Ruby Stone is a precious Gemstone that is very popular and highly durable. Ruby is considered as “King of Gemstone” because since time immemorial the people of Royal families used to wear it. Ruby typically has a red hue but it could also be found in the pink, orange, and purple tints. The term “Ruby” is derived from the Latin “Ruber” which means “Red”.

Ruby Stone is one of the members of the Group of “Cardinal Gems", which also includes several gemstones like Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, and Amethyst.

This gemstone is connected with astrology and provides astrological benefits to the wearer. So before wearing this gemstone recommend the astrologer. Otherwise the wearer faces its negative effects.

In this blog, we will discuss the negative effects of wearing Ruby gemstones and their related facts. Let's delve into this blog and learn more about this.

Brief Details about the Ruby Gemstone

Ruby gemstones belong to the corundum mineral family. Which comes in the precious category. In ancient times due to its unique look and shining this gemstone was a symbol of royalty.

Ruby is also one of the Hardest gemstones found in its natural state with a Hardness level of 9.0 measured on the Mohs Scale. Only diamond and Moissanite are harder than Ruby.

Rubies are also formed under the earth’s surface under extreme pressure and heat when oxygen, Aluminium, and Chromium are mixed together which provides ruby its typical red and orange hue.

Numerous countries such as India, Myanmar, Thailand, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the United States are mining locations of this gemstone. But the best quality Ruby is found in Myanmar.

Since ages Ruby gemstone has been connected with Astrology and possesses numerous metaphysical qualities. Ruby is generally related to the planet “ Sun” according to Astrology and is considered to be very auspicious and beneficial for the People born in the Month of July. Apart from this, the people who have “Leo” as their respective sun signs can also wear Ruby.

Rubies are said to enhance the Confidence, Vitality, Power, and Leadership qualities of the wearer. It is said to affect various aspects of the wearer’s life such as career, finance, business, marriage, etc. Therefore, it is important to wear only verified and good quality gemstones, with proper weight.

Ruby is a very powerful gemstone that protects the wearer from negative energies and inculcates confidence into the character subsequently. This gemstone also strengthens the romantic relationships between couples and helps in creating strong emotional bonds between them.

Ruby stone side effects

To avoid any significant side-effects of the ruby gemstone it is advised to wear this stone only after consulting a qualified astrologer only. If someone wears the ruby without a proper consultation then he or she could face some serious consequences and side effects such as an Increase in body temperature, skin disease, High Blood pressure, and heart problems in the future.

Who Should Not Wear Ruby Stone?

  • The people working in the field of Arts such as Writing, Painting, Music, Sculpting, etc should avoid wearing the Ruby. Since it can negatively hamper their artistic abilities.
  • Astrological Signs such as Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, and Pisces should also refrain from wearing this precious gemstone.
  • Ruby is associated with the planet sun in traditional astrology, therefore it is advised that if you are experiencing ill effects of any other planet other than the sun then you should refrain from wearing this gemstone.

How to avoid the negative effects of wearing ruby?

In order to Avoid the several negative effects associated with Ruby, firstly it is necessary to wear only high-quality and genuine gemstones, since fake and low-quality stones can also affect the health and mind of the wearer adversely.

In Hindu mythology, ruby is considered a very auspicious stone that can protect the wearer from numerous dangers such as diseases, poison, sins, etc. but wearing a broken, bad-quality gemstone can result in completely adverse effects. Some of these effects include financial losses, stress and strain on the body, dehydration, and allergic reactions.

You must know that “Ruby” is a gemstone, whose astrological frequencies don't match with other gemstones easily. Therefore, it is important to know this information beforehand too.

A person already wearing Cat eye stone and blue sapphire should also avoid wearing ruby. In addition to this, the people wearing Yellow sapphire, pearl stone, and munga should also wear ruby only after discussing with a professional astrologer.


Que. For What Purposes Ruby Gemstone Is Considered Good?

Ans. Ruby is said to bring good fortune to its wearer along with health benefits, such as enhanced energy levels, love, courage, and protection from evil energies.

Que. Who Should Avoid Wearing Ruby?

Ans. In Vedic astrology, it is clearly stated that people struggling with some kind of metaphysical or astrological problems should avoid wearing this gemstone without consulting a professional astrologer.

Que. Can People with Aquarius as Their Sun Sign Can Wear Ruby?

Ans. According to Ancient astrology “Ruby” is associated with the Planet “Sun", and Aquarius is associated with the Planet “Saturn” which are exactly opposite to each other in nature. Therefore, Aquarius doesn't align properly with Ruby and can give harmful effects in the future.

Que. Who Can Wear Ruby?

Ans. Ruby gemstone is suggested for the Leo zodiac sign. Apart from this Aries, Scorpio, and Sagittarius can wear this gemstone.

Que. Which Is the Best Day to Wear Ruby?

Ans. It is advised that the ruby should be worn on a Sunday of the Shukla Paksha to acquire the best results.

Que. What Is the Process to Purify and Activate the Ruby before Wearing It?

Ans. In order to purify and activate the powers of ruby the wearer should first Dip the Gemstone in pure water, Milk, and Honey For 20-30 minutes before wearing and then the wearer must pray to the planet “Sun” god to bless him/her with abundance and good fortune.

Que. On Which Finger of the Hand Ruby Must Be Worn?

Ans. For getting the best results, astrologers advise people to wear a Ruby on the Ring finger of the Right hand.

Que. Ruby Effects in How Many Days?

Ans. Ruby has started their astronomical effects within 30 days of wearing it continuously.