According to the Vedic astrology “Rudraksha” Beads possess amazing spiritual energy and vibration which heals several ailments and removes troubles from the wearer's life. Rudraksha beads protect the wearer from negative energies and bad omen. It helps in achieving spiritual consciousness and connecting with the inner self. The word Rudraksha Means “Tears of Shiva”. It is believed that when lord shiva’s tears fell on the earth then the mystical Rudraksha Tree grew on earth.

But, to get complete benefits of the Rudraksha Beads it is necessary to clean and take care of them regularly. Below we are going to tell you step by step procedure about how to clean the rudraksha mala beads:

How to Clean Rudraksha

Proper Process of Rudraksha Cleaning: To increase the longevity of the Rudraksha beads, it is necessary to properly clean them with either pure water or milk. The beads of rudraksha should not be washed with any kind of soap or chemical, since it can damage or decrease the mystical energy of rudraksha. Avoid using talcum powder while wearing the rudraksha bead since it can get trapped in the pores of the bead and can make it dirty. It is also important to protect the beads from boiling water since it can make the beads brittle and susceptible to damage.

Application of oil on the bead: To keep the rudraksha beads safe for long periods of time it is necessary to regularly oil the beads with sesame, olive, or sandalwood oil. This protects the beads from cracking.

Handling the Beads Properly: Some astrologers also advise keeping the rudraksha beads inside a cotton pouch to protect them from getting dirty, since touching them with dirty hands can decrease their astrological effect. Apart from this, rudraksha beads must be properly handled; they shouldn't fall since it can lead to cracks or breaking. The Rudraksha beads must be removed before taking a bath or shower or while doing any rigid work. Because excessive water or sweat can make the beads soft which can lead to damage in the future. It is also important to keep the rudraksha away from excessive heat since it can adversely affect its texture and astrological effects.

Replacing the old string: It is important to change the old, weak, torn, or dirty strings of the rudraksha beads. Since not only protects them from falling but also enhances the positive effects and aura of the beads.

How to Increase the Effectiveness of Rudraksha

Never Share Your Rudraksha: It must be noted that a Rudraksha bead is a sacred material and it should not be shared with another person. Since it is believed that this magical bead absorbs the energy of the wearer. Sharing it with others can decrease the effects and longevity of rudraksha.

Staying away from the negative emotions: It is believed that rudraksha beads also sense and soak the negative energies around them. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from negative emotions, people, and circumstances at any cost to increase the longevity of the rudraksha.

Chanting the mantras to activate and re-energize: To activate and re-energize the beads of rudraksha it is necessary to chant “Rudraksha Jabala Upanishad mantra” and "om namah shivay” 108 times at regular intervals.

How to Purify Rudraksha

Purify Rudraksha: To increase the mystical effects of rudraksha it is necessary to regularly energize the rudraksha beads under the sunlight.

Rudraksha Conditioning: To keep rudraksha safe for long periods it is necessary to condition it before wearing it. To condition a rudraksha bead, first of all, it should be soaked in desi ghee for 24 hours. After this, the rudraksha bead should be taken out, and again be soaked inside full-fat milk for another 24 hours. This conditioning process must be repeated at the interval of every six months.


Que. How to clean and maintain the Rudraksha Beads?

Ans: To properly clean and maintain the Rudraksha beads it is necessary to wash them regularly only with cold or lukewarm water. Hot water should never be used to wash the beads since it can damage the Rudraksha. Apart from this, it is important to keep the rudraksha dry, and away from hot, and humid conditions since it makes the rudraksha weak. While doing any kind of physical activity rudraksha must be removed since too much sweat also makes the beads dirty and weak. Rudraksha beads must be properly oiled at regular intervals too.

Que. What Precautions should be taken while wearing the Rudraksha Beads?

Ans: In order to protect the rudraksha beads from damage and maintain their mystical powers, some precautions should be taken like oiling them regularly, and preventing them from harsh chemicals and soap. Also, rudraksha must be removed before engaging in any kind of physical activity or going to a funeral. It is also important to keep energizing the bead regularly by following re-energizing procedures and chanting holy mantras related to the beads.

Que. Which oil should be used for Rudraksha Cleaning?

Ans. The best oils to clean the Rudraksha beads are sandalwood oil and sesame oil.

Que. Which kind of Thread should be used to wear a Rudraksha Bead?

Ans. To wear a Rudraksha bead it is best to use a silk thread only. Since silk thread is durable and soft. Wearing rudraksha in a rough or hard thread can cause friction with the rudraksha surface which might lead to damage in the future.

Que. Can Rudraksha be shared or touched by other persons?

Ans. It should be kept in mind that rudraksha should never be shared with others. Also, it should not be touched by anyone except the wearer. Since it can damage the inner positive energies of rudraksha and can make it ineffective.

Que. How to purify rudraksha beads?

Ans. Before wearing a rudraksha it is also necessary to bathe and purify the rudraksha. Rudraksha should be ritually bathed with sandalwood paste. The wearer must rub this paste completely all over the rudraksha surface and then wash the paste by pouring raw milk and water. This amplifies the power and positive aura of rudraksha.