Cats Eye (Lehsuniya) Stone

Cats Eye (Lehsuniya) Stone

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Cat’s Eye (Lehsuniya) Stone – Benefits, Price & Process of Wearing

About Cats Eye (Lehsuniya)

Do you want to know what is Cat`s Eye (Lehsuniya)? Cat's Eye is also called Lehsuniya, Vaiduryam, or Vaidooryam is a popular semi-precious gemstone available in various shades of magnificent colors like honey, black, gray, and yellowish green. The Cat`s Eye price per carat depends on various factors that would be discussed later in this post.

How to wear Cats Eye (Lehsuniya stone) (with Puja Process)?

You can wear Cat’s eye as a pendant or ring. Silver or panchdhatu are compatible with Lehsuniya. When it comes to a Cat’s eye ring, you need to wear it on your right hand’s middle finger during Krishna Paksha. Note that Tuesday Morning (before sunrise) is the perfect time to wear a Cat’s eye gemstone.

• It is a must to opt for an authentic Cat’s eye gemstone from a reputed store likeRashi Ratan Bhagya. Next, you need to follow a few steps before wearing the gemstone for the first time. It is time to discuss the steps to energize your Cat’s eye ring below:

• First, you have to prepare the Cat’s eye ring to make it eligible for wearing. Take a metal bowl and place the ring at its bottom. Now, keep adding Ganga Jal, Tulsi leaves, unboiled cow’s milk, honey, and ghee to the bowl.

• Next, it is time to recite the mantra “Om Pram PreemProom Sah KetavayNamah” 108 times to activate the ring.

• You should take the ring out of the metal bowl immediately and clean it with water. It is time to wear it on your right hand’s middle finger.

What are the benefits of wearing Cat`s Eye (Lehsuniya) Gemstone?

Would you like to know about Cat`s Eye (Lehsuniya) properties healing? Lehsuniya comes with various benefits for people of all age groups. It helps to improve intellect and wisdom. Moreover, Cat’s eye also helps to attract enormous wealth to help the wearer to lead a comfortable life.

One of the major Cat Eye stone benefits lies in its power to protect the wearer against troubles or enemies. In addition, this gemstone also helps the wearer combat unknown fears and get rid of mental imbalance.

Cat’s eye also helps to improve senses and balance emotions. In addition, Lehsuniya helps to boost the power and capability of the wearer to face challenging situations in life. Did you know Cat’s eye helps to accelerate the professional life of the wearer? Moreover, it is believed to restore halted business growth to speed up the career of the wearer. Cat`s Eye (Lehsuniya) uses and benefits have made it a well-known semi-precious gemstone.

However, if you want to receive the maximum benefits of the Cat’s eye gemstone, you need to buy it from an authentic store likeRashi Ratan Bhagya. They offer 100% natural gemstones so that you can get the optimum results and keep your peace of mind intact.

Cat`s Eye (Lehsuniya) Quality

Cat’s eye is an extraordinary semi-precious gemstone. The gemstone received its name for its similarity with the eye of a cat. “Chatoyancy” is an occurrence for which the Cat’s eye gemstone shares great similarity with a cat’s eye. In short, Chatoyancy appears as the reflection of light.

So, how can you judge the quality of the Cat’s eye gemstone? Note that the quality depends on various factors, such as the clarity, color, and effect of Cat’s eye. Moreover, the gemstone should come with a smooth surface and be spot-free as well as inclusion-free.

In other words, Cat’s eye should have a uniform color without any sort of blemishes. Keep in mind all these factors to opt for the best Cat’s eye gemstone to improve your overall life.

Do not forget to check the cat’s eye effect of the Lehsuniya gemstone. The effect needs to be as strong as possible. The key indicator of the Cat’s eye quality lies in its cat’s eye effect. The effect should have a smooth motion when it is moved throughout its axis.

Cat`s Eye price in india depends on its quality. The higher the quality, the more valuable it would be. When the value increases, the price goes up automatically.

What is the original price of Cat`s Eye (Lehsuniya) Stone?

Do you want to know about the Cat`s Eye (Lehsuniya) price? The price of Lehsuniya depends on multiple factors, such as quality (color, polish, clarity, and shape), treatments, and weight (carats/ratti). Moreover, the more cat’s eye effect the Lehsuniya gemstone does have, the higher would be its price.

What is the natural Cat`s Eye stone price in india? The price of the natural Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye gemstone in India is from INR 1300 per carat to INR 22,000 per carat and above.

On the other hand, the cost of a Quartz Cat’s eye gemstone starts from INR 225 per carat and goes up to INR 600 per carat and above. The Cat’s eye with the price tag of INR 600 per carat is the highest in the quality.

Now, you know the Cat`s Eye cost per carat india, so it is time to consult an expert for your suitability with the Cat’s eye gemstone.

Cat`s Eye (Lehsuniya) Origin

Lehsuniya is found in India, Brazil, Brazil, and Sri Lanka on a large scale. Other sources of Cat’s eye are Russia, South Africa, the USA, and Burma.

Cat`s Eye (Lehsuniya) - Care & Cleaning

You should use a soft polishing cloth to clean your Cat’s eye gemstone. Note that sudden temperature fluctuations can affect Lehsuniya.


Where would I find Natural Cat’s Eye?

You should check the authenticity level and reputation of the gemstone dealer before finalizing your buying decision. Beware of synthetic or treated Cat’s eye gemstones, as you won’t get any benefits from them.

Some dishonest dealers may try to sell you Quartz Cat’s eye in the name of Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye. Hence, you need to check the lab certificate of the gemstone carefully before choosing the gemstone.

Is there any substitute for ChrysoberylCat’s Eye?

A high-quality Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye gemstone may seem costly for some buyers. So, when it comes to an alternative to Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye, Quartz Cat’s eye can work.