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Natural Rudraksha Eight Mukhi (8 Mukhi) Sterling Silver Pendant 16.62 M.M.

Natural Rudraksha Eight Mukhi (8 Mukhi) Sterling Silver Pendant 16.62 M.M.


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Product Description

It represents lord Ganesha and removes all obstacles and confers success in all undertakings (Riddhiand Siddhi). It is also the symbol of Lord Bhairawa and prevents sudden death. The ruling planet isRahu hence it is helpful in removing its malefic influence. The malefic influence of Rahu is consideredlike that of Shani. This Rudraksha bead increases the strength of character and mind and helps inachieving happiness, fame good health and heightened confidence. The wearer of this Rudraksha getsprotected by eight goddesses.By wearing it all the pleasures increase and all the difficulties diminish. This is especially used inworship and rituals. Wearers of this get long life and they become truthful. Such a person is wise andKnowledgeable and remains free from diseases. Such persons will have special ability and talent instudies. They shall remain away from sins of any kind.

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    16.62 M.M..
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    "Om Hoom Namah"
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