Black Onyx Stone

Black Onyx gemstone of the onyx family is known for stabilizing and grounding powers. It makes the person stay focused on the essential parts of life and helps you make better judgments and decisions. Natural Black Onyx stone will enhance your intuition, and your gut feeling will guide you on the right path. It helps you control your emotions and feelings well, always keeping you composed and connected to the ground. It will also promote clarity and assist you in expressing yourself better.

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Black Onyx

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Everything About Black Onyx Gemstone

Warding off sadness, providing protection during night travel and helping you gain the right path that results in desired transformation in your life, the Black Onyx gemstone is truly a gem with unique looks and amazing qualities. It has rightly been called the ‘Seeker Transformation’ gem as those who seek or wish a certain change in their life can take help and guidance from this lovely black onyx.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Black Onyx Gemstone?

  • The gemstone offers lots of benefits to the wearers. It is believed to revitalize the Root Chakra by ensuring a free flow of stored energy throughout the body. This crystal has the power to soak negative energy and convert it into positive energy.
  • Moreover, this healing gemstone can prevent the wastage of personal energy to help the wearer lead a life full of energy and vitality. People, who wear this gem can expect to see improvements in their decision-making powers. In addition, the stone also helps to take gut-feeling and intuition of the wearer to the next level.
  • This gemstone keeps reminding the wearer about their material goals to help them fulfill their dreams and lead a fruitful life. You can be the creator of your future with the help of this amazing gem.
  • Wearing this gemstone helps individuals to maintain emotional balance and boost self-confidence. It ensures mental as well as physical strength for the wearer.
  • One can align with their Higher Power by leveraging the power of this gemstone. It also helps the wearer to release past life hardships and old trauma.
  • The gemstone can address various health issues associated with the skin, bones, and teeth. It can help to relieve cell damage as well as blood ailments. When it comes to addressing Glaucoma and Epilepsy, Black Onyx comes as one of the best gemstones.
  • It comes with a calming nature to help address difficult emotional issues of the wearer, such as anxiety and sadness. Moreover, when it comes to balancing yin and yang, Black Onyx is preferred as an excellent gemstone.
  • It is an ideal gemstone for grounding, self-control, and safeguarding. It prevents negative energy from affecting the wearer. Moreover, Black Onyx crystals improve discipline in the wearer’s life. As a result, the wearer can expect to reach their desired goals without getting distracted.
  • The beautiful gem is also known to address the ailments of bone marrow and feet. Moreover, people, who lack physical strength, can expect to restore it with the help of Black Onyx.

Who should wear Black Onyx Gemstone?

To wear this wonderful gemstone, it is recommended that one must consider an expert. An expert can only let you know whether or not Black Onyx is a suitable gemstone for you or not. In general, Black Onyx and other types of Onyx gemstones can be selected by individuals having the Virgo zodiac sign.

How to wear Black Onyx gemstone

Upon consultation with an expert, one can wear Onyx on their left hand’s little finger or middle finger. Onyx jewelry sets are available in various forms, such as pendants, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Most cases see silver as the ideal metal for wearing the Onyx gemstone.

What is the puja procedure for Black Onyx gemstone before wearing it?

You need to ensure that your gem is properly washed and cleaned before the puja process begins. You can wash this gem with holy Ganga water and wipe it with a soft clean cloth. The Shani Mantra (Om NilanjanaSamabhasam, Ravi PutraamYamaagrajam CahaayaMartandaSamhoobhutam, TamaaNamaamiShanischaram) is chanted 108 times and then the gem is ready to be worn. For a proper puja process, one must consult a professional expert.

What is the original price of Black Onyx stone?

The price of the gem depends on its condition- natural or treated. Moreover, the size, clarity, and size also impact the gemstone’s value. The per carat price of Black Onyx stone range from INR 100 per carat to INR 500 per carat.

Where to buy Black Onyx Gemstone?

When it comes to buying a gemstone including Black Onyx, it is a must to opt for only a reputed seller. We, at Rashi Ratan Bhagya, offer 100% authentic and natural Black Onyx gemstones at affordable rates. We wish a great and successful life for you, so we leave no stone unturned to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Hence, when it comes to buying a Black Onyx gemstone, look no further than us. Rashi Ratan Bhagya offers 100% natural and government certified gemstones.

Black onyx in jewelry

This crystal is also preferred as the center stone in making jewelry pieces due to its durability and robustness. In other words, the precious jewelry that embeds this black beauty can be passed down from generation to generation without any damage or discoloration. That is why one can opt for wearing these ravishing black jewels on a day-to-day basis without any worry about the wear and tear of the gemstone.

Black Onyx as healer

Did you know the Black Onyx is believed to be linked with the planet Saturn? Furthermore, it comes as the birthstone for Leo. Black Onyx features an outstanding soothing power to help to release negativity from the user’s life. Also, this gemstone fights off the evil eye to protect the wearer to help them lead a better life. The gem comes with the excellent power of positivity, protection, mindfulness, intuition, and change. It is believed that wearers of this gemstone can access all the aforementioned powers by wearing the Black Onyx gemstone. In other words, this gem helps users to reach their desired goals in life without getting distracted. That means Black Onyx helps the wearer to stay on track throughout the journey. This beneficial gemstone comes as the anniversary stone when it comes to the 10th year of the wedding.

Interesting Facts about Black Onyx gemstone

Onyx is known to be an excellent absorber of negative energy. However, the darker the gemstone is the more absorption power of negative energy it holds. Onyx can also contribute to psychometry due to its power of storing the memory of the wearer.

Black Onyx is believed to be worn by Cleopatra due to its incredible protective features. In short, this gemstone is used to detect negative energy and alert the queen about upcoming dangers.

Note that Onyx is among the hardest gemstones in the world, so it is not hard to evaluate whether an Onyx gemstone is real or fake. Do not forget to check the gemstone’s surface with care and patience. If a said Onyx gemstone has scratches on its surface, then it might be a fake gemstone.

Why Black Onyx Gemstone is so Important?

It acts as the gemstone of happiness, emotional & physical power, and good luck. Moreover, it is used as an excellent protection stone to help the user stay away from negative energy and have the effects of positive energy. In addition, the gem keeps the wastage of personal energy at bay.