Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz gemstones are healing gems that heal a person emotionally as well as physically. The light shimmering blue of the stone shows instantly the calmness of the gem. The aura of the stone which positively affects the person also relaxes the spirit of the person, giving a peaceful feel to their soul. Promoting truth and forgiveness, blue topaz is a stone that will bring harmony to your relationships. It will also increase compassion and give you the strength to communicate your truth or true feelings to your closest bonds. The high vibrations of the stone will also heal you physically like strengthening your nervous system and curing throat-related problems.

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About Blue Topaz Gemstone

The blue topaz stone comes as a traditional Birthstone for December. The key reasons for the immense popularity of Blue Topaz are its durability, robustness, clarity, budget-friendliness, and beauty. Other than blue topaz birthstones, ornamental jewelry pieces also experience great uses of blue topaz. The ruling heavenly body of Blue Topaz is Jupiter.

Moreover, Blue Topaz is an excellent gemstone for individuals observing their fourth anniversary. The name “Blue Topaz” is self-explanatory- it exhibits a mesmerizing bluish color. Hence, some people may get confused between Blue Topaz and aquamarine.

You already know that blue Topaz birthstone month is December. It is a transparent gemstone that must be worn in gold only. The blue topaz means honesty. Moreover, it symbolizes profound emotional attachment, eternal friendship, and romance.

  • Ancient sages believed that the stone could promote lifespan and intellect while also providing a relaxing atmosphere.
  • The blue topaz stone, known in Hindi as Neela pukhraj, is said to provide wisdom.
  • The stone clears the throat chakra, allowing individuals to express themselves more positively.
  • Topaz jewelry is constantly in great demand due to its stunning look and strong vibrations.

What are the benefits of Blue Topaz?

Blue Topaz Gemstone is an astrological gemstone that is associated with the planet Jupiter or Saturn and a top substitute for Blue Sapphire Gemstone:-

Astrological Benefits of Blue Topaz

  • The stone strengthens the spiritual connection to a higher power and is ideal for people looking to improve their contemplative skills.
  • In short, the benefits of wearing blue topaz are not limited to only the above points. Hundreds of other benefits are there. For instance, Blue Topaz helps to connect the soul with the body and mind of the wearer, thanks to its excellent vibration.
  • The blue topaz stone helps those who struggle with communication by expanding the throat chakra and increasing self-confidence.

Health Benefits of Blue Topaz Stone

  • Natural Blue Topaz stone comes with outstanding healing capabilities for the throat and neck area. Thus, the wearer can expect to keep lots of throat-related ailments at bay. It is one of the best blue topaz stone benefits.
  • People having blockages in the throat chakra can find the Blue Topaz gemstone beneficial to them. Blue Topaz comes with distinct energy for boosting psychic gifts.
  • It lowers tension and anxiety, as well as symptoms such as unnecessary jaw-clenching, which suggests increased mental pressure.

Basic Benefits Benefits of Blue Topaz Gemstone

  • Blue Topaz stone helps the wearer to boost self-expression as well as communication skills. Therefore, it can be an ideal gemstone for people with the inability to express their thoughts and emotions properly.
  • As a result, it can boost and augment the gift that the wearer already possesses.
  • Blue Topaz can tune with angels of wisdom as well as truth with ease. Hence, it poses great benefits during meditation when it comes to connecting with one’s higher self.
  • One of the Blue Topaz gemstones benefits lies in the protection that it provides to salesmen, travelers, and businessmen. This gemstone also helps to curb homesickness.
  • Blue Topaz is thought to be an excellent gemstone for writers when it comes to expressing their thoughts in writing.
  • The stone's hue is adequate to convey the tranquility and peace it brings into a person's life.

Who Can Wear a Blue Topaz Gemstone?

  • People born in December are said to be blessed with the blue topaz birthstone.
  • Those with Jupiter's favorable planetary position may profit greatly from the stone.
  • Blue topaz stone rings are most often worn by persons born in the Sagittarius zodiac sign, although those born in the Scorpio zodiac sign also benefit.
  • Many astrologers believe that individuals suffering from Saturn's negative influences might gain from it as well.
  • Individuals, who are lawyers, miners, traders, or coal merchants, can opt for wearing Blue Topaz stone.
  • Aquarius and Capricorn zodiac people also wear Blue Topaz to take its benefits.

How to Wear a Blue Topaz Gemstone?

Blue topaz jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, pendants, and rings. London blue topaz rings are in great demand worldwide due to their stunning hue.

Planet Jupiter and Saturn (Brhaspati and Shani)
Western Sun Sign Sagitarrius Zodiac
Vedic Rashi Dhanu Rashi Or Vrshchik Rashi
Fortunate Ascendants Scorpio, Aquarius, and Capricorn Zodiac
Weight Roughly 1/10th to 1/12th of the body weight. A person weighing 72 kg can wear a 6-carat Blue Topaz gemstone.
Color Intense blue to light blue
Metal Silver and platinum
Finger Blue Topaz should be worn on the "index Finger" of the working hand
Day & Time Thursday and Saturday is an auspicious days and the ideal time to wear Blue Topaz is from 5 AM to 7 AM
Blue Topaz Stone Mantra || ऊं शम शनिचराय नम: || Om Sham Shanichrai Namah -108 Times

What is the puja procedure for Blue Topaz stone before wearing it?

One must immerse the Blue Topaz gemstone in turmeric water for one day or 24 hours. Prior to wearing the gemstone, it is a must to immerse it in holy Gangajal or cow milk for ten minutes. Then, it will be time to start chanting the mantra suggested by the expert. The timing of wearing the Blue Topaz stone is from 4:24 to 6 (early morning) on Thursday.

It is imperative to wear a gemstone after consulting an expert. Moreover, knowing proper ways of energizing a gemstone are also essential to multiply its effects to achieve a stress-free, successful life. Wearing a gemstone without energizing it could adversely affect the wearer and bring bad effects to life.

Blue Topaz is the birthstone of November and December. It is beneficial for people of Sagittarius, Aquarius and Capricorn. The ruling planets of Blue Topaz are Jupiter and Saturn.

What is the original price of blue topaz?

Do you want to know about the Blue topaz stone price? When it comes to Blue topaz price starts from INR 500 to INR 2000 per carat. Please contact us to know more about the blue topaz price per carat at our place.

  • Color: Color is an important component in determining the price of Blue Topaz stone. The deeper the hue, the greater the price of blue Topaz.
  • Clarity: The second C in the 4Cs requirement is Clarity. The amount of imperfections or scratches on a Blue Topaz gemstone determines its clarity. The fewer abrasives used, the greater the clarity and the higher the price of the Blue Topaz Stone.
  • Carat Weight: The weight of gemstones is expressed in carats. The price of a gemstone increases with its carat weight. For example, an 8-carat Blue Topaz stone costs 2000 INR, while a 12-carat Blue Topaz gemstone costs 10,000 INR.
  • Cuts: The cut is the last C of the 4Cs and influences the price of a Blue Topaz gemstone. If the stone is hard, producing cuts is difficult and costly.

Where to buy blue topaz stone?

When it comes to buying the Blue Topaz stone, you must opt for the most reliable online destination Rashi Ratan Bhagya. We offer Natural Blue Topaz gemstones of top-notch quality. Our Blue Topaz gemstones are 100% natural and authentic. Hence, you can always rely on us for your gemstone needs and getting the best value for money. Our main goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and so we leave no stone unturned to ensure the best quality!

Interesting Facts about blue topaz

  • Blue Topaz stone comes as the birthstone of December.
  • It is capable of cooling down boiling water.
  • The Blue Topaz gemstone symbolizes reliability and eternal love.
  • Other than being available in well-known blue color, topaz is also available in multiple colors, such as pink, yellow, green, red, etc.
  • Blue Topaz is thought to bring a relaxed mind and good health.

Blue Topaz Stone Healing Properties

One of the most important blue topaz healing properties is its capability to maintain a relationship between the spiritual body and the throat chakra. Blocked throat chakra hampers communication skills and the power of expressing thoughts and emotions. But, Blue Topaz is there to help unlock the throat chakra so that the wearer can restore the belief of his/her voice and can regain the power of expression.

In short blue topaz metaphysical properties lie in its power to deepen the relationship between the wearer and others around him/her. The throat chakra healing properties of blue topaz are outstanding. Moreover, Blue Topaz is also related to the third eye chakra.

Why Blue Topaz is so important?

Blue Topaz is believed to heal, relax, recharge, revitalize, and redirect the bodily energies to the place, where energies are needed the most. Blue Topaz is a symbol of affection, love, and good luck.

Moreover, Blue Topaz helps the wearer to release the deposited tensions from his/her mind, body, and heart. Thus, the wearer can develop a happy and joyful temperament to lead a better life.

This gemstone also helps to encourage self-control, honesty, self-realization, and open-mindedness. Blue Topaz helps with problem-solving skills so that the wearer can express his/her emotions and thoughts with the ace.

Types and Origin Blue topaz Stone

Blue topaz, also known as Neelomani in Hindi, is a rare and naturally blue gemstone. Most stones are treated to a variety of treatments to get a blue tint. While several nations provide blue topaz in a variety of blue tones, three primary variants of the stone have taken the majority of the market.

  • Sky blue topaz: If you like the peacefulness of a clear sky, this stone is for you. It is exposed to gamma rays, which gives it a magnificent sky-blue hue.
  • London blue topaz: It is the most costly stone presently available on the market. The London blue topaz stone has a deep shade that is deeper than other varieties but lighter than sapphires. It is exposed to a nuclear reactor to produce a more saturated blue hue.
  • Swiss blue topaz: It is lighter than London blue topaz, but it appeals to a bigger audience because of its widespread availability and price. It receives electron radiation treatment to get its blue tint.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Que. Is There any side effects of blue topaz?

  • The gemstone can cause you health problems like headaches or migraines. You may also face digestive problems or problems with your skin.
  • The stone can cause emotional stress, you may feel restless.
  • The alignment of energies of your body may get disturbed which can cause your energy centers to block.
  • You may feel uncreative as a side of the blue topaz stone.
  • Tiredness, irritation can aslo engulf you as a blue topaz side effect.

Que. Which rashi can wear blue topaz?

Ans. As per the expert astrologers, people who are born under the zodiac sign Pisces, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries, and Aquarius can wear a blue topaz gemstone. But before wearing a blue topaz gemstone, you must consult with an expert astrologer or Pandit.

Que. Best day for wearing blue topaz gemstone?

Ans. The best day of wearing a blue topaz gemstone is Thursday because the ruling planet of this gem is Jupiter. And the day for Jupiter is Thursday. So, the best time to wear blue topaz will be a Thursday at early morning hours.

Que. Blue Topaz wear in which finger?

Ans. Do you want to know blue topaz wear in which finger? The Original Blue Topaz gemstone needs to be worn in the first finger or index finger of the wearer’s right hand. The day of wearing Blue Topaz must be Thursday morning during the first light. Now, you know blue topaz ring which finger to wear, it is time to know about the puja procedure.