Burmese Blue Sapphire

Burmese Sapphire is known as Burma Sapphire in Hindi. The Burmese Blue Sapphire Stone is a captivating Gemstone due to its violet-blue tint with high quality. Burmese Sapphires are one of the exceedingly valuable assortments of Sapphire gemstones that give a dazzling see to any piece of adornment and are cherished due to their solid recuperating powers.

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Burmese Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Gemstone

Burmese Sapphire is desirable for its violet-blue hue and superb quality. It is a precious kind of sapphire that looks magnificent in any jewelry and is known for its powerful healing properties.

Burmese sapphire, or Neelam stone as Burmese sapphire in Hindi is known to be, is a high-quality gemstone that captivates with its violet-blue tinge. Sapphires from Burma are regarded as one of the most valuable forms of Sapphire gemstones, adding an excellent appearance to any item of jewelry and being prized for their great healing properties.

Burmese sapphires are among the most known and high-quality gemstones, valued for their beauty and grandeur. It has a vivid violetish-blue hue, which makes it a unique gemstone. Burmese Blue Sapphire is very valuable and uncommon because of its stunning colors and remarkable clarity. Sapphires are available in practically every hue of the rainbow except red and stand out for their captivating beauty. The blue sapphires are known to be the one with the most alluring color and astrologically the fastest acting one.

Benefits of Burmese Blue Sapphire Stone

  • Wearing this blue-colored stone promotes success and tranquility in life. Wearing the Burmese blue Sapphire gemstone removes financial restraints and frees one from the ill karma of the previous incarnation.
  • Astrology says that wearing Burmese Blue Sapphire protects you from bad powers and dark magic. This stone also helps you avoid bad company.
  • There is enjoyment and harmony in social, professional, and marital life, and the expected outcomes are achieved.
  • This gem is most beneficial during Saturn's passage. It boosts the person's vigor and enthusiasm.
  • If a student's mind is not focused on his studies or his concentration is always straying, he may wear this stone.
  • A person who wants to make a name for himself, generate money, and get renown should wear Burma Blue Sapphire Gemstone.
  • The Burmese Blue Sapphire gem of Shani Dev can provide immediate results. The Burmese Neelam stone may be worn to bring money, prosperity, and success in business and life.
  • During the Shani Dasha, the sapphire stone provides the recipient with extraordinary blessings. If your Saturn Dasha or Mahadasha is active, wear Burma Blue Sapphire.
  • The Burmese Blue Sapphire gemstone is also used to protect against black magic, lack of respect, and evil eye. Difficulties in life may be handled with the help of Sapphire, and this gemstone provides tranquility.

Price of Burmese Blue Sapphire Stone

Burmese Sapphires are often found in big sizes. The price per carat of Burma Sapphire increases with size. The price per carat, however, fluctuates according to its origin, rarity, geopolitical status, transparency, cut, shape, size, luster, inclusions, and certificate. Burmese Sapphire prices per carat may range from ₹2500 to ₹50,000 per Ratti. A Burma Neelam stone may cost up to INR 100,000 per carat in India.

  • Color: The greatest quality Burmese Sapphire has is of having rich color saturation and tone. Burmese Sapphire has a deep, vivid, somewhat violetish blue hue. The rarest Burmese Sapphires exhibit intense pleochroism ranging from blue to violet in hue.
  • Clarity: Burmese Sapphire, as a Type II clarity gemstone, is expected to have some rutile inclusions, and the gemstone has exceptional clarity. Inclusions are qualities found inside a gemstone that may extend to its surface.
  • Cut: A nicely cut Burmese Blue Sapphire accentuates the gemstone's brilliance. It is normally available in a wide range of forms and cutting methods. Oval, round, and cushion cuts are some of the most frequent, popular, and conventional forms.
  • Carat: Burmese Sapphires are often found in bigger sizes. However, the bigger the gemstone, the greater the price and demand on the market. Top-quality Burmese Sapphire with a little change in size might result in a significant difference in Burmese Sapphire value.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Price on Basis of Origin

Sr No Blue Sapphire Origin
1 Ceylon Blue sapphire
2 Sri lankan Blue Sapphire
3 Thailand Blue Sapphire

History Of Burmese Blue Sapphire Stone

Burma, also known as Myanmar, is home to numerous key sapphire-producing regions. The most renowned is the Mogok gem tract, which has a long history of production extending back many centuries. Burmese sapphires were not known for their exceptional quality until the 1950s when demand and value for them increased dramatically.

Although rubies are far more common in Mogok, sapphires may grow to be very enormous. Cut stones of more than 100 carats are not uncommon. Aside from star rubies, Mogok also has large excellent star sapphires. Kin, near Kabaing (Khabine), is home to a notable star sapphire mine.

Burma sapphires occur in close association with rubies in almost all alluvial deposits across the Mogok region but are found in abundance in just a few locations, notably 8 miles (13 kilometers) west of Mogok, at Kathe. In 1926, a tiny pocket was found in Kyaungdwin.

Facts About the Burmese Blue Sapphire Stone

  • Burmese Blue Sapphire Gemstone is mined in the part of Kyatpyin in the Mogok area of Burma. Burmese is the ancient name of Myanmar.
  • The Chemical Component of Burmese Blue Sapphire Gemstone is Aluminium Oxide which is also called Al2O3.
  • The Hardness of Burmese Blue Sapphire Gemstone is 9 on the Mohs scale, which makes Burma Neelam the 2nd hardest gemstone among all the gemstones.
  • Burmese Blue Sapphire Gemstone is associated with planet Saturn which is also known as Shani Grah. Saturn is the powerful planet by which the Burma Neelam is the fastest-acting Gemstone.
  • Burmese Blue Sapphire or Burma Neelam activates the third eye and crown chakra of the wearers. By wearing the original Burmese Blue Sapphire you can master these chakras.

People also ask:

Here are some of the commonly asked questions regarding the Burmese Blue Sapphire stones:

Que. What does the Burmese blue sapphire mean?

Ans. The name Burmese blue sapphire comes from the origin of blue sapphire which is Burma. So simply it means the blue sapphires which are found in Burma (which is now known as Myanmaar).

Que. Are Burmese sapphires good quality?

Ans. Most of the natural Burmese blue sapphires are found to be of good quality.

Que. Where can I Buy Burmese Sapphire Gemstone Online at the Best Price?

Ans. You can buy an authentic Burmese blue sapphire gemstone at the best price from the online store of Rashi Ratan Bhagya, with lab certification, of different cuts and weights.

Que. Can I wear the Burmese Blue Sapphire Stone?

Ans. Anyone who wants to wear the stone can wear it, though astrologically, you should make sure that the blue sapphire stone is suitable for you to wear, check that here - Who, Why & How to wear Blue sapphire Gemstone?