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Natural Tourquise (Firoza) (Arizona) Cabochon Cts 8.86

Natural Tourquise (Firoza) (Arizona) Cabochon Cts 8.86


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Product Description

It is considered to be a luckystone which brings the favour of Saturn,It increases powerof attraction in one's personality. It improves your love life. It hasthe power of protection.It makes you bold, healthy, wealthy, friendly,affectionate andfortunate. It is popularbecause of its beautiful colours and powerful qualities. It removes physical weakness andprotects from dangers. It is used as a protection shield by people who have to visit areas which arepolitically sensitive.It is also used for attracting wealth. It is considered very auspicious for improving love relation andmarital bliss. By wearing it you can make new friends, enjoy life and enhance beauty. It is good foreyesight. Like all other blue stones it also brings good luck.

Product Information

  • SKU:
  • Ruling God:
    God Brihaspati
  • Ruling Planet:
  • Size :
    8.86 Cts.
  • Beeja Mantra:
    Om Brahm Brahaspatya Namah
  • Color:
  • Shape:
  • Origin:
    Arizona (America)
  • Treatment:
  • Certification:
  • Stock:
    In Stock


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