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Natural Lapis Lazuli Non heated Non Treated Loose Gemstones Lab Certified Cts 13.38


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Product Description

This is a precious stone which is used as a substituteof Blue Sapphire. It brings goodhealth, pleasure, love, devotion, intuition, protection and courage. Itis used toobtain theblessings of Goddess. Lapis Lazully is used as a TALISMAAN. It improves mentalcondition. It is very auspicious gem for physical, emotional and spiritual upliftment. It is effective forimproving eye sight, cures fever and blood diseases. It makes you civilized, eliminates tensions.It strengthens love relations, gives capacities to read future, enhances intuition, awakens 6th senseand increases memory. One must use it if one has natural inclination towards occult sciences.

Product Information

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  • Ruling God:
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  • Size :
    13.38 Cts.
  • Beeja Mantra:
    "Om Sham Shaneshcharya Namah"
  • Color:
  • Shape:
  • Treatment:
    Natural Non Heated Non Treated
  • Certification:
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    In Stock


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