

While you wear this gemstone, you will get the important advantage of getting rid of your anxiety issue. The problem of anxiety has become quite common these days. Wearing the ‘Lehsunia’ gem will help you find peace and solace leading to reduced or no anxiety!

  • It provides help in gaining back opulence & prosperity

It is widely believed that the gem helps one gain back lost affluence. People also wear this stone with the strong belief that it even provides aid in attracting wealth in their lives. When one wears this beautiful gemstone, the possibility of winning wealth and luck games increases!

  • Enhances Insight and Wisdom 

Original Cat’s Eye gemstone is known to increase the insightfulness in the person. It sharpens the perspective or perception of the person, allowing them to be non-judgmental and more open to understanding. The stone awares the person about different possibilities, conditions, and circumstances, allowing them to look at life from different angles and be wiser.

  • Boosts Mental Clarity and Health 

As per the belief, the stone will remove all the negative thinking and over-stressing from your mind. Also, it will remove fogginess or uncertainty from your mind, giving you mental clarity and making your mental health better.

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Healing Properties of Cat’s Eye Stone

Many of you might not know that Cat’s eye gemstone acts as a wonderful healer. The Cat's Eye gem offers immense help with many physical ailments. It is highly known for its therapeutic abilities and is used to treat a lot of problems. 

Know here all the health benefits of the Cat’s Eye gemstone:- 

  • The gem will balance the hormones in the body of the wearer and help regulate mood swings. 
  • It reduces worries, and stress, assisting in curing any mental illnesses or psychological disorders. 
  • Lehsuniya Ratan is also believed to cure diseases like leukemia, arthritis, and paralysis. 
  • If you have any problems related to the lungs, you will benefit from the cat’s eye gemstone. The belief is that the gem aids in treating asthma. 
  • It restores well-being and protects the user from unanticipated events.
  • Cat’s eye health benefits include providing relief in body pain, especially backache. 
  • The gem will treat many physical diseases as well like low blood pressure, and urinary issues.
  • Your poor eyesight will also improve due to the powers of the gemstone. 

The most interesting and impressive characteristic of this gem is that it is known for its amazing effect of acting in a quick manner. In other words, you can say that when you wear the Cat’s Eye, you start getting the benefits quite soon!

Spiritual Benefits of the Cat’s Eye Gemstone 

The worldly things always attract us! However, those who want freedom from worldly desires and objects and want to walk firmly on the path of Nirvana should wear Cat’s Eye. The stone energies linked with the universe will guide you in the right direction and help you achieve the conscious level where you can intertwine with higher powers. 

The stone will open your mind to perspectives and it will activate your conscious and sub-conscious mind more. Your instincts will work better to let you know what you need to do and where you need to work better. So if you want to find your purpose in life, wear the gem to strengthen your path to Nirvana.

Metaphysical Properties of Cats Eye Stone

Cat's Eye attracts enormous money and is a luck magnet. It protects against bad luck and increases knowledge and decision-making abilities. This stone is a lucky charm for individuals who want to make money from horse racing, gambling, or stock trading.

The resonating energy of the stone is very beneficial for anyone who wants fortune on their side. 

Indeed, the powers also make you more healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually by aligning the energies of your body. This helps the person lead in their life. 

The cat’s eye gemstone is believed to activate three energy centers in a person:- 

  • Sacral Chakra 
  • Solar Plexus Chakra 
  • Third Eye Chakra 

The Sacral chakra when triggered, increases passion, creativity, sexuality, and sensibility. It increases healthy emotions in the person. 

The Solar Plexus chakra increases your confidence. It urges you to follow your true path and enhances vitality, developing a sense of responsibility for your life, allowing you to be more authentic, and eventually helping you create your life. 

The third eye chakra which is located between our eyebrows is known worldwide to be the chakra that opens our gate to spirituality and increases insightfulness. 

So the cat’s eye gemstone will align the powers of these energy centers in you, which will help you achieve sense, success, and peace.

Caution: If you have the Kala Sarpa Dosham or the serpent's curse, the Cat's Eye is not for you.

You should consult with an expert astrologer or Pandit before you wear a powerful Navratn gem like Cat’s Eye gemstone. It is essential to know if the stone is suitable for you and is friendly with your birth chart. Also, you should wear the stone with the proper Vedic pooja process to activate its energies and purify it to get rid of any negative energy it might contain. 

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What Are The Marital Benefits Of Cat's Eye Stones?

The Cat's eye stone is extremely beneficial to both singles and married couples. While this gemstone aids singles in finding their match, it also fosters peace and love in married couples. It increases the calmness and patience between the partners, also boosting mutual understanding. Furthermore, married couples who wear this gemstone will always have a feeling of optimism and apprehension, which will encourage love and passion in their relationship. 

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