Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire or Jupiter stone is a precious and astrological gemstone. It is also known as pukhraj stone or "पुखराज रत्न" in Hindi. Pukhraj gives so many astrological benefits, like enhancing your financial status, improving relationships, and boosting your leadership quality. Yellow sapphire is associated with the planet Jupiter - Brihaspati Grah

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Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj Stone)

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About Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

The stunning yellow sapphire comes in a variety of yellow hues. Pukhraj include pale yellow to intense yellow hues. The color intensity of yellow sapphire depends on quality factors like saturation, color toning, hue, and brightness. As per the astrologer, the perfect and finest yellow sapphire hue is canary yellow, which you can find in untreated and unheated yellow sapphire of Ceylon.

  • Yellow Sapphire is also known by many other names in different languages:- Kanakapushyaragam stone, Pushkraj stone, Peela Pukhraj, Peetamani, Guru Ratna, Pushkaraj stone, Guru Nag, Guru Priya, and Pushparagam stone.
  • As per Vedic Astrology Dhanu rashi and Meen rashi, people should wear pukhraj.
  • Yellow Sapphire gemstone is an astrological gemstone of the planet Jupiter, and it represents financial prosperity, good luck, and marital bliss.
  • According to Western Astrology Sagittarius and Pisces, zodiac people can wear yellow sapphire gemstones.
  • Yellow sapphire belongs to the Corundum mineral family, the royal family of gemstones.
  • This gemstone is the birthstone of September and November borns.
  • Yellow sapphire is primarily found in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). It is also found in many other origins like Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) but the Ceylon Yellow Sapphires are the most valuable and costly.

Pukhraj Stone Benefits

The Benefits of wearing a yellow sapphire are numerous. Pukhraj stone benefits are so many. since it is powerful enough to affect people from all walks of life. Cuddle the original Pukhraj stone by following the Vedic rituals and guidance of an Expert astrologer who can provide rewards beyond your wildest dreams. It bestows upon you fame, wealth, amazing relationships, and intellectual ability beyond your wildest dreams. Yellow Sapphire Gemstone gives so many benefits like Health benefits, financial benefits, and knowledge to its wearer.

Health Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Stones

  • Kanakapushyaragam stone is beneficial for persons suffering from diseases such as jaundice and tuberculosis.
  • People suffering from infections and allergic reactions may wear the Pushparagam stone ring, which gives some benefits but take advice from an expert astrologer.
  • Pushkaraj stones are beneficial to patients who suffer from renal difficulties, liver problems, and digestive disorders.
  • Pukhraj is regarded not just for its astrological significance but also as a potent healer with tremendous health benefits.

Astrological Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Stone

  • The unheated, untreated Yellow Sapphire is a stone representing wealth. It brings enormous wealth into the wearer's career and personal life.
  • Yellow Sapphire stone supports couples who are having marital troubles and helps them keep a happy married life.
  • The advantages of yellow sapphire rings may be seen after a few days of wearing them and consulting with a skilled astrologer.
  • Those experiencing delays in marriage and progeny happiness would greatly benefit from real Yellow Sapphire.
  • Pukhraj rings, or jewelry may help restore lost fortune and deliver tremendous financial success, as well as knowledge and power.
  • The powerful Yellow Sapphire is good for those who work in judicial services, commerce, or academia since it boosts creativity and intelligence.

Basic Benefits Of Pukhraj Ratan

  • Enhanced Knowledge & Wisdom: Yellow sapphire is thought to stimulate the mind, increase intelligence, and encourage spiritual progress. The original Pukhraj Gemstone is linked with Jupiter and is also known as the Jupiter stone or Guru Stone. Planet Jupiter is the ruler of divine knowledge, wisdom, and prosperity. Wearing the Original yellow sapphire stone can offer you a wealth of prosperity, luxury, and fortune. The Pukhraj Stone promotes clear thinking, logical reasoning, and information gain. It eliminates all impediments to the advancement of many elements of your life. Wearing this Yellow Sapphire Gem promotes sensible decision-making and broadens one's awareness of numerous elements of life.
  • Marital Benefits: Wear the Pukhraj stone if your marriage life is cut off from happiness and pleasure. A happy married life is one of the well-known Yellow sapphire benefits. Pukhraj Gemstone is recommended by astrologers for couples who struggle to keep their marriage on track. Those experiencing marriage difficulties or seeking marital bliss, in particular, might benefit from wearing a pukhraj stone. The Yellow Sapphire Gemstone brings marriage harmony and happiness to its wearers while also protecting them from the evil eye.
  • Social and Financial Benefits: Many famous astrologers think that simply wearing a Pukhraj gemstone enhances the wearer's social and financial position. The Yellow Sapphire not only attracts monetary prosperity but also knowledge and social power, which aids in sustaining an imperial and sumptuous lifestyle and boosting one's social standing. Wearing a Pukhraj stone can help you stabilize your financial status and open you to a plethora of enticing alternatives.
  • Excel in Academics: Yellow sapphire gemstone is blessing for those kids who want to thrive academically. Wearing the Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) benefits the individual's academic career. The Planet Jupiter imparts wisdom, in this situation, this gemstone improves the lack of concentration, strength, and willpower. The wearer possesses characteristics such as ingenuity, practical intelligence, and uniqueness, all of which pave the way for ultimate success. Under the direction of a skilled astrologer, students can wear a natural Pukhraj gemstone to overcome distractions and thrive academically.
  • Profession Benefits Of Yellow Sapphire: Yellow Sapphire is good for lawyers, traders, business leaders, teachers, pastors, writers, and many more. For these jobs, you need a lot of information, skills, knowledge, and creativity, all of which Pukhraj gemstone has.

Who Can Wear Yellow Sapphire?

  • Yellow Sapphire is the birthstone of September born peoples.
  • As Per the Vedic astrology, pukhraj is so beneficial for Meen and Dhanu Rashi.
  • As per Western astrology, yellow sapphire is a stone of Pisces and Sagittarius Zodiac.
  • Jupiter is the ruling planet of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone
  • People of the Zodiac Aries, Leo, Cancer, and Scorpio also wear yellow sapphire if Jupiter is weak in their birth chart.

How to Wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone?

While wearing an original yellow sapphire you should purify it. Dip your Pukhraj stone in the mixture of Panchamrit. Unboiled milk, Holy Ganga Jal, Honey, Desi ghee, and tulsi leaves this mixture is known as Panchamrit. As per expert astrologers, you should wear yellow sapphire after considering the following crucial points:-

Planet Jupiter (Brhaspati)
Western Sun Sign Pisces and Sagittarius Zodiac
Vedic Rashi Meen and Dhanu Rashi
Fortunate Ascendants Aries, Leo, Cancer, and Scorpio
Weight Roughly 1/10th to 1/12th of the body weight. A person weighing 60 kg can wear a 5-carat yellow sapphire gemstone.
Color Yellow to Dark Yellow Colour of Pukhraj or Greenish Yellow to Orangish Yellow of Yellow sapphires
Metal Gold and Panchdhaatu
Finger Yellow sapphire should be worn on the "Index Finger" of the working hand
Day & Time Thursday of Shukla Paksha is an auspicious day of wearing and the ideal time to wear pukhraj is 5 AM to 7 AM
Yellow Sapphire Stone Mantra || ॐ ब्रिम बृहस्पतये नम: || Om Brim Brihaspataye Namaha - 108 Times

Wearing Method for The Yellow Sapphire

The Yellow Sapphire is one of the nine most powerful and energetic gemstones. This stone is packed with vitality. It is necessary to cleanse this gemstone before wearing it. As many individuals must have touched this Gemstone, they may retain bad emotions from the past. It's also possible that someone else has already bought it before you.

Before wearing, Take your yellow sapphire ring or pendant and soak it in Panchamrit for a few minutes to purify it. Panchamrit is made out of five different ingredients: honey, curd, sugar, raw milk, and ghee. After that, wash your gemstone with Gangajal.

Note: When using yellow sapphire as jewellery, some qualities are taken into consideration. Wearers often choose to wear this gemstone as a bracelet, pendant, or yellow sapphire ring. For maximum benefits, you should wear a Pukhraj gold ring. If You want to wear an original pukhraj ratan we suggest you take advice from an expert astrologer.

Price of Pukhraj Stone

The generally, natural Yellow Sapphire price or Pukhraj stone price starts from rupees ₹ 1,500 per carat to ₹ 50,000 per carat and Above. The cost of original Pukhraj depends on Origins and 4C’s.

  • Origin - The Ceylon Yellow Sapphires, also known as the Sri Lanka pukhraj, are the highest prized Yellow Sapphire gemstone. The price of untreated Yellow Sapphire ranges from 2400 ($28) to INR 54000 ($646) per carat in India & above. On the other hand, the Thailand or Bangkok Yellow Sapphire price range starts from ₹650 Per Carat to ₹25,0000 per carat & above.
  • Clarity - The clearer and transparent yellow sapphires are more valuable and expensive than those with inclusions and lesser clarity.
  • Color - The vibrant yellow or lemon-yellow color yellow sapphires are more expensive and valuable than those that have a dash of other hues like orange, golden, or green.
  • Carat Wt. - The size of the rare gemstones has a direct connection with their high price tag! It is also important to notice that rise in size also raises the possibility of natural uncleanness. Therefore, the Pukhraj stone price per Carat increases when the pukhraj stone is bigger and clearer.
  • Cut - The fine cut of Pukhraj stone simply increases the Cost and value of gemstone. Turning a rough yellow sapphire into a faceted one comes with stone wastage and thus, you find highly expensive faceted yellow sapphire Gemstone. In comparison to the carved pieces, those that are oval/cushion or round-shaped are economical.
  • Treatment - Sometimes, the yellow sapphires go through heating and other treatment processes. However, untreated Pukhraj stones are the ones that are valued most. Due to the process, the value of yellow sapphire varies.

Note: Original Sri Lankan yellow sapphire stone price start from Rs 5000 to go upton Rs 50,000 per Carat in India based on size, color, clarity, and treatment.

Interesting Facts about Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone

  1. Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is Associated with the planet Jupiter.
  2. The stone is believed to bring success, wealth, luck, better focus, fame, and many more benefits to the wearer’s life.
  3. The stone is regarded as the second hardest gemstone (after diamond) used in the world of jewelry.
  4. The stone is also believed to be extremely helpful in finding the right person for marriage.
  5. Many students wear Pukhraj stone to enhance concentration.

Why Yellow Sapphire is so important?

Due to association with the planet Jupiter, this gemstone has many astrological benefits. Planet Jupiter is known for enhancing happiness, success, health, wisdom, and longevity. Apart from this gemstone is increase the wealth , enhancing the focous and make a good decision maker to the wearer.

For the youngers this gemstone is help to find a better partner and promote a understanding and love between them. For those peoples who faces delay in marriage this gemstone is very good for them.

Types and Origin of Yellow Sapphire Stone

The most popular qualities of yellow sapphire gemstones are their outstanding clarity and deep yellow hue. Gemstone lovers have loved Ceylon yellow sapphire due to its color and clarity.

Below, We mention the top Origin of yellow sapphire gemstone:-

Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Yellow Sapphire:

  • The Ceylon Pukhraj, or Sri Lankan Pukhraj, is famous for yellow sapphire due to its naturally brilliant yellow color.
  • The finest quality of Sri Lankan yellow sapphire is Mined in Elehara Gem Fields and the Bibile Sapphire Mines.
  • This Ceylon pukhraj is highly popular due to its beauty in the national and international markets for crafting its jewelry.
  • The Sri Lankan yellow sapphire gemstones are mainly sourced because it is untreated and unheated and still looks so beautiful.

Thailand Yellow Sapphire:

  • Thailand Yellow Sapphire is also known as Bangkok Yellow Sapphire and is mainly used in jewelry making.
  • Thailand Pukhraj comes in dark yellow; due to this, it is used to make beautiful pukhraj rings.

Burmese Yellow Sapphire:

  • For centuries, Myanmar, previously known as Burma, has been a leading producer of high-quality Burmese Pukhraj stone.
  • The Myanmar yellow sapphire is mined in the Mogok area of Myanmar. The Burma Yellow sapphire is highly prized due to its stunning saturation and vivid yellow color.

Answers to all doubts regarding to Yellow Sapphire:

Que. How much does real Yellow Sapphire cost?

Ans. Generally, a real Yellow Sapphire stone price starts From $18- $600 Per Carat or more depends on origin, color, clarity, weight, and treatment

Que. What is benefits of Wearing Pukhraj?

Ans. Yellow sapphire is a gemstone that can boost your health in many ways. It can help you think more clearly and focus better, sleep more soundly, feel more positive and calm, and lower your anxiety levels. Also, yellow sapphire can prevent you from getting sick because of stress and anxiety.

Que. What is the spiritual meaning of yellow sapphire?

Ans. Original Yellow sapphire has a lot of spiritual meanings. One of them is that it can make you lucky. We all know what happens when bad luck strikes us, but yellow sapphire can do the opposite to your life and bring good luck into it. Having a yellow sapphire with you, either as an accessory or a charm, will make your life better and more enjoyable than before. Yellow sapphire is a gemstone that can shield you from harm. It can help you avoid evil spirits and other bad things that might come from beyond this world. Many people have used this gem to keep themselves safe and secure. Yellow sapphire is a good choice if you want to have some protection in your life.

Que. Is Pukhraj Ratan costly?

Ans. The price of Original Pukhraj Ratan ranges starts from ₹ 1900 per ratti to ₹ 71000 per ratti. Buy natural Pukhraj stone online in India at Lowest Price at Rashi Ratan Bhagya.

Que. In which Finger i can Wear Pukhraj?

Ans. As Per Vedic Astrology males wear Pukhraj Stone on index finger of the right hand , and Women should wear Pukhraj stone on their ring finger of the left hand.

Que. Who shouldn't wear yellow sapphire?

Ans. Zodiac Taurus, Libra. Capricorn should not wear yellow sapphire gemstones because the ruling planet of these ascendants does not share a good bond with Planet Jupiter.

Que. Which Yellow Sapphire is best for astrological purposes?

Ans. Ceylon or Sri Lankan Yellow sapphire is best for astrological purposes due to its hue and clarity. The ceylon pukhraj brings good luck, prosperity, and wealth.

Que. Can I wear Pukhraj and Diamond together?

Ans. No, you can’t wear yellow sapphire with diamond gemstones because Venus and Jupiter do not share a good bond so wearing these gemstones together may harm wearers' lives. “People Also Asked” - Which Gemstones Can Be Worn Together?