Rudraksha Beads – An Introduction

A symbol of energy, purity, powers and of course, reminding you of Lord Shiva, the Rudraksha beads are extremely popular all across the globe. They are coveted worldwide by millions of people and are especially, loved and respected in Hinduism. The Rudraksha beads and japa malas are used for chanting mantras and prayers resulting in fetching of amazing qualities and results.

The trees of Rudraksha seeds belong to the genre Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. These are very broad-leaved trees with a height of approximately 50 to 200 feet. These trees are found in the Northern Indian plains of Indian Himalayan region, Indonesia and Nepal. The Rudraksha beads are found in shades of brown, yellow, black, red and even white. However, the brown-colored ones are most famous worldwide. These beads are found in various cuts or Mukhs. There can be various Mukhs or cuts ranging from 1 to 21. The value of these beads mainly depends on these mukhs.

Wearing the Rudrakshas can provide multiple benefits. From deep meditation to enhanced focus powers, increased energy levels, protection from negativity and instilling great luck, happiness and health in the wearer’s life, these beads can actually be worn for superb advantages.

Here, we discuss the top 10 interesting facts about the amazing Rudraksha beads that every spiritual seeker must know. Check them right away!

1. Rudrakshas Tell the Beautiful Tale of Lord Shiva’s Tears

Rudraksha comes from two Sanskrit words – Rudra meaning Shiva and Aksha meaning eyes! Do you know why they are called so? Well, the famous legend as mentioned in Puranas (Hindu Religious texts) says that these beads got formed from the tears of Lord Shiva. Once a demon named Tripurasura was annoying and disturbing all the deities. Hence, all of them sought Shiva’s help. God Shiva decided to meditate. When He opened His beautiful eyes, the tears fell upon the ground turning into the seeds of the Rudraksha trees. That’s the chief reason behind the significance of these attractive beads. They are believed to possess astounding attributes. It is also strongly believed that anyone who wears these beads and prays regularly becomes closer to Lord Shiva.

2. There are Different Deities and Beej Mantra for Various Types of Rudraksha (Based on Mukhs)

It is quintessential to be known by every spiritual seeker that various faceted Rudrakshas have their own deities and specific mantras. For instance, the associated deity with One-Mukhi or single-faceted rudraksha is Mahadev Shiva. The particular beej mantra related to the one-mukhi rudraksha is “Ohm Hrim Namaah”. These beads are found in the range of 1 to 21 Mukhs or cuts. However, the wearable ones are those that belong to the category of 1 to 14 faces or mukhs. The usually worn Rudraksha is the Panch Mukhi (5-faceted) Rudraksha.

3. They Help Identify the Purity of Substances

In old times, the sages or the sadhus used to wander from one place to another. It was quite risky for them to drink water from any available source as the water in the forests could contain harmful elements or could also be life-threatening. The Rudraksha beads helped them to identify if the water was safe for drinking. It is strongly believed that the Rudraksha beads start rotating clockwise when held upon the safe and pure water or food. If the food or water is unsafe, contaminated or poisonous, these beads begin to rotate anti-clockwise. While this process was used in the earlier times by the sages and mentors, it is still used by numerous people across the world to identify the purity and safety of different foods and water.

4. Always Wear Mala that Has More Than 84 Rudrakasha Beads

It is often recommended that every adult (regardless of gender or age) should wear Rudraksha that has more than 84 beads (and also, the Bindu – the one extra bead in mala) or more. Generally, the malas that have 108 beads and one Bindu are worn by people. All the beads are flexibly threaded and looped on silk or cotton string. One should never wear malas that have less than eighty-four beads.

5. The Single Faceted Rudraksha Brings Closest to Shiva

Are you looking for the Rudraksha that helps you get closest to Lord Shiva? Go for the single-faceted Rudraksha or the Ek Mukhi rudraksha. It is strongly believed that this rudraksha helps establish special connection with Lord Shiva and makes one feel closer to Him. Wearing this Rudraksha also helps one gain various types of worldly gains and pleasures.

6. The Rudraksha Seeds Provide a Sheath of Energy and Protection

Wearing these seeds help one stay protected. These attractive and unique looking seeds create a strong cover or sheath of energy around its wearer. Actually, this energy is believed to be the energy of the individual or the wearer. Many times, the surrounding conditions or the places might not be favorable for you. By wearing these brown seeds, you can stay protected from various harms and negativity. Therefore, people who are constantly on move are often recommended to wear Rudrakshas as they promise protection and safety.

7. Know the Value of Japa Yoga and Chanting of Beej Mantra

The term Japa yoga refers to the condition wherein the wearer of Rudraksha japa mala recites the Beej mantra mentally or orally for 108 number of times and also keep the track of counting the beads on mala. While doing all this, the wearer should absolutely feel focused and devoted for Lord Shiva.

8. Rudraksha Beads Help Solve Many Physical Ailments

These beautiful and powerful beads are not only the storehouses of energy and spirituality. They are also respected and loved for their ability of providing amazing healing and medicinal benefits. They are considered to be helpful in solving many skin problems and those related to nervous system, blood pressure and more. Using these beads, one can keep himself or herself calm and absolutely focused.

9. The Rudraksha Beads are Categorized on the Basis of Mukhs (Faces or Cuts)

You must have seen different faces on these beads. The Rudraksha beads are found in various cuts or faceted forms known as the Mukhs. There can be 1 to 21 mukhi rudrakshas. The most commonly worn beads are the five faceted ones or the PanchMukhis. Every type of rudraksha has its own special value. As we told you before, the single faceted or EkMukhi Rudraksha is believed to bring one closest to Lord Shiva.

10. Get Protection and Safety from Negativity

The harmful negative vibes can disturb your whole life including your behavior, mood or routine. These negative energies or negative vibes can come from anyone and can harm you in many ways. The divine and natural Rudraksha beads help you create a shield from your own energy that saves and safeguards you from all types of negativities.

Shop for original and natural Rudraksha beads and get ready to walk confidently on the path of spirituality with the help of these incredible beads. Stay safe from negativity. Find protection from your own energy. Enhance your concentration and avail many more other significant benefits by using these wonderful beads that help you connect with the Lord Shiva.