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Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon are three gemstones for the ones born in the last month of the year, December. All these gemstones are known for their ability to protect and shield the person from negative energies. December-born people are known to be wise and determined but have quite mood swings. The birthstones for December borns will help them find stability and help them control their emotions. It will balance their mood swings and help them be more intelligent and clear in their decisions.

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About's December Birthstones

Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon are three birthstones of December. These beautiful and powerful gemstones will be the luckiest for those who are born in this month and so they are known as December birthstones. December-borns are mostly responsible people, they are ambitious as well. Their birthstone will assist them in having better control over themselves, as being sensitive comes naturally to them. Some researchers say that December-born people are prone to depression, mood swings, and short-tempered. The birthstones are powerful gems that will help the December borns be calmer and control their anger. It will help them with their depression as well, eliminate it, and aid them overcome their trauma.

The birthstones of the December month are three, though turquoise is loved the most by people because of its alluring look. The stone with a turquoise hue and some grey, white, and black spots that give it shade making it look very beautiful and unique.

But all these three gemstones are gorgeous and look elegant when you wear them in the form of jewelry. The gems with their metaphysical properties and healing powers will aid various treatments and bring you many benefits. The energies of the stone will protect you from negative energies, it will create a protective positive shield around you that will not let anything harm you. Negative energies like black magic, evil eyes, bad omens, and bad influences of other people, will not be able to touch you.

Benefits of December Birthstones

The December birthstones have many benefits, these stones will give you many positive energies when you wear them. You should wear the gem which is suitable for you to wear and the one which you prefer.

Benefits of Turquoise Gemstone

Turquoise gemstone also known as Feroza Ratna is most known for its protection abilities and powers to enhance the decision-making skills of the wearer.

An original turquoise gemstone will increase your wisdom and intellect. It will be very beneficial for those in the field of education, research, and development.

The gemstone will bring abundance and prosperity into your life. It will help you with your financial condition and assist you with managing your finances and better your situation. The gem powers will bring luck and success into your life. The soothing energies of the turquoise gemstone will bring you peace and relaxation. It will help you in the spiritual path as well, making you more aware of yourself and connecting you to higher powers. Your intuition powers may also enhance, giving you the range to know what is good for you.

The gem is also known to increase communication skills, creativity, wisdom, and self-love in the person who wears it.

Benefits of Tanzanite Stone

Tanzanite gemstone is known for its alluring hues and shine, the gem brings luck and fortune to its wearer. It improves the overall health of the person which is why it is worn by people in the form of amulets who get sick very often.

Original Tanzanite gemstones also improve the professional relationships of the person who uses them. This helps them bring success and improve their career.

If you are mentally tired or confused and often find yourself struggling to find clarity, the tanzanite gemstone will be very beneficial for you. The powers of the gem will bring you mental clarity and help you be more stable. This will make you more confident about your decisions.

The calmness and happiness that the tanzanite gemstone will bring into your life will also increase your self-esteem and help you heal from your emotional turmoils.

The gem is also known to increase your intuition powers, it develops a higher sense of security in you and your gut feelings help you be in the right direction.

Benefits of Zircon Gemstone

Zircon gemstone bring calmness, creativity, and composure to the person who wears them. The gem makes the life of the person more prosperous and wealthy. This helps in achieving financial stability.

Zircon gemstone also instills calmness and peace in the life of the wearer. It relaxes the person, gives him or her mental stability, and removes non-clearance from the mind.

The gemstone enhances the self-belief of its user which makes the person more confident and increases their self-awareness as well. This helps the user express themselves better and communicate better.

This stone keeps the person relaxed, mentally stable, and balanced. It increases their creativity as well as spiritual growth. On the path of spirituality, the stone will help you focus more and guide you.

Zircon also cures insomnia and helps the person sleep better. It reduces anxiety and stress as well as cures depression. It will eliminate tension and help you relax. This gem is also known to bring love and passion to its wearer.

Healing Properties of December Birthstones

December birthstones will not only help you be more yourself but they will also heal you physically. Know all the health benefits of December birthstones here.

Health Benefits of Turquoise Gemstone.

  • Turquoise gem will boost your immune system, protecting you from any infections.
  • It will treat any problems related to the kidney or liver.
  • The gem will provide relief from frequent headaches, fever, jaundice, etc.
  • Turquoise aka natural Feroza is also known to cure depression, lessen anxiety, and eliminate stress.
  • The turquoise gemstone will treat any gastrointestinal disorders and digestion system problems.
  • It will increase your energy levels and will maintain your metabolism as well.
  • The stone is also known to help cure diabetes.

Tanzanite Stone Health Benefits

  • Original Tanzanite gemstone strengthens the immune system and helps prevent many diseases.
  • It increases the vitality of the wearer.
  • The stone powers will detoxify the body and remove toxic substances, cleansing you.
  • The soothing energies of the stone will aid anxiety.
  • Skin and hair cells will regenerate and you will find your skin glowing and hair growth.
  • Any nerve-related ailments will be treated through tanzanite gem powers.
  • The stone will lessen your tension and worries, and cure headaches and migraines.

Health Benefits of Zircon Gemstone

  • The zircon gemstone will heal the person and soothe their pain.
  • The gem will provide relief from fever, cold, and headaches.
  • In women, the stone’s powers will help provide relief from menstrual pain and cramps.
  • If you have lung problems like Asthma, the gem will help you heal.
  • Original zircon gemstones will treat any ailments related to the liver.
  • This gem is also known to detox nicotine or alcohol and get rid of bad addictions.
  • Zircon helps bring balance to emotions and regulates hormones.

Who Should Wear December Birthstones?

People who are born in December will benefit the most from their birthstones. However, it is essential to ensure that the stone you want to wear is suitable for you to wear as per your birth chart or Kundli. You should consult with an expert astrologer or Pandit to check the friendliness of the stone with your horoscope.

As per the experts, turquoise gemstones can be worn by people of Sagittarius, Pisces, and Aquarius zodiac signs.

Sagittarius, Pisces, and Aries zodiac sign people can wear the Tanzanite gemstone. Other signs should first check with their Pandit.

As per experts, Taurus, Libra, and Cancer zodiac signs can wear the zircon gemstone. We highly advise you to take advice from an astrologer before wearing a gemstone.

How to Wear December Birthstones?

Before you wear a December birthstone, you should purify the gemstone to remove any negative energy it might contain. To purify your gemstone, on an auspicious day, take your gemstone, keep it in a metal bowl, and add the following ingredients one by one:-

Honey, Curd, Sugar, Raw Milk, Ghee and Tulis leaves

Leave it for 15 to 30 minutes, then rinse it clean with Gangajal. Now energize your gemstone by chanting the mantra of the gem 108 times and wearing it while you are reciting it for the last time.

Please keep in mind that you wear the stone on an auspicious day and at an auspicious time (Most preferably Brahm Muhrat), in the right metal.

Also, wear it in such a form that the gem keeps in touch with you at all times like a pendant, bracelet, or ring. If you wearing it in the form of a ring, consult an astrologer to check on which finger you should be wearing your birthstone for December.

Price of December Birthstones

Birthstones are gemstones with dynamic properties and are well known for their astrological significance. The December birthstone prices are mostly dependent on their quality and demand and supply chain of the market. Some other factors that affect the cost of birthstones of December are cut, clarity, color, weight, and origin of the gemstone.

The clarity of the birthstones for December will affect the cost of the gem the most. The clearer the gem is the more it will cost because gemstones are found with natural inclusions and abrasives. Another factor that can highly affect the price range of December birthstones is their cut.

Generally, the price of turquoise gemstones in India is around INR 1,091.00 - 6,638.00 per Ratti. Per carat, the turquoise stone price range is $50-$500.

The Tanzanite stone price starts at around INR 5000 on a per-carat basis. It can go up to hundreds of thousands based on the premium quality, cut, and color of the gems.

zircon gemstones are found in many colors, so their price range varies a lot. It starts around INR 500 and can go up to hundreds of rupees per Ratti or per Carat.