Navratan gemstones are a group of nine gemstones with immense powers and significance. Since ancient times, astrology, the divinatory practices, have been a part of human lives and humans have the belief in the powers of the universe, celestial objects, and gemstones. As per the expert astrologer, the Navratans, that is these nine gemstones are the most powerful gemstones in the world with immense powers. All these precious and semi-precious stones are in connection with celestial bodies of high power that is, Nav grah. Navratnas are ruled by Nav Grahs. Every stone is in connection with one astrological planet or Grah and brings its blessings to the person. 

The Nine gemstones which are called Navratans and are known to be the most influential ones are:- 

  • Ruby 
  • Red Coral 
  • Yellow Sapphire 
  • Blue Sapphire 
  • Hessonite
  • Cat’s Eye
  • Emerald 
  • Pearl
  • Diamond 

These stones can be worn individually as well as in a group. Mostly Navratans are advised to be worn individually, as per your birth chart or Kundli because they have immense powers and it is essential that the stone is suitable for the individual to wear. All the stones are worn together as well but only when a Pandit recommends. The immense energies of the stones can be dangerous, hence consulting an expert is very essential. 

The Navratan's gems' positive energies protect the person and bring success, happiness, and joy to the person.  The energies bring prosperity and transform the lives of its wearers for the better. There are many benefits of wearing gemstones since they absorb their energies from the universe and bring them to people who wear them. But what are these benefits, and how they will help to build your life? Know them all below:- 

Benefits of Every Nav Ratan Gemstone 

First, let's discuss every Navratan gem individually. Know which planets they are in association with and what benefit you will get by wearing the particular gemstone.

Ruby - Planet Sun (Lord Shurya)

The Ruby gemstone with the blessings of the Sun brings power, boldness, and glory to the person. It is a beautiful dark red hue gemstone with shimmer and transparency. It is known to bring power or authority to the person who wears the gem. Natural ruby also brings recognition, fame, and love to the user. 

Red Coral - Planet Mars (Mangal Grah)

Red Coral gemstone is a stone found in the depths of water. It contains the allures of fathomable water and its serenity.  Original Red coral gemstone also known as Moonga, will remove the Mangal Dosh from one’s Kundli and help in getting married. It will also help you win over enemies or overcome your obstacles. 

Yellow Sapphire - Planet Jupiter (Brahaspati Grah)

Yellow Sapphire is the stone of Guru Grah or Brahaspati Grah and hence it is known to be the most beneficial for researchers, educationists, scholars, and students. This is because the Guru Grah is the planet of knowledge, memory, and intellect. It increases the intelligence of the person and brings glory. 

Blue Sapphire Stone - Planet Saturn (Shani Grah)

The Blue Sapphire gemstone, also known as Neelam Ratna or Indraneeli Stone is a stone of prosperity and courage. It brings calmness, promotes mental clarity, and provides relief from headaches, stress, and anxieties. It will encourage you to overcome the difficulties of your life. 

Hessonite Stone - Rahu 

Hessonite gemstone, also known as Gomed or Gomedha is a beautiful honey golden-hued gemstone. The stone brings good health and wealth to the individual. The stone promotes harmony, peace, and financial stability. It will regulate your blood pressure and promote martial bliss as well. 

Cat’s Eye Gemstone - Ketu 

The gemstone to remove Ketu Mahadasha, the Cat’s eye gemstone is also known as Vaidurya or Lehsuniya. The stone will bring wealth, and prosperity and is known to help restore losses in business. Cat’s eye stone is also known to make the person self-aware and bring good luck and fortune to the person. 

Emerald Stone - Mercury (Buddh Grah)

Emerald gemstone also known as the Panna stone is a dark green stone with tremendous properties. The stone enhances the communication skills of the wearer, it brings intelligence, and creativity to the person. Also, the stone brings wisdom to the person. Emeralds are also known to cure any speech disorders. 

Pearl Gemstone - Moon (Chandra Dev)

Pearls are one of the most beautiful gemstones, they are found in many colors but the white pearls are loved the most. Pearl also known as Moti Stone, is a gem of serenity and calmness. With the calmness of the Moon, the stone brings positivity, mental peace, health, romance, and pleasurable nights. 

Diamond Gemstone - Venus (Shukra Grah)

Diamond gemstone is the hardest material on Earth, which only gets scratched by other diamonds. The stone is transparent and has amazing shine and light. The Diamond is often seen as a stone of love and hence people all over the world gift the gem as an engagement ring to their loved one. It is believed that a diamond brings love, attraction, charm, and pleasure to the person. 

Benefits of Wearing Navratan Gems Together 

The Navratans, nine gemstones are worn in the form of a ring or pendant often. Navratan rings are only recommended by astrologers when a person has much negativity in their life. In a Navratan ring, all nine gemstones are present, which means that the strength of all the nine planets will harness into the ring and the person will get the powers of all Navgrahs. 

Navratans will work like magic in your life when you wear these beautiful healing crystals with the proper Vedic pooja process. Know all the benefits of Navratans here:- 

  • Astrologically, the Navratan gemstones will remove the negative effects of any astrological planet and bring you positive energies. It will remove the malefic impacts of all 9 planets.

  • The Navratna ring will enhance peace and calmness in your life. It will increase harmony in your life.

  • Some gemstones like blue sapphire, diamond, and cat’s eye are stones that will bring wealth and success to you. The energies of the stone will bring you opportunities to achieve success, overcome any financial debts, and attract money.

  • The stone will bring you balance as well. It will make you flexible as per the situations or circumstances of your life and encourage you to find the solutions to your problems, to face them, and to overcome them with patience and strength.

  • Navratans will give you career opportunities and bring you professional growth. If you want to grow yourself in your career and want to achieve something big, you should wear a Navratan ring. The Navratans will open up the path of success for you and guide you in the right direction on this path.

  • The stones will change your outlook on life. It will make you more optimistic, and patient. Navgrahs will calm down when you wear Navratans and bring you their best vibes. With calming and positive vibes, you will feel more happiness and relaxed in your life.

  • Natural Navratan gemstone ring will also make you more focused. It will increase your concentration skills, managing skills, and rational thinking.

  • The stones are also known to guide you on your spiritual path. It will bring you good luck and fortune, and make you more connected to the higher powers.

  • Navratnas will also help you accomplish all your tasks. It will encourage you, enhance your determination, and increase your willpower.

  • The Navratan ring or pendant will protect you from negative energies. The powers of the stone will save you from your enemies, it will shield you from any accidents or harm as well. 

Healing Properties of Navratan Gems

The powerful force of the Navratan gemstones will heal you physically as well as emotionally. Know all the healing properties of the Navaratans here:-

  • The Navratna Pendant or ring will remove stress, worries, and anxiety, and will cure depression. The gems will help the individual be emotionally well.

  • Navratnas will cure insomnia, remove bad dreams, and help you get better sleeping patterns.

  • The gems will boost your immune system. Our immune system protects us from getting ill. And So, with the powers of the Navgrah gems, your immunity will increase.

  • Navratans will increase your energy levels and vitality. It will maintain your circulation system and regulate the blood flow.

  • Navratna gems will improve your digestion system, it will cure any problems related to the stomach.

  • The gems have the power to balance your hormones. It is believed that the stones with their energies can increase fertility in both men and women. Plus, if a woman is struggling with conception or is having miscarriages, Navratna jewelry will be beneficial for her.

  • If you have any intestinal issues, the Navratns will treat them.

  • After wearing the Navratnas, you will also feel relief from diseases like fever, jaundice, frequent headaches, etc.

  • If by chance you have gotten into an accident, and have any internal injuries, the Navratan will aid them heal faster.

  • The gemstones will also make you glow, they will heal any ailments related to your senses, and rejuvenate your skin.