About Mala Beads

You can visit a reputed yoga studio to explore mala bracelets and necklaces. Alternatively, you can also order one online. Mala beads are rather popular for seated meditation. They hold special significance, based on various factors. It includes the place from where the wearer has got it, the level of energy resonance he/she feels with the beads, etc.

A mala traditionally comes with 108 beads entwined together along with a “guru bead.” The guru bead is larger as compared to the other beads. This larger bead acts as a place marker so that the practitioner can feel it with their fingers. It is essential when it comes to chanting a mantra or meditation.

Some malas have varied shaped beads after each of the 27th beads. Thus, practitioners can easily chant a mantra without any confusion. Most decorative necklaces or bracelets feature 27 or 54 beads, which is respectively quarter and half of the 108 beads. Different materials are used to make malas, such as crystals, stones, wood, pearls, etc.

Benefits of Using Mala Beads

  • The most common usage of a mala is to keep track of mantra meditation or “japa.” The main goal here is to keep repeating a single word or a longer mantra or a couple of words. For instance, one can repeat “om” or the Gayatri Mantra, and so on. Mantra chanting with a mala offers calming effects. Besides, it helps in a great transformation of the person.
  • Meditation is an excellent process to channel one’s inner thoughts. A mala bead necklace is made of different stones to help you find inner peace. Some malas help to boost healing. Malas can also help to bring love and positive vibration to one’s life.
  • Keep meditating with a japa mala can help one to slow breathing and boost health. Moreover, chanting a mantra diverts one’s mind from day-to-day problems. It invokes positive thoughts and energy to keep the person motivated and encouraged.
  • Meditation with a mala influences the mood and brain. As a result, you can expect to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The practice helps to improve focused attention and self-awareness.


Uses of Mala Beads

  • You can gift a mala to your near and dear ones on their special days. It can be on one’s birthday, anniversary, an achievement, and so on. Mala beads can also be used in your day-to-day life. You can start using a mala while practicing yoga asana. Besides, you can opt for wearing a mala necklace to honor your desire, intention, success, achievement, or celebrate your creativity.
  • It is also possible to create a group with like-minded people and string mala beads together. Blessing your mala with a powerful wish or intention can further strengthen it.
  • Are you a pranayama practitioner? Then, you can boost your focus, concentration, and intention during the practice with mala beads. Malas are very helpful as signals during breathing.
  • Mala beads are excellent modes to attain peace as well as enlightenment. These beads have been used in meditation and devotion for ages. However, using a mala will likely to remain incomplete without chanting a mantra. Using mala beads with a mantra helps to boost focus and concentration.
  • Counting the mantras needs you to grasp your mala properly in your hand. Then, keep turning every bead using your thumb as well as the middle finger. Do not use your index finger while turning the beads of your mala. It is because the index finger may represent “ego.”
  • You will gradually arrive in the guru bead (you already know what the guru bead is). It cues the practitioner about the reflection time. You can enhance your focus more on your meditation. Besides, you can show gratitude to the mantra you are chanting. Do you want to honour your guru during mala chanting? You can surely do that.
  • When you reach the guru bead, turn around the mala. Then, continue rotating it in the reverse direction. Never rotate the mala over its guru bead.


Wrapping Up

You can chant a word (such as “love”) or a line of gratitude, or a Sanskrit phrase while rotating your mala. You should be patient and compassionate enough while meditating with a mala. In short, correct uses of mala beads can help one to attain enlightenment. Also, it helps to improve concentration and focus. Meditation with mala beads calls for kindness without any judgment.