Iolite is a long-lasting, low-cost violet-blue gemstone from the Cordierite mineral family that is said to have astrological characteristics. Pleochroism is a genuine word given to it because of its distinct look. It's a semi-precious stone with AAA tanzanite saturation, which boosts its popularity in the jewelry business. It is also known as Neeli and Kakaneeli in Hindi, and it has a strong belief in Vedic astrology. It is suggested as the ideal alternative for Blue Sapphire, commonly known as Neelam.

As previously said, it contains pleochroism, which produces an effective glow of shades in various directions and renders this stone in a hypnotic shape. In general, the crystalline look of the three hues may be seen in three unique orientations. It is found in Namibia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Canada, the United States, India, and many other countries across the world, and has a hardness range density of 7-7.5. Tamilnadu (India) is known for manufacturing high-quality Iolite.

Furthermore, because of its real look and extraordinary properties, this gemstone has acquired a recognized place in astrology as well as in jewelry production. However, the presence of iron in it gives it a distinct blue and violet tint. It is commonly found in a variety of colors, however, violet-blue is the specific color that people adore for admiring this lovely gemstone.

Origins Of Iolite Gemstone

Cordierite, the parent mineral of iolite stone, was found in Almera, Spain, in 1813. It was named after Louis Cordier (1777-1861), a notable French geologist. Many countries throughout the world now have Iolite mines, including India and Brazil, as well as Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and China. Iolite has a distinct appearance and quality in different locations. Indian and Madagascar Iolite are believed to be of the greatest grade since they have excellent metaphysical properties and an ethereal brilliance.

Iolite Gemstone Birthstone of Zodiac?

Iolite is an excellent astrological stone for persons born under the signs of Taurus, Libra, and Sagittarius due to its astral connections and cosmic energies. Iolite, for those Taureans out there, may help to elevate this harsh earth sign to cosmic new heights. Taureans are all about the practical side of life, and they occasionally require a shove to think beyond the box and dream greater. This is something Iolite is capable of.

Sagittarians will also be smitten by Iolite's balanced beauty. Sagittarians are naturally inquisitive and self-sufficient, and Iolite, with its powerful psychic connections and protective energy, is ready to serve as a talisman for these born adventurers who don't mind deviating from the path.

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Benefits Of Wearing Iolite Gemstone

Iolite is particularly valuable in the jewelry and astrological industries due to its captivating appearance and mystical astrological properties. This stone, according to folklore, has a metaphysical property that bestows mental serenity and good health on the person, eliminating all despair, worry, and confusion. If you want to achieve more in life, you should wear a Certified Iolite stone since it benefits greatly and fills your life with money and new opportunities.

Furthermore, it successfully enhances blood flow and maintains the wearer's blood pressure. This type of treatment may help with vein insufficiency, among other things. One of the most well-known benefits of this natural therapeutic stone is detoxification. In some cases, it might help you overcome a specific type of addiction. This real miraculous treasure also aids in the bodily clearance of pollutants and fatty deposits. It is also useful to have on hand if you are attempting to lose weight. This stone can also be used to treat a variety of digestive problems, such as indigestion, vomiting, and bloating, as well as other bowel and stomach issues. Below we mention some of the advantages of wearing an Iolite gemstone:-

  • Gain success in your profession

Saturn is known as the Lord of Justice, and Iolite is related to Saturn's characteristics that compensate for a person's financial and professional troubles. It is an excellent stone for promoting advancement in your career and profession.

  • Eliminate unhealthy habits from your life

Iolite boosts the head chakra (crown chakra), which successfully separates a person from drinking, smoking, and other hazardous behaviors. Furthermore, it promotes restful sleep and the formation of good habits.

  • Enhance your mental peace

This semi-precious gemstone is recommended by astrologers for persons suffering from mental tension, worry, and bad thoughts. It benefits you by surrounding you with pleasant energy and by calming your mind with positive thinking.

  • Bestow with good health

You may boost your health and get rid of ailments by wearing this mysterious and gorgeous stone. According to astrologers, this stone possesses spiritual power that heals a person's health difficulties.

Uses of Iolite

Iolite is a magnificent, bright-colored stone that has been used for many years. This stone is excellent since it has several therapeutic properties. The alluring iolite has been used by shamans and other healers. The stone is said to sharpen your vision and promote clarity. Wearing iolite jewelry is thought to increase intuition and support you in embracing who you are. The best method to use your stone is to keep it near you. It can be worn as jewelry in the form of an Iolite Ring, an Iolite Pendant, an Iolite Bracelet, an Iolite Earring, an Iolite Necklace, or an Iolite Earring Set.

This stone is said to help with visual clarity and eyesight. Iolite is said to boost your psychic abilities. This stone is an excellent addition to your Gemstone Jewelry collection since it blends beauty and exceptional life. When worn as jewelry, iolite sends healing vibrations throughout the body. The stone would connect you to your inner truth and destiny.

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Healing Properties of Iolite Gemstone

Iolite brings a richness of heavenly healing powers into your environment, whether you're on a personal vision quest to realize your true self or seeking for a stone to excite and strengthen you. It's a stone recognized for pulling you back from the brink of confusion and firmly establishing you in your own body. It is also a stone of voyages and perseverance since it is associated with the compass that directed ancient travelers across stormy seas and to new pastures. Here are all the ways Iolite may brighten your life...

Physical Healing Properties of Iolite

Iolite is the ideal mascot for anybody looking to detox, particularly from alcohol and its adverse effects. If you've had a few too many glasses of wine, having Iolite on hand can help your body recuperate from the aftereffects by strengthening the liver and even reducing fatty deposits in the body. Iolite is also an excellent nerve tonic.

This stormy blue and purple stone will swoop in to calm the heart if you're feeling jangled or on edge. Iolite is also recognized for relieving migraines, promoting good digestion, and providing the body with the resources it needs to fight off fevers and other diseases. When it comes to insomnia, put Iolite beneath your pillow and fall asleep in the arms of beautiful slumber.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Iolite

Take a deep breath and prepare to go to the most remote parts of yourself as Iolite welcomes you on a voyage of discovery. The vision stone is all about learning to know yourself better so you may stand strong, truthful, and independent in your power, with all of the information and skills you need to overcome your worries. If you feel that certain events in your life have torn you apart and dispersed the parts, Iolite is here to help you reassemble the puzzle. It wishes for you to live a full and active life, and it will work its magic to provide you with the skills to do so.

Iolite will also intervene to improve the thinking of persons who are prone to codependency. It acts as a subtle reminder that we are masters of our own decisions and can direct our fate. It teaches us to self-soothe by reminding us that love, compassion, and certainty can be found inside our hearts. We are more able to establish balance and mend unbalanced relationships when we let go of codependent notions. In the midst of the commotion, Iolite assists us in taking that large deep cleansing breath and approaching the situation with calm, composure, and positivism.

Metaphysical Properties of Iolite

Iolite's approach appears to include astral travel as well as strong shamanic journeys. This stone improves psychic abilities and sharpens inner awareness. Iolite is very beneficial to the third eye chakra. This chakra is placed between the brows and is the source of our intuition and inner vision, as well as how we interpret ourselves and our surroundings. When the third eye is clear and open, we are more sensitive to cosmic signals and better equipped to reflect.

Iolite's energy also rises to the crown chakra, boosting that cosmic link with the spirit realm and strengthening clairvoyance and the capacity to jump to higher realms. While the significance of Iolite is mostly associated with the upper chakras, it also works well with the throat chakra, stimulating straightforward communication that comes from the very depths of the psyche. Iolite has also been reported to aid in the deciphering of memory banks and past incarnations.

Who Should Wear Iolite Or Neeli

As Iolite, nicknamed Neeli, is associated with the planet Saturn in Vedic science, astrologers prescribe it to improve the position of Saturn (Shani) in a person's horoscope. It is regarded as extremely useful to persons who are enduring the grueling phase of 'Shani Mahadasha', 'Shani-Saadesaati', Saadsaati Maha Dasha, or 'Shani Ki Dhasa'.

Whereas Indian astrology suggests Neeli Ratna for Makar and Kumbh Rashi, or Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs, Western astrology recommends it as the birthstone for Virgo. However, ascendants of Gemini, Taurus, and Virgo are also said to benefit from wearing a Nili stone.

Quality and Price Factor 4C’s Of Iolite Gemstone

The 4 C's are one of the most essential factors in assessing the quality and price of a gemstone in the gemstone industry. Here are the four c's of iolite stone.

Color of Iolite

The most delicate and precious colors of iolite span from vibrant violet to blue. At different angles, it displays bluish-purple and yellowish-grey hues. When seen from different angles, iolite exhibits a range of hues, which is why it is treasured for its ability to shimmer and sparkle. The majority of natural iolite gemstones are dark and light blue in hue, with purple and violet overtones. A gray color tint is also available in a few iolites.

Clarity of Iolite

Iolite comes in Type II clarity, with occasional metal and crystal inclusions. An excellent Iolite with few imperfections and stains on the surface is highly sought after. Although the presence of certain types of inclusions in the appropriate orientation can yield cat's-eye or Aventurescent gemstones, the most natural iolite stone is typically eye-clean. The scarcity of spectacular iolite attracts collectors.

Cut of Iolite

Iolite, as you may know, has a lovely pleochroic quality and a perfect cleavage orientation in one direction, causing separate color beams to show at different angles. These qualities may complicate the fashioning process. A skilled cutter can bring forth the inherent beauty of iolite. As a result, the cutter must carefully position the stone to display the best hue.

Carat Weight of Iolite

Styled iolites weighing one to ten carats are available in a variety of forms and sizes on the market. Finely faceted iolites weighing more than 5 carats, on the other hand, are rather rare.

Price Of Iolite Gemstone

In general, the price of Neeli gemstone in India ranges from Rs 350 to Rs 4,000 per carat and $5 to $50 approx. in the international gem market. This segment may vary depending upon the 4C’s Which are Color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of the stone. Furthermore, they are beautiful and beneficial stones that can be used in jewelry items for a lower cost because of their affordability and abundance of advantages.