White Zircon Stone

White Zircon's ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love and beauty. It also looks like a diamond but its properties are different from a Diamond. However, it is often used as a substitute for Diamonds because of their similar appearance and ruling planet. The stone is a stone of purity and peace. It removes the mental disbalance and brings serenity and calmness to the wearer. Mostly people who have trouble sleeping should wear this gemstone. The soothing aura of the stone will calm your mind and remove your anxieties or tensions. It will also provide relief from migraines or frequent headaches.

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White Zircon

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Everything About White Zircon Gemstone

Representing the planet Venus, the White Zircon dazzles with beauty and sparkle. It is considered as the cleanest form of all zircons. The gemstone gets its name from zarkun (an Arabic term meaning vermilion) and zargun (a Persian word meaning golden). The white zircon is actually the colorless variety of zircon.

The white zircon stone is called the safed jarkan in Hindi language. Belonging to the Nesosilicates mineral group, the dazzling white zircon gemstone is considered as the best replacement for the diamonds. Though the zircon gemstones can be found in few shades like yellow, orange, red, etc. the natural white zircon stone is the one that is considered as the most valuable of all zircons. In other words, the white zircon is the most expensive of all zircons. The birthstone of December, the white zircon remains in much demand because of its amazing benefits and healing properties.

The White Zircon is strongly believed to bring fortune and love in one’s life. It also provides mental strength and helps you meditate in a better way. It is also considered as one of the best gemstones for removing any sort of blockages in the flow of energy.

What are the benefits of White Zircon?

Now let us tell you about the most important benefits of white zircon so that you can know and understand your gemstone before buying it! The white zircon stone benefits include inviting luck and wealth in its wearer’s life. One can also improve his or her power of expression by wearing the scintillating white zircon gemstone. The other white jarkan stone benefits include improved mental strength, increased self-esteem, protection from negative energy and promoting good health. The description of white zircon gemstone benefits is almost incomplete without mentioning the point that this gemstone also helps you grow in your career. It is a wonderful gemstone for professional people who are into the creative fields of writing, communication or arts. Be it about gaining good luck, fortune, good health, strengthening relationships or getting marital bliss, wearing white zircon will delight you with its superb abilities and properties.

Who can wear White Zircon?

As per the Indian astrology, the white zircon should be worn by the Libra and Taurus signs. However, other people can also wear this alluring gemstone on the advice of an authentic and experienced astrologist. One can also wear this gemstone for jewelry objective.

How to wear white zircon

Buy the real white zircon from Rashi Ratan Bhagya. It is highly recommended that you have the natural gemstone so that you can get the best benefits from it. Your chosen white zircon should be sparkling and transparent. You can wear it in form of a ring or a pendant. Also, ensure buying the white zircon in the right weight, that is, it should be one-tenth of your body wt. The preferred metal for wearing white zircon is silver/platinum. Although, you can also use gold, panchdhatu, or white gold. You should wear the white zircon on Friday in the early morning hrs of 5 to 7 am. Also, you should wear your white zircon ring on the ring finger/middle finger of the right hand. It is also recommended that you perform the right puja process for wearing the white zircon. You can do the same with the help of an experienced astrologist. The puja process for this gemstone is described in brief below.

What is the puja procedure for White Zircon stone before wearing it?

In a metal bowl, place your ring and start adding the five ingredients (holy water of Ganga/Gangajal, fresh leaves of tulsi/basil plant, raw milk of cow, honey, and ghee/clarified butter) one by one. Now recite the Shukra mantra - Om Shum Shukraya Namah 108 times. Once you have recited it for the aforesaid times, take out your white zircon ring and wash it gently with clean water. Your ring is now ready to be worn. Wear it on your ring finger or the middle finger of your right hand.

What is the original price of White Zircon?

The price of Zircon gemstones depends mainly on their cut, clarity, carat weight, color and of course, the origin. The white zircon price is the highest when compared to other zircon gemstones.

In India, the zircon gemstone price per carat is 1000 INR to 3500 INR. You can find further variations in this price range depending on the aforesaid factors.

Let us now discuss the white zircon stone price/white jarkan stone price. The white zircon price per carat in India lies in the range of 2000 INR – 3000 INR and can be even more than that.

Where to buy real White Zircon?

Quench your thirst of finding the real original white zircon at Rashi Ratan Bhagya! We feel pride to share with you the fact that we have a wide customer base because we deliver ONLY the authentic, natural and government certified gemstones including the White Zircon. Buy natural and original white zircon at Rashi Ratan Bhagya.

White Zircon Healing Properties/Metaphysical Properties

Given below are few of the many significant healing properties of the white zircon:

  • It provides solutions for many reproduction related problems.
  • The white zircon is also considered a beneficial stone for the patients of diabetes.
  • If you have a certain goal in your life, wearing the white zircon can help you achieve the same as this gemstone is believed to provide support for the wearer’s goal.
  • One can also wear this dazzling gemstone for removing the negativity.
  • The gemstone is also believed to instil love in the life of its wearer.
  • If someone is going through a tough time in any sort of relationship, wearing the white zircon can help in a great wat. The gemstone is strongly believed to mend and strengthen the weak relations.
  • The married people can wear white zircon to augment love and harmony in their relationship.
  • It is also widely believed that white zircon adds infinite charm and beauty to its wearer because it represents Venus – the planet of beauty!