Italian red coral

Italian Coral Stone, known for its exquisite quality, is a sought-after gemstone sourced from the Mediterranean Sea, primarily along the coasts of Italy. Renowned for its intense red to pinkish hues, Italian Coral has been treasured for centuries and holds cultural and historical significance. Prized for its use in jewelry, particularly in traditional and artisanal designs, this gemstone symbolizes passion, protection, and vitality.

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Italian Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone

Italian Red Coral Gemstone generally known as Lal Moonga Stone comes in a deep red color and it is one of the precious gemstones along with sapphire, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. It was not a stone it was formed by the marine creature named Corallium under the sea. The fancy name for Italian Red Corals is "exciting warrior stones." Their smooth, velvety surface and very deep red hue are captivating to gaze at. The most sought-after coral variety is the Italian Red Coral, due to its unique beauty and many fabled qualities. It is also referred to as Pola Stone, which is Maharashtra-born, and Rakta Prabal in Telegu.

These gorgeous red stones, known as Italian Moonga in the Indian subcontinent, are mined from the Mediterranean Sea's coral reefs. Polyps are a family of marine organisms that exude calcium carbonate to create hard exoskeletons, which is how these reefs are generated. These exoskeletons are polished, sliced, and molded into wearing jewels under the name corals.

Benefits of Italian Red Coral Stone

The Mediterranean Sea is home to Italian red coral, also referred to as priceless coral or Corallo Rosso. It has been revered for generations for its beauty and is widely used in jewelry and other ornamental products. Wearing Italian red coral is said to provide a variety of advantages, including:

  • Red coral is said by some to protect against accidents, bad spirits, and negative energy.
  • Red coral is known to contain qualities that help promote circulation, stimulate the immune system, and decrease inflammation.
  • According to several eminent astrologers, red coral may ease mental tension, lessen worry, and encourage emotions of pleasure and well-being.
  • Red coral is often connected to good fortune and is said to bestow wealth, achievement, and positive energy on its wearers.

Price of Italian Red Coral Stone

Italian red coral prices in India range from ₹600 to ₹ 22,000 per ratti in India. The red coral gemstone price can range between ₹550 to ₹ 20,000 per carat. Italian red corals are the most expensive because of their stunning shine, deep crimson colors, and symmetry.

  • Color: Italian red corals have a deep red hue that appeals to the visual senses. The color might be brilliant or deep, but it always exudes elegance and satisfaction and due to the Italian Moonga being dark in color it is expensive and high-quality.
  • Clarity: describes the smoothness of the coral surface. An ideal red coral's surface must be free of stains, dents, fractures, and other flaws. A flawless shine also increases the value of coral specimens. Italian red corals are well-known for their great transparency and sparkle, and consequently command a higher price than other coral kinds.
  • Cut: Lapidarists cut and shape raw red corals to create gem-quality wearable shapes. The form they are given is determined by the raw coral's original shape and size, as well as any defects.
  • Carat: A red coral with a larger weight (measured in "carats") will undoubtedly cost more. Red corals of high quality and large size are uncommon, so these larger carat sizes indicate higher Italian Red Coral stone prices.

History Of Italian Red Coral Stone

Italian Red coral, sometimes referred to as "red coral," is mostly made of marine invertebrates that are primarily found off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. It has been used for jewelry and ornamental items for hundreds of years, and its rich red hue has earned it much reverence. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all utilized coral in their art and jewelry, and it was most popular during the Renaissance in Italy. Coral is still commonly used in jewelry and ornamental items today, but because of overharvesting, it is now protected by international law. Calcium carbonate compounds make up red coral, and Italian red coral is often regarded as the highest-quality red coral stone.

Facts About the Italian Red Coral Stone

The Italian Coral was found in the Mediterranean Sea in Italy. The Italian gemstone is very auspicious and high-quality red coral gemstone.

The Chemical component of red coral gemstone is calcium carbonate which has the scientific name CaCO3.

The Red Coral Gemstone comes with a hardness of 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale.

Italian Red Coral Gemstone is associated with planet Mars which is also known as Mangal Grah in Vedic Astrology. This Italian gemstone has so many health benefits.

Italian Red Coral Gemstone or Italian Moonga activates Root Chakra which is also known as Muladhara. Wearing an Italian Red Coral Gemstone helps you to focus and makes you feel safe and secure.

People also ask:

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Italian Red coral gemstone:

Que. What are the benefits of wearing Italian Red Coral or Moonga stone?

Ans. The Italian red coral gemstone will strengthen your heart, maintain blood circulation, boost your self-confidence, and enhance your creative levels.

Que. What is the price of the Italian Red Coral 9 Ratti?

Ans. An original Italian Red coral gemstone of 9 Ratti will cost around INR 10,000.

Que. Is Italian coral expensive?

Ans. Yes, authentic Italian red coral gemstones have good quality and intense color which is why they are expensive.

Que. Where can I buy an original Italian Red Coral Stone at the Best Price?

Ans. You can buy an original Italian red coral gemstone from the online store of Rashi Ratan Bhagya at the best price with lab certification of different shapes and weights.