Ethiopian Emerald

Ethiopian Emerald is the newest origin emerald Gemstone which is found in the European region. Ethiopian panna stone is one of the finest and most clear Emerald gemstones which comes in dark green. The Ethiopian Emerald is also associated with the planet Mercury which is the planet of Courage and clarity. The Natura Ethiopian Emerald Stone helps to activate the Heart Chakra which is beneficial for love, compassion, and forgiveness. The original Ethiopian Emerald is the birthstone of May-born persons.
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Ethiopian Emerald (Panna) Gemstone

Ethiopian emerald is a recently found kind of natural Emerald gemstone produced in the Ethiopian area. It is known for its deep green color, superb clarity, spectacular brilliance, and large size. These high-quality, valuable green emeralds are very collectible and ideal for astrology and jewelry. This gemstone may also be worn as the May birthstone. Ethiopian is a recently identified variant of the Emerald clan. Ethiopian emerald is among the world's best emeralds. It is mined in the Ethiopia area of Africa and is known for its deep green tint, superb purity, and beautiful glitter.