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Natural Yellow Australian Opal Cabochon Loose Gemstone Lab Certified Cts 8.73

Natural Yellow Australian Opal Cabochon Loose Gemstone Lab Certified Cts 8.73


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Product Description

This is substitute stone of diamond. The main two substitute stones of diamond are opal and zirkon.Zircon is hot in nature andopal is cold. Zircon enhances our passionbecause of its hot nature & opalproves beneficial for our happiness, prosperity, love, sweetness and our mutual rela-tions. When a man reaches the age of 45 at that time it shall be more auspicioustowear opal instead of zircons. Opal works like a diamond but his sexual powers remainnormal only.It is considered auspicious for the rectification of the problems in relations betweenhusband and wife. In addition to that it also enhances the mental level. When a person feels mentallylow, tried and depressed in that case it fills him with energy and enthusiasm. Therefore in a way itproves beneficial for happiness and mental health.

Product Information

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    8.73 Cts.
  • Beeja Mantra:
    "Om Shum Shukarya Namah"
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  • Treatment:
    Natural Non Heated Non Treated
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