Many people in India call Vedic AStrology "Jyotishi." this is the old "Science of Light" that goes back more than 4000 years. The beginning of Vedic Astrology was different from Western astrology because it used the Sidereal Zodiac as its base.

For instance, in Sidereal astrology, your star sign might be the one that came before the one you have now in Western astrology.

Western astrology is not as accurate or useful as Vedic astrology. The seven obvious planets and the two dark planets are what Vedic Astrology is all about.

Astrology Criteria 

The first thing a Vedic astrologer will do is ask you for information about your birth. This includes the day, month, year, place, and exact time of your birth, by which an astrologer makes a birth chart of yours. The Vedic astrologer looks at the places and movements of the planets and the points of the Moon, which are called Rahu and Ketu.

The reading of that chart will include everything about your life, like your health, wealth, relationships, future life patterns, and any karma from past lives that you are still living with you in this life. The astrologer will give you tips on the best material to help your planet after carefully studying your chart.

What is Gemology?

The primary goal of gemology is to find a gemstone utilizing various scientific instruments. Gemologyis possible to identify the many kinds of gems and separate them from synthetic and simulation materials. Unfortunately, most of these tools must be utilized on loose stones. This does not mean that we cannot test a set stone; rather, it makes it somewhat more difficult, and in some cases quite impossible, to recognize the different sorts of processes performed on the stones.

The problem develops when there is no exposure, either deliberately or By Accident, and handled. Synthetic stones, including their natural cousin, are sold at similar prices while, in many cases, they are worth just a fraction of the originals, if not totally useless.

Though scientists with official degrees in geology, chemistry, and even physics make up the smallest number of gemologists, they are the most influential. The organized measure and recording of the physical and visible qualities used to identify gemstones in a well-established yet current science method. 

For years, the lapidary (also known as gem-cutters) was the best spot to identify differences in stones with similar looks. Many insertions, materials drawn into jewels and physical qualities such as harnesses were seen after cutting and cleaning a gem. Scientists continue to add to this information by creating new testing methods and doing studies on new gems found in nature and made in the laboratory.

The Cosmic Connection Between Astrology And Gemstones 

As most of you are aware, competent astrologers often generate your birth chart shortly after you are born. When producing an individual's horoscope, every detail was considered, including the time and day of birth, the location of planets on the eastern horizon, and their impact on one another.

The Ancients also demonstrated that our good and bad karma follows us from one incarnation to the next. While the good one leads to positive outcomes in your present life, the poor one results in severe retribution.

If the specified gemstones are worn for certain times or the rest of your life, they lessen the bad effects of your previous and present karmas.  

The Gemstone that you wear must be natural, genuine, and perfect. Whatever Ratna you choose, make sure that the cosmic rays absorbed by it adhere to your skin. These rays will promote good changes in your psychology, body, and life.

What is the relationship between Gemstones and Vedic Astrology?

Planetary motion and location have an impact on people throughout their lives, much as moon phases pull and push the seas and oceans. The Indian Vedas include a wealth of information about these planets and their astrological influences on humanity. There are four Vedas.

Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Atharva Veda, and Sam Veda

The first three Vedas include around 250 Shlokas, or treatises, describing the vast Indian sacred science of astronomy and the impact of stars and planets on human life. And, as we all know, each planet is symbolized by a jewel that has the power of its governing planet. Therefore, the term Vedic has a valid connection with jewels.

The Vedas were written by famous Indian Rishis who slowly accumulated vast information concerning the celestial, spiritual world. They held a good knowledge of astrology, which allowed them to predict a person's fate based on the positions of planets in their chart. They were perfectionists in explaining the link between jewels and heavenly things. To pass on this special gift of wisdom to future generations, they gathered all of their knowledge in these Vedas, which continue to teach astrologers and the general public.

The holy Vedas say that there is a clear link between karma (doings), planets, and human fate. We are punished and praised for our deeds via these stars and planets. It's as if God created a system to teach humans the worth of karma and the effects of crime. Wearing a diamond causes desired changes in a person by removing negative parts of life and encouraging morally positive improvements in their personality.

So, you must have understood the importance of our Karmas, gemstones, and planets. Whatever we do always follows us, therefore try to do as many nice things as possible since there is no punishment for a good act!!