What is the rarest gem in the universe? The answer is Ruby. Moreover, it is also the most powerful gem in the world. Ruby is also called Padmaraga or Ratnaraj Ratnanayaka. It is a costly stone with special significance in the world of astrology.

In short, the Ruby is also known as the "king of precious stones.” Do you want to wear Ruby? Then, first, you need to consult a gem expert to confirm the suitability of Ruby for you. You can expect the best outputs from the Ruby gemstone when you will wear it on your right hand’s ring finger.

The best day to wear this gemstone is Sunday morning. The combination of Ruby with a talisman set of gold results in astounding effects. If Ruby is suitable for you, always opt for transparent, uniform, and shiny Ruby. That means the gemstone should be eye-catchy and devoid of any defects.

Astrological Benefits of Ruby

The Ruby gemstone comes with various astrological benefits as mentioned below:

  • Ruby features Sun-like qualities. Hence, owning Ruby can help the person to achieve warmth, dignity, fame, and peace of mind.
  • Ruby can bring a dramatic change in the day-to-day life of the wearer. The wearer experience improved self-confidence and determination. The person starts feeling optimistic thoughts in every part of life.
  • The gemstone can also help to boost eyesight and boost weak bones. Besides, it can also improve hair growth and help the wearer to lead a healthy life.
  • Ruby is also a symbol of friendship, passion, royalty, and love. It also safeguards the wearer against bad dreams when kept under a pillow.
  • Ruby is used in various types of jewelry, including pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It also contributes as a complementary stone for various other gemstones.
  • Ruby can help the wearer to boost his/her self-image. As a result, the person can expect to receive more respect in society. More people will likely listen to him/her after wearing Ruby.
  • Ruby helps to overcome fearfulness and foolishness by providing the wearer with clarity of mind and beliefs.
  • Wearing the Ruby gemstone can help the wearer to receive the administration and authority favour.
  • Whenever a person goes through chronic depression, the expert can recommend him/her to wear Ruby. The gemstone offers mental and emotional strength to that person to overcome difficulties in life.
  • Ruby also helps a person to achieve high financial gains and height in society. That means the person can experience all sorts of materialistic luxury and other things in life.
  • Ruby also helps the wearer to realize the higher self and truth. When it comes to self-awareness, ruby helps a lot. This gemstone helps the wearer to reach higher goals of life. However, it is essential to opt for a real Ruby gemstone to ensure all positive effects
  • If a person goes through struggles in life to fulfill his/her ambitions, Ruby stone can help. Thanks to Ruby’s power to bring clarity, intellect, and determination to the wearer’s life. Thus, the person can stick to the chosen path to reach the set goals.

How to Wear Ruby Gemstone?

The purification and activation process of Ruby is as follows:

When it is about wearing a gemstone, you need to purify and activate it first. The night prior to wearing the Ruby gemstone, immerse it in a mixture of holy water of Ganga, curd, honey, milk, and sugar. The mixture will wash all the negativity and impurities away incorporated in the gemstone.

On the day of wearing Ruby, you should go to your temple and burn incense sticks there in the morning. Then, start praying to Lord Sun to receive His divine blessings. Next, chant the Surya Mantra 108 times. The Mantra is “Om Suryaha Namaha.” It is time to wear the Ruby ring.

The best and most advantageous day to wear a Ruby gemstone is Shukla paksha’s morning of a Sunday. Keep the timing between 5 am to 7 am.

You can get the Ruby gemstone embodied in copper or gold metal and wear it. Both of these metals come with the powers of the Sun.

Wrapping Up

Ruby is available in different colors, ranging from red to dark pink. That is why it can catch one’s attention fast. Thanks to chromium for which Ruby has got its eye-catchy color. It is essential to opt for a high-quality gemstone to receive all the positive effects. The top-notch quality Ruby gemstone comes with pigeon blood red with a smooth feel. It should also have an edged cutting shape.

You are now familiar with the astrological benefits and wearing process of Ruby. Do you think you should wear Ruby to improve your life standard and boost your mind power? Then, talk to an expert today to check your suitability with Ruby.