Ruby Stone (Manik)

What is Ruby Gemstone (Manik Stone)

The Ruby Stone was the most charming Gemstone in the world, Ruby Gemstone is also known as 'Manik Ratan', and The Sun was the Owner of this Powerful stone as per Vedic Astrology. The wearer of Original Ruby Stone can Easily see positive changes in his/her life. The Ruby Gemstone helps to boost the feeling of love, enhance Self-confidence, and also gave magnificent benefits. The natural Manik Ratan was found in spellbinding shades of red and pink. The Most valuable Ruby Gem was Pigeon Blood red hue and those having overtones of orange and purple hue are comparatively less in value. Ruby is the birthstone of July month, and Ruby is also the Moonstone of Leo Ascendent. You can buy this fascinating gemstone both in the form of loose ruby gemstones and graceful ruby jewelry. However, always ensure to buy only the certified ruby stone to relish its associated properties & benefits
Ruby Stone (Manik)

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  1. Ruby (Manik) Gemstones Cts. 6.91 Ratti 7.60

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  2. Ruby (Manik) Gemstones Cts. 6 Ratti 6.60

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  3. Ruby (Manik) Gemstones Cts. 5.51 Ratti 6.06

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  4. Ruby (Manik) Gemstones Cts. 5.69 Ratti 6.25

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  5. Ruby (Manik) Gemstones Cts. 4.13 Ratti 4.54

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  6. Ruby (Manik) Gemstones Cts. 6.74 Ratti 7.41

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  7. Ruby (Manik) Gemstones Cts. 5.76 Ratti 6.33

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  8. Ruby (Manik) Gemstones Cts. 6.3 Ratti 6.93

    SKU: RUBY2699630


  9. Ruby (Manik) Gemstones Cts. 8.36 Ratti 9.19

    SKU: RUBY2197836


  10. Ruby (Manik) Gemstones Cts. 7.08 Ratti 7.78

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  11. Ruby (Manik) Gemstones Cts. 4.96 Ratti 5.45

    SKU: RUBYN1972496


  12. Ruby (Manik) Gemstones Cts. 4.36 Ratti 4.79

    SKU: RUBYN1964436


  13. Ruby (Manik) Gemstones Cts. 7.9 Ratti 8.69

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  14. Ruby (Manik) Gemstones Cts. 4.18 Ratti 4.59

    SKU: RUBYN1957418


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