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Natural Emerald (Panna) Loose Gemstone ITLGJ Certified Cts 5.54


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Product Description

It is used to obtain the auspicious favour of Mercury. Mercury is considered theVAANI (speech) of KAALPURUSHA. By wearing Emerald the evil impacts of Mercuryare removed, intellect and communication skills also improve, psychic and intuitivepowers develop. Emerald removesand cures fickle mindedness,loss of memory,stammering, harsh speech, fear from spirits and ghosts but reduces passions andcarnal desires. It should be worn in fourth finger.

Product Information

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  • Size :
    5.54 Cts.
  • Beeja Mantra:
    " Om Bum Budhaya Namah"
  • Color:
  • Shape:
  • Treatment:
    Natural Non Heated Non Treated
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    In Stock


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