Burma White Sapphire Stone

A Natural Burma White sapphire could be an assortment of sapphire that is colorless. Individuals utilize Burma white Sapphire as an elective for Precious stones. Burma White sapphire carries a supreme and unadulterated frame of Venus Vitality. Burma White sapphire stone upgrades its wearer's identity, certainty, and self-esteem. Moreover, it expels complexes and fears. The Burma Sapphire stone boosts insusceptibility levels and endowments great well-being to the wearer. Burma White Sapphire is an exceptional recipient of regenerative well-being.

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Burma White Sapphire Gemstone

A beautiful gemstone that captures the light in all its splendor is the white sapphire. The gem's delicate but brilliant look adds to its enchantment; it is also known as Safed Pukhraj in Hindi. The purest corundum variety in the family.

A fortunate stone for those with a poor Venus placement is a White sapphire gemstone. This diamond embodies "luxury" in a nutshell. Both material progress and a cheerful, contented mood are brought about by it. Whenever you go, people will notice you if you purchase white sapphire gemstones and stand out from the crowd.

Benefits of Burma White Sapphire Gemstone

  • People who are coping with a poor Venus placement benefit from white sapphire.
  • Wearing it offers power and warmth, two qualities that are affected by the unfavorable planetary situation.
  • It enables one to quickly overcome barriers and establish a creative connection with their higher self.
  • In a word, the stone's aftereffects may be best described as luxurious. White pukhraj stone is advantageous to those who like a luxurious lifestyle with fine amenities decorating their sumptuous homes.
  • The stone is renowned for enhancing one's capacity for creativity. People who work in the arts gain a great deal.
  • The stone was thought by ancient sages and astrologers to shield humans from negative energy and fend off anything that may impair their ability to make decisions and think clearly.
  • The stone is still thought to sustain good energy and draw happiness and serenity to individuals who experience similar difficulties.

Price of Burma White Sapphire Gemstone

Natural Burmese white sapphire is very valuable and in great demand in both domestic and foreign markets. Burma white sapphire price per carat is determined by the stone's beauty, brightness, and sheen. The price of a Burma White Pukhraj stone typically ranges from 5,000 INR ($70) to 80,000 INR ($1,100) per carat.

  • Color: Muddy or light brown hues make up about 75% of the stones created from white sapphires. Just 10% of the colorless sapphires in the remaining 25% meet the requirements for gem quality.
  • Clarity: The Safed Pukhraj stone is classified as a Type II gemstone, meaning that intrinsic flaws are probably present. The degree of transparency, inclusions (their kind, density, and placement inside the stone), and surface imperfections are used to assess clarity.
  • Carat Weight: Large natural white sapphire stones are uncommon. Consequently, Sri Lankan white sapphires, which are greater in size than sapphires from other sources, cost more.
  • Cut: A well-carved white sapphire often fetches a fair price on the market because the workmanship effectively masks the noticeable inclusions and increases the stone's brilliance.

History Of Burma White Sapphire Gemstone

The origins of Burmese sapphire may be found in the rich landscapes of Myanmar, making its history a voyage through time. These stones have been mined and treasured for eons; they may be found in collections across the world and royal jewels. Burmese sapphire is still very attractive, which is evidence of its timeless appeal.

For collectors and crystal aficionados, Burmese sapphire is a sign of refinement and uniqueness. It is a valued addition to any collection because of its striking blue hue and distinctive designs. Burmese sapphire's historical significance and natural beauty attract collectors.

Facts About the Burma White Sapphire Gemstone

The Burma white Sapphire Gemstone originated in the Burmese which is now known as Myanmar. The Burmese White Sapphire Gemstone was mined in the Mogok Valley which was located in Burma and that's the reason this is known as Burma White Sapphire.

The Burma White Sapphire is made with the Chemical Component of Al2O3 with some small amount of titanium, vanadium, iron, chromium, or magnesium.

The Burma White Sapphire Gemstone is the second-highest in the world according to the Mohs Scale. It has 9 Mohs hardness which is lesser than diamond and that's the reason the Burma sapphire is the second hardest gemstone.

The Burma White Sapphire is associated with planet Venus which is also known as Shukr Grah as per Vedic Astrology.

The Burma White Sapphire is helping to activate the Crown Chakra.