Some fortunate natural elements have strong planetary influences. You've probably seen your favorite Celebrity whether it is Hollywood Celeb or B-Town wearing valuable Gemstones. These precious stones hold tremendous energies that offer tranquility, success, self-confidence, money, and fortune.

The red coral gemstone's stunning shade is as appealing as its origin. This exquisite gemstone, also known as 'Lal Moonga' in Hindi or South Asian Countries, is found naturally in the dark parts of the deep sea. Moonga is formed from the skeletal remnants of microscopic invertebrates known as coral polyps. The blazing planet Mars is Associated with the magnificent Red Coral gemstone. It is well-known for its optimism and boundless vitality in the face of adversity.

Mars is the God of War and the commander of God's forces. As a result, the Moonga Ratna represents self-assurance, vigor, and ambition. Because of its origin, the gemstone is classed as an organic gem. People have been captivated by the beauty and mystical characteristics of red coral gemstones since antiquity.

Ancient civilizations used red coral amulets and buried their descendants with them. These stones were utilized for spectacular carvings and sculptures in addition to being used as jewelry. Red coral's advantages include giving the user bravery, self-confidence, strength, and aspiration. Because of its tremendous properties, this Pagadam gemstone is famous among many celebrities. This blog features a list of renowned people and celebrities who wear Moonga Ratna.

The Famous Celebrities Who Love To wearing Red Coral Gemstone

In This Cursed World all the people whether it is normal people or well-known celebrities, want to be famous, wealthy, and & financially powerful and get rid of this Cursed World to get some peace and a healthy life. So as per Western and Vedic astrology, it has faith that gemstones has different power and energy, and here in this blog, we talk about one of the most powerful gemstones Red Coral which is used by famous celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Emraan Hashmi, and Hema Malini. Below there’s a list of celebrities who love to wear Red Coral Gemstones to achieve great energy, enormous achievement, confidence, fortune, and peace:-

  • Angelina Jolie
  • Kareena Kapoor Khan
  • Emraan Hashmi
  • Govinda
  • Hema Malini
  • Ekta Kapoor
  • Rajnath Singh
  • Former Minister Arun Jaitley
  • Lt. Sh. Pranab Mukherjee

Angelina Jolie Wear Coral

Angelina Jolie - who wear red coral stone

Angelina Jolie is a stunning beauty, but she is an even more generous philanthropist. She wields power and influence to have an international impact. She got the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Award at the 17th Sarajevo Film Festival for raising awareness of the country's refugees, with a beautiful Red Coral necklace.

Angelina frequently wears black on the red carpet to keep things simple and stylish. She chose a coral-colored silk blouson gown from Elie Saab's Spring 2011 line, which had a belted waist and a thigh-high slit. She wore a modest gold bracelet, an incredible Red Coral Necklace, nude Jimmy Choo shoes, and a matching handbag, the polar opposite of the runway outfit. Angelina kept her appearance simple and fresh with straight hair and bare lips. Her ensemble was stunning, and I hope she will wear color more often on the red carpet.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan - who wear red coral stone

The fortunate Red Coral gemstone is said to bring happiness, vigor, and wealth. Kareena Kapoor Khan, commonly known as "Bebo," is a Popular B-town diva who wears a Red Coral gemstone and has been seen wearing her Moonga ring on several occasions. She admires the great impact this miraculous stone has had on her life. Kareena Kapoor Khan wears her stunning Red Coral rings encrusted with a gleaming golden shank on several occasions and even on film sets.

The Bollywood actress is well-known for her acting skills. Her personality is enhanced by the mystical power of the moonga stone. The gemstone has a strong energy and is controlled by the 'Mangal Grah' or 'Mars.' Rakta Prabal (Moonga Stone) is thought to boost motivation, helping the user to attain their goals.

Kareena began her Bollywood career at the age of 19, and her eventful path has been full of blossoms and thorns ever since. As a result, it is claimed that Red Coral assisted Bebo in experiencing immense success with her films as well as stability in her personal life. She married Saif Ali Khan, a well-known Bollywood actor, and Pataudi family heir.

Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi - who wear red coral stone

It is stated that endurance is what distinguishes the ordinary from the spectacular. Such has been the journey of Emraan Hashmi, a well-known Bollywood actor recognized for his daring performances. He has established a new phenomenon in the Indian romance genre and has had many blockbusters box-office movies.

Emraan had to work hard before he could obtain his share of wealth. However, he has worn several gemstone rings from his early days, the actor is spotted wearing his Moonga ring from his ring collection. Red Coral, also known as Moonga, is a mystical gemstone that is known for clearing obstacles and represents courage, self-confidence, and financial growth. Based on his exciting travels, it appears that this auspicious gemstone has been working quite well for Emraan Hashmi. His red coral gemstone inspires him to take risks and achieve success in both professional and personal endeavors.

Govinda - who wear red coral stone

Some people are born performers, and Govinda is one such notable and charismatic actor who has ruled the hearts of many with his dancing and acting talents. He reigned in the 1990s and established an extraordinary legacy in Bollywood. His dynamic motions and outstanding acting helped him ascend the financial ladder. Govinda wears his Red Coral ring, which is associated with the powerful planet Mars, on multiple occasions. The mystical stone represents the spirit of bravery, optimism, and fortune in life.

There was also a point when Govinda received widespread condemnation from the public and producers for his unprofessional actions. The Red Coral, on the other hand, is thought to have healed his temperamental disorders and assisted him in developing good interpersonal relationships. The natural red coral stone can help you succeed in leadership and team management tasks. He is now the anchor of his magnificent journey, enjoying a life of serenity and riches.

Hema Malini

Hema Malini - who wear red coral stone

We are all aware of Hema Malini's wonderful character as the Bollywood dream lady who dominated millions of hearts for decades. She has a diverse personality and is regarded as one of the most successful Indian cinema (Bollywood) actresses of her generation. Her unrivaled beauty, grace, and acting skills enabled her to dominate the screen.

Throughout the Journey, Hema Malini maintained her confidence in the miraculous Red Coral gemstone, which is said to protect against negative energies and accelerate personal growth. The magnificent red gemstone is thought to resemble the planet Mars. The planet is associated with financial stability and hence aids the wearer in achieving it. The Italian Red Coral gemstone aids with financial management. Her dance and acting abilities gave her a wonderful elegance. She married superstar Dharmendra, and the Sholay duo became real-life companions. Hema Malini has had her share of fame and money. She has a successful career as an actor, dancer, producer, director, and politician.

Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor - who wear red coral stone

Ekta Kapoor, the "Queen of Indian Television" who holds the wealthy heritage of her family's fortune and reputation, has been seen wearing Moonga Ratna on several occasions. Her ambitions and accomplishments in the television industry are intriguing. Her important position in the industry has given her name and fame. She is the founder of the well-known production company Balaji Telefilms and a major producer of TV serials. Her desire to alter the cinematic experience of Indian homes was unfathomable.

In the astrological world, red coral signifies the planet Mars, which is thought to have amazing qualities to accelerate your professional progress and provide riches over time. Red Coral is thought to be a powerful influencer who directs her way to peace and wealth. Ekta Kapoor leads the Indian television industry, and there isn't a single home that doesn't watch her series. This strong red stone is thought to promote happiness. Positive energy is added to the user, removing any negative effects and insecurity. This leads to a road of success and progress.

Rajnath Singh

Rajnath Singh - who wear red coral stone

Red Coral, which represents the fiery Mars, is a reassuring gemstone that provides courageous energy to overcome fear and external foes. It strongly encourages those involved in politics, war, administrative services, police, and so forth. Rajnath Singh, India's current defense minister, is a senior leader of the ruling BJP and may be seen wearing the Moonga ring in public.

Rajnath's political career extended five decades, and he saw it all, from dust to stars. Regardless of party or philosophy, he is one of India's most recognized politicians. His simplicity and grounded attitude, which appear to have resulted from Red Coral, are supposed to have aided him in reaching the top of Indian politics. The Red Coral Stone is beneficial to persons in administration, technology, medicine, and other fields. This red-colored gemstone promotes self-confidence and managerial abilities.

Former Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister Arun Jaitley

Minister Arun Jaitley - who wear red coral stone

Arun Jaitley, the former Finance Minister, sported a gold-red coral ring on his ring finger. If you're wondering where to wear the Moonga Stone, the answer is on the ring finger. This finger depicts the Sun's powers, which are also related to the stone's ruling planet, Mars. Wear just the genuine Moonga stone for optimal advantages; Tuesday is considered the best day to wear this gemstone.

Lt. Sh. Pranab Mukherjee

Lt. Sh. Pranab Mukherjee - who wear red coral stone

Late Pranab Mukherjee, India's former president, was noted for his compassionate conduct and dedication to better the living standards of Indian inhabitants. He was one of the most powerful politicians in India. People used to nickname him Pranab Da, which reflected his Bengali heritage. He constantly wore a Red Coral ring as a symbol of his belief in this lucky gemstone.

As a result, one may highlight his political achievement, which is said to be impacted by the beneficial Moonga Ratna, which is recognized for asserting positive energies and professional stability.

Astrological Believe

The stunning red coral gemstone is said to have a significant impact on the wearer's life. Individuals who wear the Moonga stone gain mental and spiritual serenity. Red coral beads are considered to have extraordinary healing qualities. Gemstone cures disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, and blood-related problems. This red-colored gemstone strengthens the immune system and protects the user against sickness. The stone is thought to help couples maintain harmonious marriages and give them marital bliss.

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To summarize, the red coral stone is known by several names, including Ratnaraga, Sinduja, and Prajat Ratna. Praval Ratna, Pravada, Raktaga, Angaraka Mani, Ambodhi, and others. These lovely red coral gemstones have astrological properties, so they are worn for more than just their beauty. This gemstone may be worn by Aries, Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Leo, and Sagittarius. Cleaning is essential for getting the most out of coral jewelry. Corals are delicate and should be protected from strong chemicals and abrasive objects. Cleaning coral requires the use of soap and warm water. This will assist in keeping the gemstone clean, allowing you to reap the full advantages of the gemstones.