Ruby gemstones are one of the most beautiful, valuable, and demandable gemstones in the world. It comes in amazing hues of red from lighter red, and pale red to dark blood-like red. Thanks to chromium, Ruby has an eye-catching color. The top-notch quality Ruby gemstone comes with pigeon blood red with a smooth feel. It should also have an edged-cutting shape.

With a lustrous shine and transparency, original ruby stones with their rich history and astrological significance are also one of the most expensive gems globally. The stone ruby has a hardness of 9 on Moh’s scale which makes it a very durable gemstone.

Mythologically or religiously, Ruby is a Navratan. Navratans or nine gemstones are the nine most powerful gemstones as per the ancient texts, and wearing a Navratans can have an immense effect. Every Ratna or gem has its own distinct benefits. Astrologically, the connection of the Ruby is with an astrological planet and so the gem has many metaphysical properties as well which brings many advantages to the person who wears this gemstone.

Get yourself familiar with the astrological benefits and healing properties of Ruby. Know why you should wear Ruby to improve your life standard and boost your mind power.

Astrological Significance of Ruby Gemstone

Many people are drawn to the ruby stone, which is also known as Manik Ratna in Hindi. This stone is associated with the Sun and its positive energy.  As per Vedic astrology, the Sun (or Lord Surya) is the ruling planet of the Ruby gemstone. That means that anyone who wears an original ruby gemstone will get the blessings of the Sun. The Sun symbolizes warmth, hope, leadership, and contentment. 

Expert astrologers or Pandits suggest that people who have the negative effects of the Sun in their birth chart should wear a ruby. Since the ruby brings the blessings of the Sun, it will remove all the negativity one might have in their Kundli because of the position of the Sun in a negative place. 

Wearing it can bring great benefits to the wearer, but only if they follow the proper rules and rituals. Otherwise, this stone of the Sun may not have a good effect. 

There is a process of wearing a Gemstone that you should follow before or while wearing your ruby stone. You should make sure to purify and Energite your stone to gain maximum benefit from your Gemstone.

First, you should mount or set your Manik Ratan in gold and if you do not have a budget that high, then you should choose alternatives like silver, white gold, platinum, Brass, or Panchdhatu. The best day and time for wearing this auspicious stone was on Sunday in the early morning when the sun is rising.

Benefits of Ruby (Manik) Stone

Ruby stone have so much as per vedic and Western astrology. Ancient people used to believe in the powers and energies of the Ruby. It has been used as a stone of protection in earlier times as well as a symbol of passion and leadership. Rulers and leaders used to wear the rub in their crowns or as jewels. Royal people have a way of dealing with gemstones and as per historians, Natural Rubies were a significance of royalty and luxury. 

The many benefits of ruby made it a stone of value. The experts state that the stone energies when flowing through the body of the person, have an impact on the soul, body, and mind of the person. It will alter the person’s whole life. 

The Ruby gemstone comes with various astrological benefits as mentioned below:

  • Ruby features Sun-like qualities. Hence, owning Ruby can help the person to achieve warmth, dignity, fame, and peace of mind.

  • Ruby can bring a dramatic change in the day-to-day life of the wearer. The wearer experiences improved self-confidence and determination. The person starts feeling optimistic thoughts in every part of life.

  • The gemstone can also help to boost eyesight and boost weak bones. Besides, it can also improve hair growth and help the wearer to lead a healthy life.

  • Ruby is also a symbol of friendship, passion, royalty, and love. It also safeguards the wearer against bad dreams when kept under a pillow.

  • Ruby is used in various types of jewelry, including pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It also contributes as a complementary stone for various other gemstones.

  • Ruby can help the wearer to boost his/her self-image. As a result, the person can expect to receive more respect in society. More people will likely listen to him/her after wearing Ruby.

  • Ruby helps to overcome fearfulness and foolishness by providing the wearer with clarity of mind and beliefs.

  • Wearing the Ruby gemstone can help the wearer to receive the administration and authority favor. It is believed to enhance the leadership skills of the wearer and bring him/her to a position of power or authority.

  • Whenever a person goes through chronic depression, the expert can recommend him/her to wear Ruby. The gemstone offers mental and emotional strength to that person to overcome difficulties in life.

  • Ruby also helps a person to achieve high financial gains and height in society. That means the person can experience all sorts of materialistic luxury and other things in life.

  • Ruby also helps the wearer to realize the higher self and truth. When it comes to self-awareness, Ruby helps a lot. This gemstone helps the wearer to reach higher goals in life. However, it is essential to opt for a real Ruby gemstone to ensure all positive effects.

  • If a person goes through struggles in life to fulfill his/her ambitions, Ruby Stone can help. Thanks to Ruby’s power to bring mental clarity, intellect, and determination to the wearer’s life. Thus, the person can stick to the chosen path to reach the set goals.

  • Ruby is a stone of love too. Many people use ruby engagement rings to show their love and affection. Ruby is known to boost feelings of love and compassion. If you are looking for a partner, the stone will attract your soulmate in your life. And if you are married, the stone will increase harmony and peace. 

Natural Ruby Gemstone

Healing Properties of Ruby Stone 

Natural Manik stone or rubies energies are so powerful that it can heal people. Ruby's positiveness will impact the mind and body. 

The emotional healing as well as physical healing by the ruby, makes it a stone with many health benefits. The health benefits of the ruby are one of the reasons why this stone is one of the Navratans and is often gifted to loved ones. 

Ruby increases love and peace in the wearer because the stone’s potential aids the person in overcoming their emotional traumas. Soothing Vibes of ruby help with panic attacks, nervousness, and anxiety, decrease negative thinking or overthinking, giving serenity and tranquility. 

Physically, the bloodstone ruby is known to regulate the blood flow in the user. Improving blood circulation, it also detoxifies the body and removes toxic substances.  The gem is also beneficial for women as it will help them with their menstrual cycle, regulating it and providing relief in cramps during the day. 

Strengthening the heart is also a ruby stone health benefit. It increases the vitality and toughens the heart’s muscles and chambers. Additionally, the stone will treat any ailments related to the kidneys or adrenal glands as well as eyes and hair. 

Ruby is also quite known for its ability to increase sexual prowess and fertility. It helps with sexual desires, curing any diseases related to the reproductive system. 

Indeed, it will also provide relief from fevers, headaches, and nausea.

Spiritual Benefits of Ruby Gemstone 

The powers that the gemstones contain come from the universe and go into the universe. These energies are divine and they will reflect the goodness you have in you, as well as attract the divination to you. This spiritual connection of the gemstone will make you spiritual as well. 

Ruby is a stone of the Sun so it will bring you warmth and contentment. Giving you peace of mind, the ruby stone will spiritually assist you gain relaxation. It will guide you in the right direction in your life. Energies of the stone will give you mental clarity which will eventually help you make better decisions in life, and it will help you find your purpose as well.

Your mind will relax, and your energy centers will align to make you more connected with the energies of the universe. These soothing and protecting powers of the stone will increase your focus to help you be more motivated and concentrated during spiritual practices. 

Where to Buy an Original Ruby Gemstone?

Ruby gemstone will only provide you with all its advantages when you wear the stone with the proper method and an original one. Genuine ruby gemstones are not easy to find. These days will sell all kinds of synthetic, fake, or lab-made gemstones to earn money. Fake gemstones will not affect you positively. 

Therefore, to buy a real ruby stone, you should visit a source you trust. One of the leading and trustable retailers of loose gemstones has been Rashi Ratan Bhagya, since 1985. With their vast collection of authentic gemstones, you can get your stone of any color, cut, and size as well as of different weights. Every stone comes with a lab - certificate and a 100% originality guarantee. Other gemstones that you can buy Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral, Tiger’s Eye, Hessonite, Amethyst, Peridot, Pyrite, etc.