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Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Loose Gemstone Lab Certified Cts 7.39


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Product Description

This is used as a substitute of Blue sapphire and helps a lot in rectifying the problemslike bad dreams, alcoholism, theft, tension,fear, insomnia, dangers, headache etc.It brings good health, peace, love, courage, happiness to its wearer and makes one optimistic. It isauspicious for people who travel a lot. It is believed that it is very auspicious for awakening sixth sense.It develops mental abilities and makes you focussed for achieving your goals in life. It is effective forenhancing memory. It is the stone of true love and pure emotional love. It is used to attract females andfor solving litigation matters. Itis effective for curing skin problems andfor eliminating sorrow.

Product Information

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  • Ruling God:
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  • Size :
    7.39 Cts.
  • Beeja Mantra:
    "Om Sham Shaneshcharya Namah"
  • Color:
  • Shape:
  • Treatment:
    Natural Non Heated Non Treated
  • Certification:
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    In Stock


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