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Gauri Shankar Rudraksha (Nepal)
Gauri Shankar R..


Rs 5040.00 $70.74

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Gomed (Hessonite) Gemstones
Gomed (Hessonit..

Size : 4.56 Cts.

Rs 2759.00 $38.72

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Natural Citrin (Sunhela) ITLGJ Certified Cts 4.65
Natural Citrin ..

Size : 4.65 Cts.

Rs 1046.00 $14.68

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Natural Star Ruby (Suryakant Mani) Loose Gemstone ITLGJ Certified Cts 7.66
Natural Star Ru..

Size : 7.66 Cts.

Rs 3447.00 $48.38

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Parad Shivling
Parad Shivling..

Size : 155.00 Gm.

Rs 1905.00 $26.74

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1 Mukhi Rudraksha (Ek Mukhi)
1 Mukhi Rudraks..

Size : 34.66 M.M..

Rs 2000.00 $28.07

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5 Mukhi Certified Rudraksha (Five Mukhi) With Sterling Silver 92.50 Pendant
5 Mukhi Certifi..

Size : 20.48 M.M..

Rs 699.00 $9.81

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Natural White Zircon (Real Zarkan) Substitute of Diamond ITLGJ Lab Certified Cts 5.02
Natural White Z..

Size : 5.02 Cts.

Rs 9538.00 $133.87

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Blue Sapphire G..

Size : 5.20 Cts.

Rs 2418.00 $33.94

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Natural Moonsto..

Size : 5.02 Cts.

Rs 753.00 $10.57

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Light Brown Ame..

Size : 11.11 Cts.

Rs 833.00 $11.69

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Natural 9 Mukhi..

Size : 23.85 M.M..

Rs 6000.00 $84.21

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5 Mukhi (Five M..

Size : 19.93 .

Rs 299.00 $4.20

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Light Green Ame..

Size : 4.99 Cts.

Rs 499.00 $7.00

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Natural Smoky Q..

Size : 4.42 Cts.

Rs 442.00 $6.20

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Fresh Water Pea..

Size : 9.94 Cts.

Rs 1243.00 $17.45

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Pick best and certified gemstones with Rashi Ratan Bhagya

There is no surprise in saying that, nowadays more and more people prefer wearing gemstone but the purpose of wearing can differ. Some wear it as a fashion accessory while other wear it depending on their astrological stars. It is often believed that gemstone have some natural powers hence it is even capable of protecting you and your loved ones.

There are many sites from where you can buy certified gemstone online and we at Rashi Ratan Bhagya can also provide with best and affordable gemstone. We are in this business from last many years and run by Puranmal Shankarlal, a leading and well-known name is gem market. With us our clients need not to worry as we deal in 100% real and certified gemstones online.

Our aims

Customers always question us that, if market is full with so many dealers dealing in precious and semiprecious gemstones then why visit us? Well the answer is simple we believe in customer satisfaction so make sure that our clients do only buy certified gemstone online. We in fact assure that customers do get what they are looking for and most importantly in same color, design, pattern or even texture.

By working from so long, we have lot of experience and thus we don’t mind putting more efforts forth to take our business to new height and build better reputation. Overall, we can say that if looking for real gemstone buy online at Rashi Ratan Bhagya.

Our Products

At Rashi Ratan Bhagya we deal in almost every type of gemstone which is not only genuine but of high quality. We deal in Navratana jewellery like Navratana rings, bracelets, loose sets and more. This jewellery hold great importance in Indian society. Navratana is basically combination of Nine Ratan each with their own speciality. Along with this, clients can also buy Rashi Ratan online as per their astrological sign like ruby, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, opal, pearls, cat’s eye, emerald, diamond and more. In fact, with all these stuff we also deal in rudraksha beads, mala, loose rudraksha and even puja Yantra items as well.