Green Tourmaline Gemstone

Natural Green Tourmalines are healing gemstones that are very powerful and affect the body as well as the mind. The green-hued mystical gem increases harmony and love in the life of the wearer and instills confidence as well. The transparency and shimmer of the stone make it a perfect gem to be used for jewelry-making. The benefits of the gem add to its value. Green tourmaline is most known to strengthen the heart of the wearer and aid in the circulation of blood. It is also an energy booster that increases the energy levels of the person, removing tiredness and laziness.

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Everything About Green Tourmaline Gemstone

Diminishing the weaknesses, inspiring creativity, enhancing intellectual powers and attracting lots of luck, success and prosperity in life, the Green Tourmaline gemstone is an unrivalled option in the world of gems. It belongs to the cyclosilicates mineral group. This semi-precious stone is coveted for its terrific prismatic sparkle and is often recommended as a perfect substitute for the emerald. The most amazing fact about this gem is that it provides impressive healing effects and benefits in spiritual, physical, mental and emotional conditions. Tourmalines are found in a wide assortment of colors and green tourmalines are valued a lot for their unparalleled clarity and transparency.

benefits of green tourmaline gemstone

There are multiple benefits of wearing this captivating gemstone. Let us take a quick glance at the various benefits of this wonderful gemstone.

  • Green tourmalines are loved worldwide for providing superb physical, mental and spiritual advantages.
  • Improving the immune system of its wearer, the green tourmaline is believed to possess strong healing effects that help deal problems related to kidney, liver and blood.
  • These gemstones have the amazing power to enhance your creativity.
  • It is considered as one of the best gemstones for detoxification. It helps remove all negativity and toxic elements from the wearer’s body and aids in bringing health and positivity.
  • Green tourmaline is believed to improve the financial conditions of its wearer or user.
  • Use this gemstone to stay protected from nightmares.
  • One can get good healing results for issues related to eyes, ears or skin by using the fascinating green tourmaline.
  • It is also considered as a wonderful gemstone for those who have started a new project or venture in their life.
  • Green tourmalines are also known worldwide for their significant power of enhancing the communication skills of its wearers or users. The gemstone instil confidence and the quality of self-expression so that one can speak with confidence and without any sort of hesitation.
  • Anyone who is dealing with stress can find relief by using the beautiful green tourmaline gemstone. The gem is known for offering superb calming effects. It also provides emotional healing and is a great option for those who are seeking sound sleep and relaxed mind.

How to Wear Green Tourmaline

Rashi Ratan Bhagya strongly recommends a detailed consultation with an expert astrologist before wearing any gemstone, including the green tourmalines. However, the basic and most popular method for wearing this gem suggests that green tourmaline must be worn on Wednesday during the hour of 6 to 7am. The green tourmaline is first cleansed by keeping it dipped in a metal bowl that contains cow ghee, holy water, milk, curd and honey. Next, the gemstone is washed and a pinch of Kumkum and sandalwood powder is applied on it. Thereafter, the green tourmaline ring or pendant is placed on a green cloth upon which the moong dal is spread. The Buddha Mantra (Om Bhum Budhaaya Namaha) is recited 108 times in the presence of incense sticks, camphor and fresh flowers. After this, the gem is ready to be worn.

Price of Green Tourmaline

The price of this gemstone chiefly depends on its quality as well as the origin. One can find a wide range of price and tourmaline varieties in India. The tourmaline price in India can lie between 150 INR (around $3) to INR 3000 ((around $45) per carat. Again, the price variation in this scale depends on size, quality and origin. While one can notice a significant difference in tourmaline price from country to country, it is also interesting to notice that this price difference is also found in the same country. In India, the cost of tourmaline in other areas is quite high when compared to Jaipur city. This is so because Jaipur is a hub of gemstones where gems are cut, polished and beautified in reasonable rates.

Green Tourmaline Quality

The main factors that decide the quality of the radiant green tourmaline gemstone include the origin, clarity factor, shade, cut and luster. The best quality green tourmalines are the ones that have amazing transparency and bright clear color. Remember, green tourmalines are classified as superb clarity gems and, thus they ought to have awesome transparency. Also notice that tourmalines with cat’s eye effects are considered very fine and highly expensive as they ensure top-notch quality. At Rashi Ratan Baghya, you can stay assured to buy 100% natural and government certified Green Tourmalines.

Origin of Green Tourmaline

The charming Tourmaline gems are found all across the world. The most popular and creative mines for tourmalines are located in Brazil. The other popular destinations for this gem include India, USA, Madagascar, Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Namibia, Burma and Mozambique. It is worth knowing that both Brazilian and Burmese tourmalines are highly popular for their beautiful shades and radiance.

Green Tourmaline Care & Cleaning

  • Use a fine quality jewelry box with separate compartments to store your tourmaline gemstones and jewelry. This will reduce any chances of scratches.
  • Avoid direct exposure or contact with extremely high temperatures as they can result in fractures and color fading.
  • Clean your green tourmaline using the soapy warm water. Do not use any steam cleaning method as that can create problem for your gem.
  • Always use a soft jewelry cloth for wiping and cleaning the gem.
  • It is highly recommended to get your green tourmaline jewelry professionally checked by expert gemmologists once a year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Que. What is Tourmaline?

Ans. Tourmalines are semi-precious gems belonging to the category of Silicate minerals. They are found in a wide color palette in nature. The mineral compositions may differ in different varieties of tourmalines, thus making way for various sorts of tourmalines viz Dravite, Foitite, Olenite and many more.

Que. What is the best way to buy original Tourmaline?

Ans. Shopping certified gemstones ensure authenticity. Buy original, certified and 100% natural tourmalines at Rashi Ratan Bhagya.

Que. How can I find better knowledge and understanding about tourmalines?

Ans. It is best to discuss the same with experienced gemmologists. At Rashi Ratan Bhagya, we have an accomplished team of gem experts who provide in-depth knowledge about any gemstone.