Colombian Emerald

Colombian Emeralds also known as Colombian Panna, are the most preferred emerald gems. They are known for their vibrant green colors and are the most rare emerald gemstones. Emeralds are known for their amazing metaphysical properties, they bring prosperity and good health to their users. Its soothing vibes bring calmness and composed nature, aiding the person in controlling their negative traits.

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Colombian Emerald (Panna) Gemstone

Colombian Emerald, also known as Colombian Panna, is a popular emerald gemstone that is frequently referred to as Old Mine/Muzo Green Appendix. This word refers to the best emerald gemstone from Colombia with intensely saturated vibrant green colors. The hue of this exceedingly uncommon and valuable gemstone varies from vivid rich green to a warmer bluish-green tint. This incredibly attractive green shade stone brings significant astrological blessings from the planet Mercury. Vedic astrologers highly suggest this gemstone for financial prosperity, knowledge expansion, and overall wellness. It is also the birthstone for May according to Western astrology.

Benefits of Colombian Emerald Stone

While emeralds are often used as fashion jewelry stones worldwide, they also have significant astrological meaning. Astrologers highly advise locals to wear emeralds of Colombian origin to get the required outcomes, due to the stone's rich hue and good clarity.

  • Sustainable and Moral Sourcing: Colombian emeralds are often sourced from mines that follow ethical mining procedures, guaranteeing the preservation and respect of the surrounding environment and community.
  • For the Growth of Resources, Intelligence, and Creativity: The Colombian Panna gemstone, which is connected to Mercury, the planet of intellect, is said to be very beneficial for enhancing memory, reasoning, and creative impulses in wearers. Wearing this gemstone is thus highly advised for those in the finance, media, and creative industries to get better results.
  • A Link to Culture and History: Being a part of a rich historical and cultural tradition is another benefit of owning a Colombian emerald. Emeralds have always been prized by royalty and used in ceremonial jewelry, which contributes to their allure.
  • Restorative Qualities: It's crucial to remember that these assertions lack scientific validation, although some individuals think Colombian emeralds can:
  • Enhanced Communication Capabilities: Mercury is considered the Vaani-karaka in Vedic astrology. Wearing an authentic Colombian Panna stone is thus said to help natives who have speech problems and poor self-esteem. Astrologers claim that Colombian emerald stone helps persons who work in fields including public relations, journalism, and other mass communication to think and express themselves more clearly.
  • Calms Skin and Nerves: Emerald green has long been associated with life and renewal by saints and ancient sages. Indian astrologers also believe in the medicinal properties of Panna stones and suggest this gemstone to anyone with conditions relating to the skin, eyes, or ears. Additionally said to be helpful for those with allergies or any kind of neurological ailment.
  • Encourage the Heart Chakra: Emeralds' vivid green hue is associated with the heart chakra, which is the energy center linked to compassion and love.

Price of Colombian Emerald Stone

The four C’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight further characterize the quality of Colombian emeralds, which determines their overall worth. A loose natural Colombian emerald stone may cost anywhere from ₹880 to ₹55,000 per ratti, depending on quality and rarity; green Colombian emeralds can cost anywhere from ₹800 to ₹50,000 per carat or more.

  • Color: The majority of emerald purchasers give color more weight. Deep green Colombian emerald stones with uniform color distribution are often hard to come by and fetch a high price. However, the cost of Colombian emeralds drops significantly for specimens that are too light or too black.
  • Clarity: Three-phase inclusions, which include solid, liquid, and gaseous bubbles as well as silky web traps, are often seen and are regarded as a crucial identifying characteristic.
  • Cut: The cost of Colombian Panna stones rises by 20–30% for highly faceted stones because there is more rough waste during the cutting process. Emeralds are susceptible to damage while cutting, setting, and polishing because of their moderate hardness.
  • Carat Weight: Because of its intermediate hardness, real Colombian emeralds are discovered in deeply buried mines and shatter readily during the mining process. It's difficult to get a large-sized, premium Colombian Panna.

Emerald Gemstone Price on Basis of Origin

Sr No Emerald Stone Origin
1 Brazil Emerald
2 Zambian Emerald
3 Ethiopian Emerald

History Of Colombian Emerald Stone

Colombian emeralds are the world's best and most rare emerald gemstones, mined in Colombia. Colombian emeralds are well-known for their intrinsic astrological qualities. According to Indian Vedic astrology, these emeralds have amazing metaphysical powers and are particularly efficient in guaranteeing good health and financial prosperity. According to Western astrology, the Colombian emerald is the birthstone for persons born in May.

Although the Colombian emerald trade has a long history dating back to the pre-Columbian period, a spike in global demand for the gemstone sector in the early twentieth century caused emerald prices to almost triple globally. Until 2016, Colombia's emerald trade was at the heart of the country's civil war, which has raged since the 1950s.

Facts About the Colombian Emerald Gemstone

  • The Colombian city of Muzo, Coscuez, and Chivor is the origin of the Colombian emerald gemstone.
  • The chemical element found in Colombian emerald is known as beryllium aluminum silicate, or Be3Al2(SiO3)6.
  • According to the Mohs scale, the Colombian emerald gemstone has a hardness of 7.5 to 8. It's a fairly tough and durable gemstone.
  • Colombian Emerald Stone is connected to the planet Mercury, which in Vedic or Hindi astrology is also referred to as Budh Grah.
  • The gemstone Colombian emerald has a positive energy. It calms the wearer's emotions and opens the heart chakra.

People also ask:

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Colombian Emerald Stone:

Ques. Are emeralds from Colombia valuable?

Ans. Yes. Columbia is one of the top sources of fine-quality emerald gems so they are quite valuable stones.

Ques. What is the price of Colombian Panna?

Ans. The best quality Colombian emerald stone price can range anywhere between 1000 to 50,000 rupees per Ratti in India.

Ques. Where can I buy Colombian Emerald (Panna) Stone Online at Best Price?

Ans. You can buy an original Colombian Emerald gem online from Rashi Ratan Bhagya at the best price. With our wide collection, you will get premium-quality stones available in different cuts and sizes.

Ques. Can I wear a Colombian emerald stone?

Ans. You should wear a gem after consulting with an astrologer. As per your zodiac sign, whether you can wear an emerald or not, check here - Which Zodiac Signs Can Wear Emerald Stone?