Are you going to buy a Ruby gemstone after having a consultation with an expert? Then, this guide would help you to opt for an authentic Ruby gemstone. As a result, you can get the maximum value of your investment.

You might know that Ruby is considered among the costliest and most robust gemstones in the world. Note that the top-notch quality Ruby gemstones are sourced from Sri Lanka, Kenya, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, and Madagascar. You must check the quality of Ruby stone while buying to receive the maximum benefits from the gemstone.

How to Buy the Best Ruby Gemstone for you?

Many factors are there to evaluate the quality of a Ruby gemstone. However, the most significant ones are discussed below:

Analyze the Color of the Gemstone:

The most significant factor to check the quality of a gemstone is its color. When it comes to evaluating the color of a gemstone, check the following factors:

  • Hue: Note that the key hue of a Ruby gemstone must be the red color only. However, the gemstone also comprises other hues like violet or orange.

    On the other hand, you can also expect a secondary purple hue underlying the primary red color. However, you can choose the hue based on your personal preferences.
  • Saturation: When it comes to color saturation, you have to evaluate the intensity of the gemstone’s hue. Best-in-class Ruby gemstones come with an extreme red hue. Hence, you can easily differentiate a high-quality Ruby gemstone from a low-quality one.
  • Tone: What does the tone of a gemstone refer to? It signifies the level of the darkness of the gemstone’s color. Note that the most valuable Ruby gemstones should come with medium darkness.

Nonetheless, the darkness level should not make the gemstone nearly black. In other words, a simple method to choose a high-quality Ruby is not to choose a very dark or very light one.

Emphasize the Cut of Ruby:

When it comes to choosing a best-in-class Ruby gemstone, you need to emphasize its cut. This property determines how attractive the gemstone would appear to the eye. In addition, the cut’s proportion also influences the level of light reflection to result in sparkle and magnificence. Note that no precise rules are there to determine a perfect cut of a Ruby gemstone, as different opinions are there in this regard. When it comes to analyzing the cut, you should choose a proportional and sparkling Ruby.

What About the Clarity?

It is a must to ensure the clarity of a Manak gemstone. Although Ruby exhibits some inclusion, it should not be high.

Nonetheless, one cannot expect to have a completely transparent Ruby gemstone. When it comes to best-in-class Ruby gemstones, you can expect it to be eye-clean. In other words, the inclusions should be invisible while checked with only eyes.

You can also opt for “star ruby.” The brilliance of this Ruby variation comes from its inclusions. The main attraction in this regard lies in the reflection of light in a six-ray star form (a magnificent optical effect).

Gemstones, which come with lower clarity, are cut as cabochons most times. You should make sure of the high-level transparency, symmetry, and luster before finalizing your decision.

Ensure Ruby’s Durability:

The durability of a gemstone is directly connected to its cut’s proportions. Poor-quality cuts can make some segments of Ruby susceptible to deform or breakage.

You can check out Rubies in terms of different cuts. However, the round ones are most popular among buyers. However, if you do not want to opt for an expensive round-cut Ruby, you can consider other options under expert guidance.

Note that when checked from sides, round-cut Rubies should not appear to be too shallow or too deep. Check whether the level of the round Ruby gemstone is 60% to 80% of its width or not. If yes, it is a high-quality Ruby gemstone.

Choose the Appropriate Carat Size of Ruby:

Most Ruby gemstones are available in less than 1 or 2 carats. Rubies exceeding this scale are not easy to find and they are extremely costly as well. Rubies are a popular gemstone to manufacture elegant and classy jewelry. Even small Rubies are also useful in this regard.

Would you like to buy a large Ruby gemstone at a budget-friendly price? Then, synthetic Rubies are there to cater to your requirements. You should also find the right carat weight while buying a gemstone, including Rubies.

Beware of Imitations:

If you are consciously buying a Ruby imitation, they go ahead. However, do not choose an imitation when you are looking to buy a natural Ruby. Therefore, it is a must to shop only from reputed gemstone dealers. Note that red-colored glass and red garnet can easily be passed for Ruby.

On the other hand, synthetic Rubies are also there, comprising the same chemical formation as original Rubies. Since synthetic Rubies are manufactured in labs, they are artificial ones, but not imitations.

Miscellaneous Tips on Buying Ruby:

Do not forget to verify the gemstone certificate to ensure its source and authenticity. Leave no stone unturned to make sure that you are investing in the right gemstone. Make certain to buy a high-quality, natural Ruby to ensure maximum benefits and efficacy for you.

Do not forget to search for all the treatments that the gemstone has gone through to verify its effects on you. Moreover, the treatments on a gemstone also affect the way it should be taken care of.

Which kind of Ruby would you like to buy? Is it natural or artificial? Do not forget to ask the store upfront about which type of Ruby they are showing to you.

When buying gemstones online, you must get in touch with the customer support team to resolve all your queries to find the best option in your budget.

Wrapping Up

We hope the post was insightful for you. And you can now expect to choose the best-quality Ruby for you. Get an expert opinion about your suitability with Ruby and make use of the best option.